Cat Toy

Cat Toy A young man and his shuttle have crash landed on a wild planet light years from home He s suffered a head injury and can t remember his own name What else could go wrong Heck maybe he could be attac

  • Title: Cat Toy
  • Author: Illian Obsidian
  • ISBN: 9781603703758
  • Page: 395
  • Format: ebook
  • A young man and his shuttle have crash landed on a wild planet, light years from home He s suffered a head injury and can t remember his own name What else could go wrong Heck, maybe he could be attacked and captured by men who look a lot like cats Or maybe he could realize that he is living in a Master slave society and is now a servant to a planetary leader named TryA young man and his shuttle have crash landed on a wild planet, light years from home He s suffered a head injury and can t remember his own name What else could go wrong Heck, maybe he could be attacked and captured by men who look a lot like cats Or maybe he could realize that he is living in a Master slave society and is now a servant to a planetary leader named Tryl Depending on how he looks at it, his situation might not be so bad, even if he can t figure out who he is or what he s going to do next Can the young man Tryl calls Yai figure out who he is and what he wants before danger catches up with both of them

    One thought on “Cat Toy”

    1. Guilty pleasure. There's no other way to describe this short PWP story that plays with stereotypes to the extreme: the top is big, strong - and furry in this case - the Alpha of his people, the bottom is small, slight and completely submissive, very much in need to be owned and dominated. And the master falls hard for his slave of course. It's fantasy pure, no realism whatsoever. On the other hand, this book never aspired to be the next Shakespeare. I wouldn't read books like this one every day [...]

    2. If you are looking for a fun, sci-fi male/male romance this book will be for you. I have read a couple of reviews on here, and I agree that it is unrealistic, but what sci-fi book is? I enjoyed it. I thought it was funny at times, and the chemistry between Yai and Tryl was pretty hot. To me there were some unanswered questions throughout the book. I would have liked to have had more details about the planet they were on, the customs they live by and so on, but for a light easy read it was enjoya [...]

    3. A surprising sweet and light-hearted take on the captured-by-catlike-aliens storyline. Yai's shuttle has crashed on the cat planet, and he lost his memory in the crash. He's been living off the land (not very well) and running away from the giant cats until finally, of course, he's captured by the top cat, Tyr. :)Yai finds, somewhat to his surprise, that being a pampered little cat-slave is pretty great. Tyr is enchanted by his little captive, and there are some very hot learning-each-other's-bo [...]

    4. Reading a lot of the other reviews kind of makes me feel like I shouldn't like this book as much as I do. Luckily, I am oppositional, so that just makes me like it more. ;) Part of why I like it so much is that it is a fairly sweet, uncomplicated, angst-free (or at least the kind of angst and drama that wears me out) story. We don't learn a lot about Yai and Karri's past but what was there led me to picturing them as fairly young and emotionally neglected, maybe something along the lines of situ [...]

    5. Greetings, Earthlings. Welcome to the land of Stockholm and Deus Ex Machina.We have you enjoy your captivity here.Caution: features the "good alien; bad human" trope.Which goes along with the Dom Alien, sub human trope.Man, dem aliens so Dom they can make anyone want to get plowed.The Karl thingMeh. This may do it for some people, but guess what?Snape is unamused.And then"deja vous." thatentional?And I'm sorry, but I don't like the cover.*shrug. Didn't do it for me, but that doesn't mean other [...]

    6. Upon completion of this novel I was sorely tempted to dangle my copy above some candles and watch it burst into flame. I suspect that would have been more entertaining than reading it proved to be. The pyromaniac temptation, no doubt, was inspired by the candle pictured on the cover. I’m really not sure what the other item on the cover is supposed to be however. A cat paw maybe? The ambiguity of the second item is reminiscent to how I felt when I thought about what the author’s purpose in wr [...]

    7. A fun read that is perfect for when you get sick of an overly dramatic story out there and just want a happy love story with a science fiction twist. Maybe a little silly and unbelievable but that's what makes it fun to read and reread again.

    8. Silly.funght readcapismcertainly not "War and Peace" but who wants to read *that*???!!! Just a fun story that I've re-read numerous times.

    9. 3.5 Sweet, fluffy, and fun. Pure escapism. If you want a challenge, go elsewhere. If you want a light and entertaining read, and can park your realism, this is for you.

    10. Fun, enjoyable pet/slave story that hit the sweet spot for me: no mind-fucks or disturbing elements (e.g. What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?, but nothing too saccharine sweet either (e.g Pets, Book 1: Sparking) Tryl can dominate with the best of them, but Yai seems able to kneel at his feet while retaining his intelligence and character at the same time. Light, quick and altogether a lot of fun.

    11. A well set up story of a human being captured and looked after by a cat-man. Neither can understand the other but the author gives us both sides so we know most of what is going on.A sweet story as Tryl, the cat-man, tries to look after his new slave, Yai, the human. On this world slaves are loved by their masters. Communcation problems cause other problems until they get hold of a translator. A happy ending for both.

    12. A vague plot, no descriptions to speak of and a lame human hero who seems feisty but gives in immediately. Why people are rating this so high I just do not know. Obviously, these people have never read a good book to know what a crappy one is like. Because, for certain, this is one of the lamest. Conclusion: Skip it.

    13. Fun story. For as short as it was, it felt fairly complete and not as rushed as a lot of sorts do. I think the amnesia thing helped. The character was able to be developed as the story unfolded. Clever.

    14. ARGH! This book is insane!!!!Humans are mindless cow, just good to be fucked! Karl is taken by force, but the first night without a fight he consent to become a slave and being fucked!!!! Just ARGH!!!! Mind some respect for the reader!!! Please!!!

    15. Yay cry and had sex.Tryl growl and had sex.That's resume the story.Lack of explication, description, interesting situation that help you understand the world were the story's happened. Go to my Yaoi shelve and my noncon-present shelve.

    16. Hmmis was an interesting read. Pure fantasy but that's ok. I liked the sappy, mooshy moments and there was a lot. 3 stars for Yai and his alpha cat man Tryl

    17. Stranded on an alien planet populated by cat men, a lone human is pursed and captured, only to be rescued by another cat man. The humans only solace, at least his rescuer does not smell as bad as the one who originally caught him. His rescuer, Tryl, is ruthless, the local leader, and he is intent on making his new captive his slave, or more correctly, his pet, whom he names Yai. He expects complete and unquestioning obedience from his pet, and he expects his pet to share his bed and to satisfy h [...]

    18. Major Characters:Yai/John - Earth Pilot who crashed on cat planetTyr - Leader of cat peopleSynopsis:John crash lands on a planet where the dominant species are a cat like people. Within that society, the more dominant members keep the less dominant members as love slaves. John has amnesia due to his accident and because he is relatively submissive, he is taken by Tyr to be his slave. The story tells about John adjusting to live as Yai and his position as slave to Tyr (and of Tyr learning how to [...]

    19. Ah, reading this was definitely against my better judgment. I knew it would be shit. It was. But dammit it to hell, sometimes I can't help myself. I see some saucy blurb about some innocent young thing falling into the hands of some FURRY GINORMOUS CREATURE, oh dear, and then there's some chemical reaction going off in my brain and I'm clicking the one-click-buy button and there we are. What follows is very much pic related until I blow a fuse and DNF somewhere around the 50-60% mark. I have no [...]

    20. I don't enjoy reading gratuitous sex scenes in m/m romance and this book had 2 too many. (view spoiler)[Especially when one of the main characters had sex with 2 slaves in one of them pretty much at the beginning and it happened once Tryl had already decided he wanted to be with Yai, I couldn't chalk it of as not cheating either since he explicitly went and had a shower right after since "he didn’t want his slave to wake in his arms and scent another on him". Not something you do if you don't [...]

    21. There was something about this story that truly appealed to me. The characters were fascinating. The story line moved quickly and the sex was steamy. This one goes on my re-read shelf because I can read it again and again.

    22. Wow, Yai is so needy. Instant attraction, everything happend to fast. Yai is such a helpless creature. Unbelieveable. He trusts Tryl too fast. In the end the story gets ridicolous. The story was predictable! I rolled my eyes thousend times. In the end I can honestly say that it was a waste of time.

    23. So far so good. It's definitely different from "I was an Alien Cat Toy". Very different.i would have contacted fur company. ane be like I'm rich biatch!!

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