Marea De Pasión

Marea De Pasi n Nadando desnuda en la noche en compa a de sus delfines Melis hab a encontrado por fin la paz y algo parecido a la felicidad Viv a en una isla solitaria alejada del mundo pero el mundo no estaba dispu

  • Title: Marea De Pasión
  • Author: Iris Johansen
  • ISBN: 9788495752741
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nadando desnuda en la noche en compa a de sus delfines, Melis hab a encontrado por fin la paz y algo parecido a la felicidad Viv a en una isla solitaria alejada del mundo pero el mundo no estaba dispuesto a olvidarla Porque esta muchacha hermosa y aparentemente fr gil tiene la clave para el mayor descubrimiento arqueol gico de la humanidad, un premio que atrae a losNadando desnuda en la noche en compa a de sus delfines, Melis hab a encontrado por fin la paz y algo parecido a la felicidad Viv a en una isla solitaria alejada del mundo pero el mundo no estaba dispuesto a olvidarla Porque esta muchacha hermosa y aparentemente fr gil tiene la clave para el mayor descubrimiento arqueol gico de la humanidad, un premio que atrae a los hombres como la sangre a los tiburones Uno de ellos es Jed Kelby, seductor millonario, curtido ex comando de la Armada y ambicioso buscador de tesoros El otro es Hugh Archer, traficante de armas y uno de los m s despiadados criminales que existen Melis resiste bien las presiones, pero cuando la gente comienza a morir a su alrededor se ve obligada a aceptar la colaboraci n de Kelby Juntos, zarpar n en busca de un sue o y se enfrentar n a la muerte que les acecha continuamente Pero para encontrar el tesoro Melis tendr que superar antes la m s dura de las pruebas, plantar cara a un terrible secreto del pasado que, en manos de su enemigo, es una arma devastadora UNA JOVEN SOLITARIA COMO EL OC ANO Melis no necesita m s compa a que la de Pete y Susie, sus dos delfines Su relaci n con el mundo exterior qued marcada por la terrible experiencia que padeci con apenas diez a os, una herida que se resiste a cicatrizar S lo la muerte atroz de alguien muy querido la impulsa a salir de su burbuja para enfrentarse al horror del mundo Ahora est inmersa en una guerra en la que necesita aliados, y nadie mejor que un hombre decidido y lleno de recursos como Jed Kelby Pronto percibe el magnetismo entre ambos, pero la vida la ha dotado de una coraza impenetrable para cualquier sentimiento Sin embargo, cuando el criminal al que se enfrenta decide utilizar los secretos de su pasado para presionarla, todo su autocontrol amenaza con irse a pique UN HOMBRE AMBICIOSO EN BUSCA DE UN SUE O Multimillonario y famoso, Jed Kelby podr a haberse dedicado a vivir como un rey Nadie le obligaba a alistarse en los Navy Seals, a jugarse el pellejo en Irak, a recorrer el mundo en su barco en busca de aventuras Huyendo de una infancia ahogada en dinero y seca de amor, se hab a acostumbrado a vivir como quer a y a conseguir lo que deseaba, pero cuando conoce a Melis todas sus convicciones comienzan a tambalearse Su fr o y orquestado plan para apoderarse del incre ble secreto de la muchacha parece pasar a un segundo plano, y cada vez m s lo nico que le interesa es proteger a aquella adorable criatura del salvaje peligro que la rodea, conocerla mejor, ayudarla a sanar su alma aunque para ello, primero tiene que mantenerla con vida.

    One thought on “Marea De Pasión”

    1. Drove me crazy. Exaggerated characters. I can't believe this is a bestselling author. I only read it because I didn't have anything else to hand. Poorly written.

    2. This book was about a young woman named Melis who is a marine researcher. She doesn't have any real family left except for her step-father, Phil Lontana. Phil is an oceanographer who is in search of an acient underwater city, the lost city of Merinth. He had been searching for the underwater city for years. Melis has no interest in helping him find it. Years ago, Phil and Melis were on a dive when they found two dolphins off the coast of Cadora, one of the Canary Islands, during one of their tri [...]

    3. Encompassing murder, betrayal, blackmail, and treasure. The novel begins by jumping straight into the action, revealing each character as the story unfolds. It's not the typical mystery that I read, however, I really enjoyed how it was written. Tons of detail and dialog, though not over detailed. Allowing the reader to make their own assumptions. I enjoyed the way the time frame did not drag on, but jumped ahead to the next action scene, apposed to filling the gaps with descriptions of the surro [...]

    4. Same story. Bright beautiful damaged woman, surrounded by lots of men and 2 dolphins. Rich playboy meets her, they hate each other. They love each other. Just like the other Johansen book I ended up listening to because it was all I had to listen to. I liked the Dolphins. But won't listen to another one of these books where there is only one woman major character and the love scenes are so forced and unbelievable I found myself yelling at my car's CD player then trying to fast forward throughg t [...]

    5. The book was okay. I finished it in a day. Easy to read and simple narrative. The characters were toeing the line of mary-sue. A pretty girl who has few friends in the world (besides her two dolphins) is forced to work with super wealthy business man/marine Kelby as they search for a lost sea-city. The book wasn't incredibly riveting, but it was alright. The reason I gave this book a 1 star review instead of 3 was because the author introduced this Apache character. He's a side character (I can' [...]

    6. The book had a very easy-to-read narrative, which made it quick to get through, but I found the characters were quite flat. I had no real idea of Kelby, and his face was completely blurred out in my imagination because he was so one-dimensional, which was a fault of all the characters. I was left wanting more with so much of the stuff described in the book, from Marinth to Kafas. There could have been a very rich background woven with that information that just came disjointedly. I wanted more, [...]

    7. I've had this book for a long while and just now got around to listening to it. I liked the angle of the dolphins. I think that element edged this up to 3 stars. The characters weren't as fleshed out as I would have liked and the romance felt sketched in. I wasn't sure how they got from point A (where the met) to point M (where they were sharing beds and willing to make huge sacrifices for each other). It felt kind of pubescent.

    8. Melis Nemid’s self-imposed isolation on her own Caribbean island studying dolphins (especially Susie & Pete) is interrupted by a strange communication from her foster father, Phil Lontana. Melis travels to Athens in search of Phil just in time to see him and his ship blow up. This is the first in a series of horrendous tragedies, and Melis contacts wealthy oceanographer Jed Kelby’s for help in finding out who is behind it all. They work out an uneasy agreement to find Phil’s Atlantis-l [...]

    9. Melis Nemid is a Marine researcher she knows something that has already caused one oceanographer to disappear from the face of the earth.And thats only part of a past torn by betrayal and violence. Malis thought she had put the past behind her when she came to the Carribean island home to research Dolphin behavior. But her life - and her peace are about to be shattered by a savage killer who is cutting a path of death and destruction that leads directly to her. Whoever the killer is he or she kn [...]

    10. Another romance in which the heroine was sexually abused as a child. Now an adult, she lives on an island by herself, caring for a pair of dolphins. She teams up with Kelby, a rich, dangerous adventurer, when she's put in danger for knowing the location of an Atlantis-like city under the sea.It was ok. I got a little impatient, especially at the start. I like romance novels not to be so dominated by the suspense and mystery stuff. I don't know A very bla experience, but maybe just because I'm pr [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the book 'Fatal Tide' authored by Iris Johansen. It had a lot of suspense that kept my attention level up throughout, and I was also fascinated while reading about the dolphins named Pete and Susie that hung out with Melis on the island.Iris seems to nearly always have some really good twists/turns to her stories that I find rather intriguing, and finishes up with a totally surprising ending. I definitely recommend it as a "good read" and a page turner.

    12. When Melis Nemid, an oceanographer who plays with dolphins, loses the man who was like a father to her, she is going to have to dog up secrets better left buried and fight for her life as she discovers a killer is after her and what she knows. The author takes the reader on a mystery thrill ride with a touch of romance and the heartwarming addition of beautiful dolphins to the tale.Great job in a reader friendly story from an author that readers always can count on for a great story.

    13. I feel like I've read this one before -- just with different titles --- Melis isn't all that different from Eve except Melis has her dolphins which are interesting and Eve has Bonnie.but then all her female characters are pretty much the same unemotional women. The story is dialogue driven with virtually no narrative and little to no emotion. I keep reading the series because every so often there is a gem in there.

    14. I usually love Iris Johansen's suspense books, but I couldn't get into this one. There seems to be alot of random characters and I wasn't sure how most of them related to each other. The hero and heroine seemed to be searching for something call "marinth". I gave up after 70 pages, so I'm not sure if marinth is a person, a place, or a who knows what. DNF.

    15. Other than the title, the book is quite good. This time around, the author introduces dolphins into the mix. This is a great way to learn just a bit more about dolphins while enjoying tales of shipwrecks, explosions, and double crosses.

    16. Very enjoyable thriller. Good characters - both the good guys and the bad guys. I'll have to look for other books by this author.

    17. Very BAD BOOK. I still regret for buying this book. Very clumsy story. Awful characters. Didn't read it till the end.

    18. Very Good; murder and a haunting past follow a woman who enlists the aid of a soldier of fortune to find a city beneath the sea that only her dolphins can lead her to.

    19. Most of my reviews of Iris Johansen's books will not be done with them fresh in my mind. I've actually been reading them for almost a year. This will, hopefully, be the last book of hers that I read. And because I just finished it, this review will be more specific than the others."Fatal Tide" is a stand-alone novel by Iris Johansen. It includes all of the Johansen essentials, including a ridiculously strong-willed, stubborn female lead, a creepy, dangerous male love interest, and an over-the-to [...]

    20. Melis Menid lives comfortably on a remote island near Tobago with her two dolphin "friends" Pete and Susie. Her quiet life is readily disturbed when she receives a letter from her foster father, Phil Lontana, deeding her the island and his precious boat. When she goes after him to find out what is going on, he witnesses Lontana's ship blown to smithereens with him on board. After her initial investigation, she discovers that an arms dealer named Archer had been working with Lontana to find the f [...]

    21. if you are a first ime irish johansen reader, then this is an amazing read for you. however, if it isnt, youll fine the author style and plot to be quite the same in her books, so that leaves her other works lame. however, as this was my first ever read of her book, it is also one of my favorite. i almost read it every other month. but i wont read another book with the samw plot like this. i recommend the ugly duckling by this author also. it doesnt have dolphins in it haha

    22. Captivating story that was surprising, full of twists and red herrings, and full of well connected events. A rather skillfully composed novel. Much to learn here about dolphins and underwater cities.

    23. I've read books of hers I've enjoyed much more. The story for me didn't flow , seemed very disjointed . Characters were ok . I enjoyed reading about the dolphins and Melis's interaction with them the most .

    24. I enjoyed this immensely! This book has everything you could want in a book romantic , action , suspense and drama.

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