Silent Thunder

Silent Thunder Marine architect Hannah Bryson has landed the assignment of a lifetime The U S maritime museum has just acquired the former pride of the Soviet fleet the legendary nuclear attack sub Silent Thunder

  • Title: Silent Thunder
  • Author: Iris Johansen Roy Johansen
  • ISBN: 9780312368005
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marine architect Hannah Bryson has landed the assignment of a lifetime The U.S maritime museum has just acquired the former pride of the Soviet fleet, the legendary nuclear attack sub Silent Thunder, for public exhibition It s Hannah s job to inspect every inch of the decommissioned vessel and make sure it s safe for the thousands of expected visitors Enlisting the aidMarine architect Hannah Bryson has landed the assignment of a lifetime The U.S maritime museum has just acquired the former pride of the Soviet fleet, the legendary nuclear attack sub Silent Thunder, for public exhibition It s Hannah s job to inspect every inch of the decommissioned vessel and make sure it s safe for the thousands of expected visitors Enlisting the aid of her brother, Connor, they delve into its long and lethal history.Then, on a routine check, Connor discovers a cryptic message behind one of the ship s panels Before he can figure out what it means, there s a deadly assault on Silent Thunder Now, although the U.S government warns her against it, Hannah will stop at nothing to unravel the truth about Silent Thunder Even if it means coming face to face with the ruthless mastermind behind the plot and joining forces with a mysterious and seductive mercenary who is willing to kill to make sure the secrets about Silent Thunder stay silent

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    1. Okay, basic synopsis: Marine architect (one who designs underwater vehicles and the like) Hannah Bryson has been contracted to inspect and overhaul a decommissioned Russian nuclear sub, the Silent Thunder, for the U.S. Maritime Museum. Working with her brother, Connor, she begins the routine check of the sub's systems. During this process, an enigmatic set of metallic plates, inscribed with seemingly nonsensical symbols, is found. Tragedy strikes, however, and a mystery unfolds. Hannah, though w [...]

    2. *Spoiler Alert* Never in my life have I found a more satisfying book to read. Silent thunder is such an mind-blowing book. Everything about it I loved. The people, the places, the plot and etc. Everything had me eating the pages while I read the book. The stories plot was so completely and magnificently written out that I can say if you read this book you will not be able to stop reading it. Iris & Roy Johansen created an outstanding book. The characters Hannah and Kirov were who I fell in l [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book! I could not put it down!!!! I did not want it to end and I wanted to see if Hannah and Kirov would become a couple at the end of the book. This book is numbered one in a series so I am going to find the next one and read that!

    4. 2.5 star. Not that great. I liked Hannah when she was an unparalleled professional in her field of marine salvage and marine architect, but as a snotty, stubborn, sarcastic damsel in distress, she left some to be desired. Kirov was an intriguing sexy foreign deadly man, but his accent sounded too much like dracula. I don't generally like political intrigue, so that part didn't thrill me, but neither did the characters, romance or dialogue. Meh.Likes:* Sibling banter* Hannah is an expert in her f [...]

    5. I don't read much of Iris Johansen, and that may have been my problem with my approach to it. From my perspective, Johansen's mistake was trying to condense and dilute an potentially interesting global political intrigue. I used to read a lot of those kinds of books, and in my opinion they are best tackled in a thick meaty book of 500+ pages. To do it in less, Johansen was forced to do a lot of exposition via dialogue, and I found it so unrealistic it continually pulled me out of the story.I gav [...]

    6. DNF. MC is talented genius hounded by her employee/brother for making him work too hard, being too independent, cold, sensitive, not having a baby to replace a baby who died, and generally making her feel guilty for existing. He is basically a stand-in for an entire family of asshole nags. Oh, and his wife and kids are mentioned approximately 2,000,000 times. Then he is murdered on a shady job she took so that she can feel extra guilty plus (bonus!) motivated. Supporting male MCS are simultaneou [...]

    7. Silent Thunder is categorized as adult fiction but it reads as young adult fiction. Hannah, the main character is both protagonist and antagonist, the author never decided which role the Hannah character fit so she made her both.Hannah uses her friends to get what she wants and never mind that it could cost them their jobs because they wouldn’t have those jobs if it hadn’t been for her.I didn’t finish reading Silent Thunder because I stopped caring about the story and there wasn’t one ch [...]

    8. A pretty good story, but told with lots of inane dialogue, consistent profanity, crude conversation. Hard to believe a professional marine architect, tops in her field, would resort to so much patronizing sarcasm, or that her devoted brother would nag her about having IVF (she is single). I just can't really recommend this one and am surprised to see that it received good reviews from others. No accounting for taste, is there??

    9. I am half way through this book and it sucks. It is the worst dialogue I've come across since I had to write dialogue in 4th grade English class. And, unfortunately, it's dialogue driven. I'm going to finish it because I'm stubborn like that but wow, this is horrible. Yep, stayed horrible, thankfully, it's over.

    10. Silent Thunder is one of the worst written books I've read in a long time, and greatly disappointing. The dialogue is trite and flat ("Son of a bitch. Bradworth was staring after him. "Bastard."), the characters are unidimensional (the Russians are the bad guys), the story murky and at best cliche.After 135 pages, I gave it up.

    11. All the good excitement, explosions and espionage that you would expect from a spy thriller. A bit derivative but I think even the authors admitted that with their tongue and cheek references to Hunt for Red October. Kirov (or whichever of his 17 names you like best) was an unexpectedly fun character (I was terrified the dull Bradford was the love interest) but Hannah I never really warmed to, she had some exceptional moments but overall was inconsistent.

    12. The overall mystery plot was interesting and engaging, but the characters fell flat for me. Too much info dump that told Hannah's backstory in the first 25 pages through incredibly awkward and unrealistic conversations with her brother, rather than letting me get to know Hannah as the story unfolded. Hannah's work drove the story well, but I found that I didn't really care about what happened to her.

    13. Story itself was good, but the dialogue was awful. I thought the brother and sister were going to start making out. Gaaack.

    14. "An explosive secret. And no one left who knows the truth" Silent Thunder is the name of a Russian atomic attack submarine and marine architect, Hannah, and her brother, Conner, have the job of inspecting every inch of the sub to make certain it is safe for tourists. However, she finds a cryptic note behind a panel and, lo and behold, trouble starts. Now I'm going to read it and find out what the note says. I may have to translate it from Russian to English unless the author(s) were kind enough [...]

    15. I've long been an Iris Johansen fan so I was more than curious to see that her new book is co-written with her Edgar Award winning son Roy. I found that mother and son make a dynamite writing duo.The premise is Hannah, a brilliant, driven but haunted marine architect, has undertaken an assignment for a museum clearing a Russian nuclear submarine for any hazards before it becomes an exhibit. It should be a straightforward job that lasts no more than the two weeks that she promises her assistant a [...]

    16. Iris Johansen used to be a favorite, "must read" author of mine. The past several books I have not read because I tired of the Eve Duncan and her family saga. Series are fine for some authors and it is fun to revisit charactes, but after so many books, I want the author to start fresh! I also get discouraged when reading an author new to me if they have many books of a series - I get overwhelmed because I don't want to start at the very beginning but I feel I am missing too much if I pick up wit [...]

    17. As a fan of Iris Johansen, I was unsure whether I would enjoy her coaurthoring with her son or be disappointed in their joint effort. I really liked Silent Thunder. It tells the story of a female submarine designer, Hannah, who is hired to explore and verify the safety of a Russian submarine for the museum that plans to display it. During her inspection, Hannah uncovers some mysterious writing and she is forced to team up with a Russian, Nicolas Kirov, to decipher the meaning of her discovery. K [...]

    18. Marine architect Hannah Bryson believes she has been given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is asked to inspect the former Soviet nuclear attack submarine, the Silent Thunder, in order to declare it safe for public exhibition in a museum. The assignment soon turns tragic as a deadly assault takes place on board right after a mysterious message was uncovered behind the sub’s panel. Knowing the attack was no accident, Hannah will go to great lengths to find the truth behind the message and [...]

    19. Mother and son collaborators, Iris and Roy Johansen, deliver a suspenseful, thrilling read in Silent Thunder. Silent Thunder is a book that has it all: suspense, thrills, intrigue, action, drama, and even some romantic tension thrown in. Hannah and her brother Conner are commissioned to check a retired Russian sub to make sure it is safe for the public to board for museum purposes. On this job, they discover a secret that makes them targets for everyone interested in the secrets hidden by the su [...]

    20. Silent Thunder by Iris Johansen is a fast paced and great read. There are plots within plots in this novel but it's not so confusing that it's difficult to reade twists and turns keep you interested and absorbed in the story.Hannah and brother, Connor, work together on different marine projects. They are hired to examine a decommissioned Russin sub, a quick, easy job to fill time before their next big job. Things are going well until horror and tragedy strikes, resulting in Connor's death. Thrus [...]

    21. I wish I would have read this book before reading Shadow Zone, because then I would have had background information on Hannah Bryson, her brother Conner, and Russian Nicholas Kirov. In Silent Thunder, Hannah and her brother are hired to inspect every inch of a sunken Russian sub before it is ready for a museum. During the inspection Hannah finds some secret metallic panels inscribed with symbols. Enter Nicholas Kirov who was the commander of the sub and harbors guilt and anger regarding the loss [...]

    22. This is the first book by Iris & Roy Johansen as a team, and it shows. Both authors are accomplished in their own right, but here it seemed they couldn't quite decide what style the book should follow. It bounces back and forth between decent thriller and romance novel.Overall I thought the action parts were well-done and admit to racing through the last third of the book almost in one sitting. But the characters remained two-dimensional and I found it hard to care about their blossoming fee [...]

    23. Marine architect Hannah Bryson is hired by a US marine museum to check out and make safe for public viewing a submarine recently purchased from the Russians. Hannah works with her brother, Connor, and together they start taking the interior of the submarine apart piece by piece, checking it over for problems, and then putting it back together. When Connor discovers a mysterious message behind some plates between the hulls, things become very dangerous. This is an exciting novel with lots of acti [...]

    24. Another outing for this mother-son duo - this time about a submarine. The brother and sister are hired to do an overhaul on the sub, making sure that everything is perfect for an opening to the public, when something mysterious is found, hidden behind a panel. What follows is a suspenseful chase from some people who fill do anything to keep the secret out of her hands, a mysterious guy who seems to want to help, and some backstabbing espionage. Fun, lots of info on subs. With these kinds of book [...]

    25. I did not care for this book. I thought it started out slow, captured my attention a little bit in the middle and lost me by the end. I finished the book as it is a Book Club selection but I think I would have stopped part of the way through if we were not reading it for Book Club. I think the authors were confused if they were trying to write a mystery or a romance. I may try to read another book by these authors to give them a second chance, but I do not recommend this particular book.

    26. WOW!!! best book ever by this author!!!a bit less of the usual conspiracy angle she always does, and no sex. must have been due to the influence and contribution of her son.i'd already read all of her non-romance books, except ONE i missed. am now hot on the heals of THAT book, and, am now going to try and chase down the novels her son has written.had me SO hooked, i couldn't put it down. i was carrying it around so i could read it at red lights, while i was in the bathroom, anywhere i could sit [...]

    27. Iris Johansen books tend to follow a pretty set standard of pairing a strong alpha female lead character with a strong alpha male character. They usually antagonize each other by wanting to do things their own way in pursuit of a common goal and refuse to appear weak in the other person's eyes. This book, however, surprised me by keeping the lead female character fairly down-to-earth and not making her quite such a misandrist. It felt like a softer version of her other books, and I liked it. I c [...]

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