To Ruin the Duke

To Ruin the Duke A disreputable dukeAll of London is abuzz with the shocking exploits of Thornton Matherton Duke of Wyldehaven a man as sinful and wild as his name He plays fast and loose with money drink and wome

  • Title: To Ruin the Duke
  • Author: Debra Mullins
  • ISBN: 9780061577857
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • A disreputable dukeAll of London is abuzz with the shocking exploits of Thornton Matherton, Duke of Wyldehaven, a man as sinful and wild as his name He plays fast and loose with money, drink, and women Or does he An impostor has tarnished Thornton s good name, and the real duke will not rest until he has proven his virtue.A righteous ladyAbandoned by her aristocratic faA disreputable dukeAll of London is abuzz with the shocking exploits of Thornton Matherton, Duke of Wyldehaven, a man as sinful and wild as his name He plays fast and loose with money, drink, and women Or does he An impostor has tarnished Thornton s good name, and the real duke will not rest until he has proven his virtue.A righteous ladyAbandoned by her aristocratic father when she was a child, Miranda Fontaine despises the nobility Despite her distrust, she visits the Duke of Wyldehaven on an urgent mission Determined to keep a deathbed promise, Miranda will do whatever it takes to pin down the notorious duke even if it means seducing him herself.Passion s ruinDesperate to escape the web of deceit and clear his name, Thomas cannot bear the distraction of Miranda s supple skin and alluring eyes Her beauty will be his undoing and her bed will be the site of his most wicked ruin .

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    1. I've been burned by Mullins before, so I wasn't expecting much from this book. I'm happy to report that it was much better than expected. Both main characters were well done, and I appreciated their romance, though I do wish more focus had been on them and less on the mystery surrounding the Duke's impostor.The ending left me feeling unsatisfied as well, as it came about abruptly.

    2. If someone is looking for a relaxing light hearted read then Debra Mullins latest book is for you. I discovered her about 4 or 5 years ago when I ordered Three Nights from a book club. I really enjoyed that one (it contained one of my favorite themes - baby/pregnancy). So, every now and then I pick up one of her books.This was a pretty entertaining read. It definitely kept me turning the pages to find out what happens with the imposter. The villian was pretty obvious, a half brother, but it didn [...]

    3. For the full review (and to discover the type of cheese this book most closely resembles), follow the link to the entry at That's What She Read.

    4. Audible Review-So this was decent. Not boring, not exciting. I really liked Miranda. She had spunk. The Duke of Wyldehaven was okay for the most part, sometimes he was annoying. The attraction was okay at best. There were some twists and turns that were fun, albeit a bit ridiculous and could no way happen, but this is fiction so it is expected. As for the narration, it was okay. The narrator needs to work on the male voices a bit. Otherwise, it wasn't the worst narration I have listened too. Thi [...]

    5. Miranda Fontaine made a promise to her dying friend, that she would take her new born son to his father so that he can be raised by his father and in the right society. When Miranda goes to London to present James to his father Thornton Matherton, the Duke of Wyldehaven, Thornton denies parenthood and sends Miranda on her way but not before he realized she makes him feel and no-one has done that for a long time.It turns out that there is someone masquerading as the Duke of Wyldehaven and he is l [...]

    6. First let me say the Hero Duke Wyldehaven was a WIMP I didn't like the way he was portrayed. For the longest time he just let someone else assume his identity and paid all the bills the imposture incurred, Please wasn't he suppose to be a Duke!!!! Their was very little Romance between the Hero/Heroin, No sexual chemistry at all. When they Finally get around to Making Love it is WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM!!!!Miranda, a Virgin only feels a Sting and than The Duke reaches his climax and its over!!! Tha [...]

    7. Miranda Fontaine dipercaya sahabatnya untuk mengasuh bayinya ketika dia meninggal. Sahabatnya juga memintanya untuk mencarikan ayah kandung bayinya, agar dididik sebagaimana ayahnya. Thorton Matherton, Duke of Wyldehaden mengubur dirinya di estat selama dua tahun setelah kematian istri dan calon bayinya. Karenanya ia terkejut ketika ditegur sahabatnya akan tingkah buruknya di tempat judi. Dia bersumpah belum pernah kemana-mana selama dua tahun tersebut. Ia curiga ada seseorang yang menyamar menj [...]

    8. THIS STORY WAS RATHER PREDICTABLE AND STORYLINE WAS AVERAGE, NOTHING WE MAY NOT HAVE ENCOUNTERED BEFORE.OUR HERO is a Duke who has an impersonator masquerading around London as him, engaging in activities that defiles his reputation with duels, seduction and fights. The puzzled man has only returned to town from his country home after 2 years of mourning the death of his wife who accidentally committed suicide when she drank a potion to be rid of their baby. The Duke's character is pretty much a [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. Not just a simple tale of two lovers, but so much more.The Duke is being blamed for all sorts of bad things that an unknown villain is doing in his name in London. Miranda is trying to be the respectable woman her mother never was as an actress. It is a tale of two people who don't deny their feelings for each other, but are going through the heartbreaking experience that sometimes life doesn't let us choose our paths.The plot with the villain was sometimes predictabl [...]

    10. This was a 3.5 stars which I have rounded it up to a 4-star read. I liked the feisty heroine. However, I was more ambivalent about the hero. I wasn't quite sure if he were an alpha male or otherwise. I was enjoying the book until it all dissolved into a puddle of gooey sweetness in the last quarter of the book where the protagonists, I thought, behaved in manners contrary to character. The ending also seemed far too rushed, like the author ran out of pages, and had to wrap everything up neatly i [...]

    11. An enjoyable twisty tale of identity theft, mistaken identities, alter identities, and illicit liaisons. Miranda was an appealing modern heroine, with a sensible amount of self-preservation and determined to be self-sufficient in a world that makes it difficult to be so. Sometimes I wondered what she saw in the hero, Wylde, who was honorable (sort of) but a little staid compared to the rest of the characters.

    12. I really wish this book had been a bit longer. I would loved to have read an epilogue for this one as the suffering these characters went through has earned them a seriously happy ending! It was a good read, but there were some elements that were either unresolved or could have been better utilized to make it a five star book for me. I loved the writing style and characterization, however, so it was an excellent job by Ms. Mullins!

    13. What's not to love about TO RUIN THE DUKE? There's a dashing, misunderstood hero. A gorgeous heroine with a generous heart and plucky attitude. And the delicate dance that keeps them coming together and pulling them apart is so well crafted that it keeps you guessing right up to the end. Oh, and I have to mention that there's also a very clever subplot about identity theft that gives this historical romance a modern twist.

    14. The Duke was a bit stupid and a lot arrogant, and I did not like the way this book was written at all. I have enjoyed other Debra Mullins books in the past, but this one left me completely exasperated. This is one of those books when just a few words of explanation could have cleared so much up for everyone invovlved.

    15. Ik heb de Nederlands talige versie gelezen ( Hertog in opspraak - Candlelight Historische roman 904 )Dit is het 3e boek van deze schrijfster wat ik gelezen heb ( CH 800 , 830 heb ik hiervoor gelezen ) ,net als bij het 1e boek ook nu weer regelmatig opvul / herhaling blablabla .

    16. hmmm.I don't know what to say about this book. It was a quick read, in my opinion, which I think offered really nothing new or have any riveting sexual chemistry.I, also, find that the ending was rushed and it didn't close the story well

    17. In spite of the non-sequiturs and logical lacking, wholly it is still a not bad book worthwhile reviewing & contemplating.

    18. Interesting premise, fairly executed. There was so much going on with the plot, though, that I felt the characters go flat just a little bit.

    19. debra mullins does it again with To Ruin The Duke! loved this book, a wonderful story about two broken people finding eachother and falling in love 4.5

    20. Per il gioco ideato da @anncleire (pleaseanotherbook.tumblr/) il particolare (piccante) da non dimenticare: Il tavolo della prima colazione e. la stanza della musica

    21. I found the story interesting and it kept me engrossed. The play between the hero and heroine was fun to read. I may read her other books.

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