Krwiopijcy Jody nigdy nie prosi a eby zosta wampirem Ale kiedy ockn a si przy pojemniku na mieci z mocno poparzon r k obola szyj nadludzk si i typowym dla Nosferatu pragnieniem zrozumia a e decyzj podj t

  • Title: Krwiopijcy
  • Author: Christopher Moore Jacek Drewnowski
  • ISBN: 9788374800853
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jody nigdy nie prosi a, eby zosta wampirem Ale kiedy ockn a si przy pojemniku na mieci, z mocno poparzon r k , obola szyj , nadludzk si i typowym dla Nosferatu pragnieniem, zrozumia a, e decyzj podj to za ni.Przestawienie si z codziennej har wki na nieko cz ce si nocne polowania wymaga jednak nieco wysi ku, i tutaj przyda si Thomas C Flood Tommy dla prJody nigdy nie prosi a, eby zosta wampirem Ale kiedy ockn a si przy pojemniku na mieci, z mocno poparzon r k , obola szyj , nadludzk si i typowym dla Nosferatu pragnieniem, zrozumia a, e decyzj podj to za ni.Przestawienie si z codziennej har wki na nieko cz ce si nocne polowania wymaga jednak nieco wysi ku, i tutaj przyda si Thomas C Flood Tommy dla przyjaci , niedosz y Kerouac z Incontinence w stanie Indiana, pracuje na nocn zmian w supermarkecie w San Francisco Wszystko si zmienia, gdy w drzwiach pojawia si rudow osa, nieumar a istota kt ra wywo uje w jego yciu wstrz s, jakiego nigdy by si nie spodziewa.Christopher Moore, najwybitniejszy wsp czesny satyryk ameryka ski, stawiany w jednym szeregu z Kurtem Vonnegutem, Douglasem Adamsem i Jonathanem Swiftem.Jego ksi ki okupuj najwa niejsze listy bestseller w, a sam autor otoczony w Stanach Zjednoczonych podobnym kultem, jak Monty Python w Wielkiej Brytanii Proza Moore a to nie tylko rozrywka na najwy szym poziomie, ale tak e zabawne i niezwykle celne obserwacje i komentarze spo eczne, obyczajowe, religijne oraz polityczne.Autor 9 powie ci, w tym wiatowego bestselleru Lamb , Chris urodzi si w Toledo w stanie Ohio, a dorasta w Mansfield, w tym samym stanie Jego ojciec by policjantem i patrolowa autostrady, a matka sprzedawa a sprz t AGD w domu towarowym Studiowa na Uniwersytecie Stanowym w Ohio i Brooks Institute of Photography w Santa Barbara W wieku 19 lat przeprowadzi si do Kalifornii i mieszka na wybrze u do 2003 roku, kiedy to przeni s si na Hawaje.Przed wydaniem pierwszej ksi ki w roku 1992 pracowa jako dekarz, sprzedawca w sklepie spo ywczym, rewident w hotelu, agent ubezpieczeniowy, kelner, fotograf i dyskd okej Chris czerpa z tych wszystkich do wiadcze , kreuj c bohater w swoich ksi ek Kiedy nie pisze, lubi p ywa kajakiem po oceanie, nurkowa , fotografowa i malowa tuszem w technice sumi e Dzieli sw j czas mi dzy Hawaje a San Francisco.

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    1. Okay, let's cut right to the chase here. I discovered Christopher Moore him about two years ago, and since then I'm pretty sure I've either read (or listened to) everything he's written. I really enjoy his books. They're tightly written, clever, and funny, funny, funny. How much do I like his writing? Let me put it this way: Let's say I met Christopher Moore at a convention and instead of being the charming gent I know him to be, he turned out to be a total asshole. A real tunk. Let's say he was [...]

    2. C. Thomas Flood lands in the city by the Bay, fresh from the farming fields of Indiana, determined to write a great American novel. He rents a cot from a Chinese entrepreneur named Wong and finds himself living with five other Chinese gentlemen all named Wong as well. The Wongs are excited because they have recently learned that it is legal for two men to marry in San Francisco. Thomas has something they really, really lust forAmerican citizenship. Needless to say living with five men who look o [...]

    3. 3 stars from me. Silly, funny, kinda gross vampire story. I liked it. It's an easy read. I may just seek out the next in the series to find out what happens to everyone. Just what I needed after the heavy and serious book I read right before this.

    4. Like all of Moore's novels I have read, this one is hilarious. Could this be the first post-modern vampire book? Romanticism has been either thrown in the corner of the closet or all together defenestrated, this is nuts and bolts of how this immortal stuff works and mythbusting what doesn't. Really, really fun.

    5. Christopher Moore has an amazing imagination. As I read Bloodsucking Fiends and, a while back, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, I kept asking myself, "Where do all his ideas come from?" This story is both creative and funny. It is different to any other vampire story that you have read, or will ever read, unless somebody plagiarises Moore.Tommy is the leader of a gang of oddball supermarket shelf-stackers. Jody is a novice vampire. The two of them form what one would n [...]

    6. This reminded me of the campy vampire movies I loved as a kid: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the original with Kristy Swanson and Donald Sutherland (for some fucking reason) - or The Lost Boys. Perhaps if I'd read Bloodsucking Fiends when it first came out in 1995 I would have a nostalgia towards the story, because I'm fully aware that the only reason, something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer is re-watchable to me is because I saw it for the first time when I was 8. It's not going to hold up for, sa [...]

    7. Sometimes it helps to read a series in order. In the case of Christopher Moore, though, it's not always necessary. I read "You Suck" first, and thoroughly enjoyed it, then went back and read its precursor, "Bloodsucking Fiends." While BF gave context for YS, each stands on its own as a very amusing quick read. Jody is attacked walking home from work and wakes up the next evening disheveled, under a dumpster, with one burned hand, and with a load of cash in a paper bag. She returns to her apartme [...]

    8. Every summer my amazing library has a summer reading contest. One of the challenges is to read a book by an author who shares your initials. So I had an excuse to read a book by the hilarious Christopher Moore.I love his books and this was no exception. A woman wakes up in an alley and discovers she's a vampire. She finds a hick from Nebraska who has moved to NY to become a writer. She needs a 'Renfield' to take care of daylight stuff and he needs to have his heart broken to help his writing. It [...]

    9. I saw Christopher Moore give a talk at the Tattered Cover recently, and having only read Fluke, I didn't really grasp the nature of his audience. The crowd easily tripled the normal quantity of attendees for that sort of event. His talk resembled a odd sort of stand up comedy routine, and every joke exploded through the room from the uproarious laughter.For me I'd say a joke hit home about 1 out of every 3 times. His humor is consistently rather broad, he has the demeanor of a elementary school [...]

    10. NOTE: PLEASE STOP COMING TO THIS REVIEW ACTING LIKE I AM CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO FIND THIS BORING ASS BOOK INTERESTING OR FUNNY. IT WAS BORING. I WAS BORED. PLEASE LEARN TO DEAL. Jody is a grab-bag of stereotypes and is flatter than a cardboard cut-out of Carrie Bradshaw. One has to wonder if Moore had any idea what women are like. Or even people. Perhaps he lives in some secluded Alaskan tundra; in which case I will forgive him his ignorance.Moore at best seems to be a garbage bag who seems [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI first picked up this book because it had an intriguing cover. As I started reading, I realized that this was not your average vampire story. First of all, the characters are very colorful, the writing is humorous, and the vampire lore just a little different from all the other stuff out there.Jody has been made into a vampire. She was attacked, bitten, left under a dumpster, burned her hand in the sunlight, and left with a shirt stuffed full of money. There was no vampire sire to teac [...]

    12. Aaa durun, bu bayağı komik bir aşk hikayesi 😂.Kitabın arka kapağında "Ölümlülerin sıkıcı hayatından gına gelmiş sevgili dostlarımız! İşte karşınızda sonsuz, harika, leziz, ölümüne komedi, yüksek, genç ve aşık bir terane!" diyor. Vaat ettiği her şeyi gerçekten de veriyor üstelik 😂 Fark ettiyseniz ben genelde komik, eğlenceli, kafa dağıtmalık kitapları seviyorum. Bu kitabı da beklentisizce almıştım. Vampir kitabı okuma yaşımı geçtim diyordum ama [...]

    13. Shall we start by agreeing that Christopher Moore is a literary comedic genius? I’ve had some good times with him. Both Fool and Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art are amazing, laugh-out-loud funny. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal is hilarious and irreverent and the perfect gift to give your atheist or agnostic friends (or your theist friends, if they have the right sense of humour!). Everyone once in a while, though I hit on a Fluke….That’s the problem with comedy: [...]

    14. At first I thought I liked this because of the narrator's delivery of the off color vamp Urban Fantasy. But now that it's concluded, I am thinking I just really like Christopher Moore's twisted sense of humor and storytelling. The characters where a blast even down to the two dogs and the cranky cops.Regretfully, this story was written quite some time ago as a trilogy but only one audio book is still on the market. My library carries the hardcopies but I am loving having this delivered via car s [...]

    15. I just could not get into this one. The humor was a little OTT and not in a good way. Some authors can pull it off and some fall flat. This book is an example of the latter. I didn't laugh a single time through the whole thing. And the narrator was awful. Tommy sounded more like a girl than Jody did. Either that or a prepubescent boy. Plus he acted like such a wimp most of the time. I just could not take him seriously. I much preferred the author's book A Dirty Job. I will not continue this seri [...]

    16. Bloodsucking Fiendsis a flat-out romp. I snickered, chortled, and yes, guffawed through the entire quick read. Moore writes with quirky ease, managing to seamlessly integrate the sport of frozen turkey bowling into a modern vampire tale featuring an actual, non-sparkly, quite threatening vampire lurking in the background of this modern tale of American romance, unlooked-for vampirism, and over-worked cops.The perfect light read for summer, or any time you need a good laugh. Go for it!

    17. This was only my second Christopher Moore novel (and ZOMG I HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS that are all "OH, YOU MUST READ HIM RIGHT MEOW!") so there was a lot of pressure (even if only in my own mind) on me to enjoy this before I'd even started it.I LOVED Lamb, mostly because it reminded me a lot of mid-Tom Robbins. This? Not as much.I mean, it wasn't terrible, and I liked it, but if I had started with this book, I'd be in no hurry to return to his work.But, FFS, every single time I updated my reading pr [...]

    18. I decided to read something light. This is a light, kind of trashy adult vampire novel.It's hilarious and casual, and not by any means a proper quality novel. It sounds like I'm talking shit about it, but I'm sure it's meant to be that way. And I don't view it in a negative way!A young woman (Jody) gets turned into a vampire, and she's left alone with tons of cash.She realizes her life has turned upside down, and meets a young man (Tommy) she thought she could use as her little slave to do her b [...]

    19. I am so torn about Bloodsucking Fiends I’m not sure what to do. First, I really like Christopher Moore and think that he is hilarious, which is something sadly lacking in most of the stuff I read. Even the books that are listed as humor. So, I’m hard pressed to bag on Moore. And then there is the excellent review of this book by Patrick Rothfuss, who is the author of the very excellent Name of the Wind / Kingkiller Trilogy who adored this book. I love Kvothe, so I’m tempted to not go again [...]

    20. 2 Words that describe the book: Vampire comedy3 Settings where it took place or characters you met:* Setting: Modern-day San Francisco* Jody—A fledgling vampire who had her new lifestyle thrust upon her with no warning or choice, Jody is trying her best to make sense of her new undead lifestyle. But getting used to a life lived solely at night can make things a little tricky, so Jody needs a minion to do her bidding, which is where* C. Thomas Flood comes in. A wannabe writer from Incontinence, [...]

    21. I should admit upfront that I'm suffering from a severe case of vampire fatigue; that, coupled with disdain for Christopher Moore based on the only other book of his that I read, means that there really was no chance in the world that I was going to enjoy this book, and in fact should never have read it. However, it was this month's book club selection, so read it I did and now we all must suffer the consequences.Bloodsucking Fiends is the story of several unlikable characters, some of whom are [...]

    22. Le uscite in Italia dei libri di Christopher Moore sono quanto meno schizofreniche.Fino a qualche anno fa si trovavano giusto due o tre titoli, poi quando ha iniziato ad avere il meritato successo, la Elliot ha cominciato a pubblicare in parallelo non solo le nuove uscite in tempi accettabili ma anche i romanzi inediti in un ordine non esattamente lineare.La situazione più assurda è capitata con la trilogia vampiresca."You Suck" (tradotto in Italia con "Suck" e da me letto e recensito millenni [...]

    23. The interesting thing about this book is how clearly it illustrates the evolution of a writer and his novel-crafting skill. This is NOT the same guy who later wrote Lamb or Angel or Dirty Job…I looked it up: this was his 3rd (1995) of 13 published works. I had experienced Numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11. Lamb, Angel, Dirty Job, Fool, Lust Lizard, Fluke, all meet and exceed the challenge of using seriously unfunny subjects (religion, death, Shakespeare, mental illness, science) by a Master of Hum [...]

    24. Can you see me laughingof course you can’t Okay the single reason, I picked up this book was because everybody was saying how good of a humorous ride it was and that how they find it hard to stop giggling and laughing. once I started reading it, I got confused as to whether this was the same book these people were talking about as nothing was making sense and except that i picked up a book thinking to be funny but was not, nothing seemed to be funny .Then I thought perhaps i am not adult enoug [...]

    25. At last. A paranormal romance I can sink my fangs teeth into. Leave it to Christopher Moore to write a up-to-date, totally irreverent, politically incorrect vampire love story. C. Thomas Flood is a 19 year old virgin. Jody has experience but no luck with men and wakes up in a dumpster as a vampire. If that doesn't rank as having no luck with men I don't know what does. When they meet, it is love at first. way am I going with that overused pun! well you know. However the vampire that made Jody ha [...]

    26. OK - This was just fun. I tried to be jaded and above this book (cuz I am sporting an attitude problem at the moment and after reading about 1000 vampire books I think I am all that when it comes to Vampy Fiction), But truth be told I fell into this story and enjoyed it all the way to the end. The characters were great. Just when you think you have them pigeon-holed into their stereotype they surprise you with a thought or insight and you have to reevaluate. I love that it's ridiculously absurd [...]

    27. I picked this up as my first ever Christopher Moore book. I was thinking it would be a bit of a farse on paranormal stuff. Most of his stuff seems to be like that after looking him up. But it wasn't much of a farse, rather just silly and a bit boring. To be fair I didn't read the whole book. I got to about page 130 before picking up another book.

    28. Re-reading this series makes me want to go back and re-read all of Christopher Moore's books again. Because I love him and I think he's amazing. Oh, and because he totally wants to be my friend. He told me so.

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