Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child

Virgin Mistress Scandalous Love Child In the seductive heat of Rio during its Carnaval Ellie succumbs to her dangerously charismatic boss Diogo Serrador But having taken her virginity the Brazilian billionaire wants nothing to do with

  • Title: Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child
  • Author: Jennie Lucas
  • ISBN: 9780373128310
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the seductive heat of Rio during its Carnaval, Ellie succumbs to her dangerously charismatic boss, Diogo Serrador But, having taken her virginity, the Brazilian billionaire wants nothing to do with her until he discovers she s pregnant Diogo will accept nothing less than taking Ellie as his bride Their marriage is passionate by night, but tense and empty by day.In the seductive heat of Rio during its Carnaval, Ellie succumbs to her dangerously charismatic boss, Diogo Serrador But, having taken her virginity, the Brazilian billionaire wants nothing to do with her until he discovers she s pregnant Diogo will accept nothing less than taking Ellie as his bride Their marriage is passionate by night, but tense and empty by day Ellie realizes that she s in an impossible situation Diogo s dark past has frozen his heart, but she s fallen in love with her husband.

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    1. Can you say stupid? I thought you could. Holy crap, this is the sort of book that gives Harlequins a bad name. This girl was so stupid I kept flashing on a girl I knew in high school who got upset and cried when I tried to convince her Germany and the USSR were separate countries. Weak, whining, whimpering idiot with irrational motivations for everything she did."I hate him. He lied to me and knocked me up. But he's hot and he's touching me and my lady bits are getting dampish. Therefore I must [...]

    2. What prevents this crazyass trainwreck from getting a 4th star, which is something both Vampire Lover and Bought By Her Husband managed to do?The hero.Honestly, Diogo Serrador (I kept seeing "Drogo" the entire time I read it) was a flat fail. Yeah, he was a jerk who stomped on Ellie's self-esteem more than once, but she was doing plenty of self-stomping on her own. She didn't need his help, so his callous remarks were pretty dull and lame. There was no OTT for this guy IMO (unlike nearly every l [...]

    3. This was a three star story (in spite of the TSL heroine) until I got to the violent ending. I was not expecting a gun to be pointed at the heroine only to have (view spoiler)[ the villain turn the gun on himself when help arrived and thus killing himself.(hide spoiler)] I don't like violence and don't seek it out. I wouldn't have read this story if I had known of this scene. So trigger alert: gun violence. Virgin heroine has a one night stand with her boss in Rio. Three months later she's pregn [...]

    4. This book just has one too many of the bad tropes, without the good characters to back it up and make you overlook it.So the country bumpkin heroine goes to the city and becomes a junior secretary to the hero. While on a trip he's happy about securing a good deal and they sleep together. She was a virgin and he knows that country bumpkin virgins think that sex means relationship so he completely ignores her existance for months after that. Until she shows up and tells him she's pregnant and that [...]

    5. Great read by Jennie Lucas! This one had a perfect little epilogue. The ending upped this to the 5* for me. Up until the awesome ending it was sitting at a 4*. Some times I wanted to punch Diogo, the hero, but by the ending I loved him! At first I wasn't happy with Diogo for throwing over Ellie in the beginning after their one night together. However, it worked for me because I was shown that even though he ignored her after their night together he always still wanted her and he didn't blame her [...]

    6. I liked how this one started. Quite promising (for a Boss-knocks-up-the-junior-PA kinda HP!) and I was grinning although I’m still not sure if the humor was intentional or not!But then it got entangled in the same old H-with-mommy-issues issues and the h who throws a 100 millions (*sigh* for the baby, yes!) back in his face and a poor simple om transmogrified into a mind bogglingly evil avatar! *repeat sigh*And then the writing got lazy putting out some inconsistencies and annoyances. (view sp [...]

    7. II don't know what just happened, here. I need to come back to this review once the crazy has settled in, and then give a rating that contains my enjoyment (such as it was) of the story and the sheer crackiness of it all. So for now I say: what.Update, Nov. 2012: Just skimmed back through it and my reaction is still "what." I'm settling on 1 star for now because while I couldn't help but marvel at this story, I also truly disliked it/the characters/the scenario/what.Also, I would like to state t [...]

    8. **This book contains gun violence.**This book is so much more than what the title implies. The premise of the novel is that the hero and the secretary/heroine that works for him have a ONS which leaves the heroine pregnant. After the ONS the hero ignores the heroine for a couple of months, during that time she agrees to marry a childhood friend who is in love with her, though the heroine is not in love with him.The hero realizes that the heroine is pregnant with his child, confronts the heroine [...]

    9. So OTT dumb but it gets 2 stars because it kept me readingA few ways to know this relationship isn't going well 1) when you have to asks yourself if you DARE question if he could be faithful after the forced wedding, 2) when his answer to the fidelity question is "while you are in my arms, I am yours", 3) when just having an orgasm even if brought on by both manual and oral stimulation means you have to "love him completely, holding nothing back" (really?)Oh and he sucks at picking staff-- the n [...]

    10. This book should come with two warning:Immature, insecure, inner ramblings of "woman-child." Proceed with caution.Jerk, alpha male debauches virgin, grows then loses then grows then loses-his conscience! Get your mind out of the gutter!OM could I forget the OTHER SECRET BABY in this book??? Like we didn't see THAT coming. Although, I think it sets a dangerous precedence to drop everything on your honeymoon on your child's whims. Even knowing the tragedy in the kid's life, I still can't cut him a [...]

    11. If the hero is going to be controlling, cruel and say the most abominable things to the heroine, there has to be a satisfying level of commupence for him later on. And I don't mean one scene where he says he feels awful and she immediately forgives him. I mean, real emotional pain the likes of which he caused her. Otherwise, the hero just ends up looking like a piece of shit and the heroine comes off as a weakling.The hero in this book makes offhand comments like "women are weak" without even th [...]

    12. An enjoyable read if you're entertained by the OTT arrogant alpha. I do enjoy this trope, but it wasn't the most memorable. The constant jumping to conclusions on both sides got a bit annoying.

    13. Harlequin just the way I like it: sexy, dramatic, emotional, angsty and with cute babies. So sad JL is taking a break from Harlequin Presents :(

    14. I'm Conflicted.**Spoilers**.d:/Being a fan of HP, I understand there's reality and then there's HP reality. So, I typically allow a broad ruler when measuring "believable" plot scenarios, not to mention, who really wants to read about Mary the Secretary and Joe the Plumber? Having said that, I wasn't sure I was going to like the H and h, plus, I had a few issues: 1) the h quit school at 15 yrs old but was a Jr Secretary to a billionaire?2) the H had a vasectomy and believes he can't father a chi [...]

    15. This is the second time I've read this book. I could feel the strong emotions of the heroine. Once the secrets were out, the book got a lot better. This was not just a typical romance, or he got her pregnant, so he had to marry her books. It offered suspense, twist and turns, and action. There were a few times I got annoyed with the heroine. The chemistry was strong between Ellie, and Diogo. It was Ellie that always pulled back. She had thought Diogo would love her for a week or two, and go on t [...]

    16. Really cannot stand the heroine. This is one of those books which a stupid heroine ruined what potentially be a good, decent story.

    17. Oh dear lord. This book was so bad I struggled to finish. For a long while I thought it was written in 1970s - the style was that old-fashioned. The main female character was naive, dumb, helpless and a real pain in the butt - who thought she was in love because her girly bits were getting damp and kept crying all the time. The "hero" was annoying, a pig, chauvinistic, demanding, mean, and also a pain in the butt. Cant say I recommend this one at all.

    18. 2.5 STARSAn OK, one-time read. The h was too much of a pushover and H was a major A-hole! I did not like him and that's why the book lost it's first star. Second star, because I HATED the wedding scene. (What part of no, can't that priest understand?) And another half star because I was not convinced H really loved h.

    19. Usually I really like Jennie Lucas books.Needs edit & re-release: This one, the heroine is overall, very oddly (considering her grandma) too wimpy & passive with only two bursts of assertiveness. Very unattractively passive, keeps eagerly putting herself into victimizing relationships. Being from a rural area doesn't not make people naive at all, there is plenty of bad people & high crime out there to grow your people & street-smarts on. Hero-Character: unremarkable, unattractive [...]

    20. He kidnaps her from her wedding and flies her to Brazil in her wedding dress. I don't know about the rest of you but I didn't take my passport to my wedding tucked in my bustier. No mention ever made of it. She escapes from his car and immediately gets lost in a favela. Now if he was a rich as all that, they weren't anywhere near the favelas on the way to his mansion/hotel on the beach. The favelas are on the other side of the mountains from the ritzy part of Rio. While running she immediately m [...]

    21. Ellie Jensen hamil dengan Diogo Serrador, bos-nya, seorang playboy sejati.& Ellie tidak bisa menaruh harapan Diogo akan menerima kehamilannya dengan tangan terbuka, tidak dengan kesenangan & gaya hidup Diogo. Diogo bahkan sengaja operasi vasektomi agar tidak memiliki anak. lalu apa yang harus dilakukan Ellie?? memberitahu Diogo jelas tidak mungkin apalagi dengan Diogo yang melemparnya keluar dari kantornyalu apakah Ellie harus tetap menikah dengan Timothy, pria yang selama ini mencintain [...]

    22. Oh, but this is why I love Harlequins. Every now and again you find one that has over-the-top characters and situations that make you laugh out loud instead of throw the Kindle. Ellie gave up her virginity to a ruthless playboy, her boss Diogo Serrado. Ellie is a bit of a plain jane, country girl and a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Diogo is your typical, very chauvanistic Brazilian tycoon, who also seems to come to correct conclusions rather slowly. The book starts as Ellie realizes she's [...]

    23. A steamy reade hero is an alpha latin man so full of possiveness, sexiness, and arrogence that he goes through women like Swiss cheese, he is afraid of love and doesn't know how to express his feelings. So of course he would need a naive sweet fresh small town girl to show him the errors of his way and how to love. There is some drama in this story but you will have to find that out for yourself

    24. I don't even think there's a 1% chance I'll ever read this again. The guy is commanding, arrogant and almost entirely unmindful of Ellie's feelings. She has little redeeming qualities, either, lacking confidence and judgment. I constantly wanted to scream both of their heads off. The romantic happy-ending changes of character are not enough to make me change my mind about liking this book. Accidental Birthright was far better.

    25. langsung aja ya kesebutkan bagian yang bikin aku mikir. heronya benar2 brutal ketika ia mengatakan hal2 yang buruk pada heroinnya. kemudian dia menculik si heroin di hari pernikahannya dan membawanya ke luar negeri. semudah itukah? apa karena orang benar2 kaya maka ia bisa bebas membawa orang keluar negeri tanpa perlu paspor dan segala macam detilnya?tapi aku lumayan suka pada heroinnya, ia lumayan tangguh menolak segala cumbu rayu si hero.

    26. As usual, another great book by a great author. But I'll admit I almost hate this. Its because of Catia. LOL! I actually don't like main characters with baggage. And so I mean if they have a child from another party. I don't like those. I almost scream at home when Diogo said Catia was his daughter. I'm silently praying it wasn't true. LOL. But well, Ellie handle it nicely sowhy shouldn't I?

    27. Some of this novel was definitely a cluster but overall I didn't mind it. In fact I thought it was pretty well written and enjoyed most of the romance factor between hero and heroine. The Timothy thing was dumb though, the police would of arrested him and he wouldn't of been a factor, so the story about him doesn't seem to plausible.

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