Nunca Te Perdi

Nunca Te Perdi Milla Edge mudou se recentemente para o M xico onde o seu marido David foi colocado como m dico A vida deles um sonho Acabaram de ter o primeiro filho e est o tremendamente apaixonados Ambos se del

  • Title: Nunca Te Perdi
  • Author: Linda Howard Teresa Martins de Carvalho
  • ISBN: 9789896371029
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • Milla Edge mudou se recentemente para o M xico, onde o seu marido David, foi colocado como m dico A vida deles um sonho Acabaram de ter o primeiro filho, e est o tremendamente apaixonados Ambos se deliciam com a nova vida, e Milla est no auge do seu brilho maternal quando lhe roubam o beb Justin das suas pr prias m os Uma d cada mais tarde, Milla uma mulher diferMilla Edge mudou se recentemente para o M xico, onde o seu marido David, foi colocado como m dico A vida deles um sonho Acabaram de ter o primeiro filho, e est o tremendamente apaixonados Ambos se deliciam com a nova vida, e Milla est no auge do seu brilho maternal quando lhe roubam o beb Justin das suas pr prias m os Uma d cada mais tarde, Milla uma mulher diferente O casamento h muito que terminou e a sua vida totalmente dedicada Organiza o N o Governamental que lidera Finders ca a de criminosos, ela percorre os lugares mais desoladores do mundo procura de crian as raptadas inclu ndo o seu filho que nunca aceitou perder Dois homens cruzam o seu caminho True Gallagher, um dos grandes mecenas da sua institui o, e Diaz um perigoso mercen rio, t o interessante como misterioso Quanto mais Milla se aproxima das respostas, maiores s o os perigos que enfrenta E ningu m brinca com oscabecilhas das redes de tr fico infantil.

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    1. Linda Howard, where have you been all my life??????????I am really REALLY late on the LH train, but OMG I am so glad I started reading her <3This will be gush all over the place, just a warning :)The writing"He wasn't carrying a weapon, at least none that she could see. But though his hands were empty, she wasn't reassured, because his eyes were the coldest, most remote eyes she'd ever seen. She was looking into the eyes of a killer, and though she was so frightened she was shaking, there was [...]

    2. Wow, wow, wow. WOW.I almost didn't give this book a chance. I tried reading it a long time ago (twice) but I never got past the prologue. I thought I wouldn't like it.But, oh how wrong I was!Because this is, hands down, best Linda Howard's book. I will never forget it. Never.The hero and the heroine are one of the most lovable characters in the entire romantic suspense genre. How can you not love them?Milla. One of the best heroines ever. She is such a strong character. She's honest, fierce, loy [...]

    3. Me before this book:Me after this book:IN'T.EVEN.I did not like the beginning. Why? Babies. Children. Ex-spouses. Too much baggage and angst. Kidnapping. Those are my top five biggest pet peeves. There's one thing worse than a baby, and that's a kidnapped baby. That shit ain't gonna fly with me. Nevertheless, I perservered. That was a wise decision on my part. All because of Diaz.Diaz and his manly persona is the sole reason Cry No More is a fantastic read. He is intense, mysterious and dangerou [...]

    4. I've always heard great things about Linda Howard, but with so many books out there, I've just never gotten around to reading any of her work.I know. I must be living under a rock. Why have I waited so long??? This book was simply perfect, the suspense, the emotion, the romance, all expertly blended to create a story I will never forget. I highly recommend this one.

    5. *4 Stars*An emotionally charged, action-packed readCry No More boldly delivers a generous combo of suspense, mystery, unconventional love, and heart wrenching scenarios — not to mention, abundant steam, an intense alpha hero, and one of the kindest, most determined, selfless heroines to date. In an attempt to avoid revealing crucial plot details, I'll simply say that this harrowing and gripping tale had me guessing from start to finish, thoroughly exhausting my emotions in the process.This sto [...]

    6. She woke crying, as she always did.Fueled by an obsession to fill the void in other people’s lives, Milla Edge finds lost children—all the while trying to outrun the brutal emotions stemming from a tragedy in her past. I love a tall, dark and handsome hero. Diaz certainly is that. The strong silent type.His profile was tough, contained, a little grim. His jaw was still covered with stubble, his lips compressed as if he found nothing in his life to be joyousMilla has been in limbo for ten yea [...]

    7. 5+ stars – Romantic SuspenseCry No MoreNo kiddingI don’t think I had any tears left after reading this book. I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning to finish because I just had to find out what happened and the ending made me bawl like a baby. Seriously, I needed a box of tissues and a big hug when I turned the last page. It’s an intense, gut-wrenching, thought provoking, heartbreaking, emotional roller coaster ride that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Milla is one o [...]

    8. Cry No More has been added to my FAVORITE shelf because I LOVED it. I love the way Linda Howard writes and found it refreshing that she was able to encompass so much within this story without overdoing anything. This story was intriguing, suspenseful, and emotional. The two main characters were strong and inspiring. Milla had a full life. She was married to an honorable man that she adored and she was blissfully happy that they had just started a family. She loved them and they loved her. And th [...]

    9. 4.5 StarsI’d like to thank my dear friend Karla for recommending this great book to me! You know me well, Karla! Even better than myself! I don’t know why I didn’t notice this book!This story is about a couple (Milla and David) that when they were in a foreign country (Mexico) their son (Justin) was born. But six-week after his birth, he was kidnapped. They took him from her arms in a supermarket, she really tried to not let them take him but at the end she lost him. Now after 10 years, he [...]

    10. One word to sum up this book: EPIC. <3It was also tragic, heartbreakingwarming, suspenseful, unique, beautiful and simply AMAZING.If you haven't read it yet, my advise would be: You will not regret it.

    11. It's hard to really say what I think about this story. It starts out so beautiful, showing Milla with her beautiful new baby, and then her life becomes a living hell. Milla is a character that evolves so much over the course of this book. She really is a person who has to rebuild herself from the ground up. You see this evolution occur painstakingly, and then you see her have to go through it again near the end of the book. It's one of those books that I got to the point where I wanted no distra [...]

    12. 5 shiny stars I just want to start off by saying that this was probably the most difficult review I've written to date. Even though my friends on GR 'warned' me that this would be a tear-jerker, nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for actually reading, and experiencing what happened at the end of the story. KUDOS to Ms. Howard's storytelling! THE BEFORE1993 Mexico In the beginning of the story, We're introduced to Milla and David Boone. David is a surgeon working for a year in Mexico offerin [...]

    13. Cry No More 4.5 tears.Gonna try and keep this short. If you haven't picked this gem up, do it. It's a book that was recommended to me, and thank god I took my dear friends advice and gave it a chance. This book completely rocked my world. It made me smile, it made me cry, it definitely made me wish to god I could kick book assholes asses, it made me love, it really made me smile, and oh my god did this book make me fall in love with the strongest hero I've ever read. Milla Edge, how I love your [...]

    14. Absolutely heartbreaking but so compelling.I cried my eyes out at the end, like hiccuping sobs and I'm really not an emotional person. This story with this mother and her missing son just really hit me hard. I couldn't ever imagine being in this reality, and I had to take many moments of putting the story aside and telling myself this was just a story. Fiction. But the sad fact is, this happens. Children get stolen from good people without ever knowing what happened to them. Cry No More was the [...]

    15. 5+ Stars for the audio version!! Not only is this my favorite Linda Howard book, it's one of my top ten reads. I've read it several times, and it always every bit as good as reading it the first time, but the audio book took it to another levelfantastic!! For those of you who have read the book, that last emotional chapter, you know what I meanOMGJames Alejandro Xavier DiazI love you, again and again and again*swoon*!! A top ten hero!! And that epilogueoh my heart be stillrfect!! Paperback, eboo [...]

    16. [image error] SENSATIONAL!My first LInda Howard book, and most definitely not my last. I loved it. More review to come.

    17. Price drop to $1.991/14/2014amazon/Cry-No-More-How**Tissues required while reading this story**Milla is living the picturesque life with her husband, David, and newborn. She’s the wife to a surgeon who is child prodigy. They are in Mexico for a year while he is donating his time and skills to a free clinic. His year of donated time is coming to a close and soon they will be back in America. One beautiful afternoon Milla and their infant son are in the Mexican Open Market when their whole world [...]

    18. Thank you, Blacky. As I have been told, the best way to cure bad case of a reading slump is to read genres and authors that wouldn't usually be your first choice. So, I did just that - thanks to wonderful Blacky from , I got Linda Howard bug. My favorite are romantic suspense novels and out of those that I have read so far, Cry No More is the one that left me completely speechless.Why I love this book? Oh, where to start How about because of everything? Let me put it like this - this is Kristen [...]

    19. ****4.5 Stars ****Cry No More was almost perfect. For that, I needed a bit more from the male MC.  I can't pinpoint why but I couldn't read him. Please, don’t tomash me here but he was too mysterious and not in that fascinating enigmatic way, it was more like in a shady way. There was something missing, like a piece of a puzzle to make the whole him make sense.On the other hand, the female character exceeded my expectations. Milla had her world ripped apart. But instead of being carried away [...]

    20. This is one of my old time favorite by Linda Howard. Reading it again after all these years never seemed to diminish my love for this book. Cry No More is one of the best romantic suspense I've ever read.The heroine, Milla Edge - a mum desperately seeking for her child who was abducted from her own hands when he was just over a months old. For ten years she never give up hope and in the meantime she set up a volunteer group to help others in her predicament. The hero, James Diaz - an assassin, a [...]

    21. In the mood to rip out your soul, cry buckets, say OMG a few times too many for everything from abject misery to pure rapture? Then read this book! It is sooooooooo good! The hero looks like he was plucked straight out of one of Anne Stuart’s Ice novels—he is incredible. He doesn’t say much, but when he does and how he does what he does just makes you go all limp and you fall down in a puddle of what used to be you--guaranteed! He is the uber alpha/gamma hero, hotness personified. This is [...]

    22. ~~~ 5 and more stars~~~It gave me the feels. I'm putting it on my favorite shelf. LH made my favorite author(s) list. Absolutely loved it. Heartbreaking romantic suspense with an amazing plot and MCs. Loved them both. The hero is my new book bf.

    23. 5 darn starsDevastating, gut wrenching, intense and filled with so much suspense(and heart!). This book was written so darn well i only put it down once at work (even then i kept thinking about Milla and her unimaginable loss) I like heroines like Milla. Strong hearted, strong willed, stubborn and fights her own cause. She was all brains and acknowledged her lack of brawn which made me love her even more because the action scenes were then more realistic. She meets someone who fights along with [...]

    24. Cry No More was published more than ten years ago, but that hasn’t diminished the appeal at all! It brought out a range of emotions in me. It was a heartbreaking tale, any mother would probably gasp after the first chapter, but it was also an exciting, action packed read! Let’s not forget the romance, because as usual, it’s my favorite part! Milla’s life was forever changed ten years ago, and since then she’s been a women with a mission. For the last ten years Milla has been the front [...]

    25. FOUR AND A HALF STARS!If I had a whole week to convey my feelings for this book, I just wouldn't have enough time to write an appropriate review. As a re-read, I didn't think I would be so enamoured with this book, but once again, I'm reminded why Linda Howard is a go-to author for me.Cry No More is the heart wrenching story of one mother's search for her lost baby. Milla Edge was left for dead after her new born baby was kidnapped in a blitz attack at a market in Mexico. Ten years later, armed [...]

    26. I liked this, up until the end and then when the blobfish pustule H betrayed the h by destroying her son's information, I was reaching for the Captain and a skillet. There is no way I believe a woman who searched so hard and so long would forgive that action - no matter how good a pike poker he was. I also have serious doubts about any adoptive parents who get into a situation where they have a kidnapped child and don't let that child know or get to know the rightful parents. That was 100% ferti [...]

    27. This book packed a punch. Grab your hanky everyone because this was just so heartbreaking-ly good. Milla is the strongest heroine of the year. Such terrific writing.

    28. I thought that Cry No More was an absolutely wonderful book. It was one of the most emotional that I have read in a long while. The book was humorous in places, heartrending in others. The heroine, Milla, has spent the last years devoting herself to Finders, the organization she founded to locate missing children. Diaz, a shadowy, dangerous figure who has the reputation of being able to find anyone, appears in Milla's life after she begins asking questions about him. The two team up to unravel t [...]

    29. 5 Brilliant STARS! Bang, bang. That's what this book does to your heart. It will bruise it but it'll also make it soar!This one packed a punch. This book has the best shooting scene ever. I can say there is one standout moment that I will always remember because it's so poignant. If an execution could ever be called romantic in a badass way, then this one holds that title. Those who've read this will understand. Just a little tease for those of you who have yet to read this gemG this book had it [...]

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