Presumption of Guilt

Presumption of Guilt Just one person can save the children from a terrifying future But to do so she must master her past Beth Wright a newspaper reporter is hot on the trail of a story that could expose something very

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  • Title: Presumption of Guilt
  • Author: Terri Blackstock
  • ISBN: 9780310200185
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just one person can save the children from a terrifying future But to do so, she must master her past Beth Wright, a newspaper reporter, is hot on the trail of a story that could expose something very ugly at the St Clair Children s Home Someone else is hot on Beth Wright s trail someone who wants to make sure her story never sees the press Between them stands Nick HuJust one person can save the children from a terrifying future But to do so, she must master her past Beth Wright, a newspaper reporter, is hot on the trail of a story that could expose something very ugly at the St Clair Children s Home Someone else is hot on Beth Wright s trail someone who wants to make sure her story never sees the press Between them stands Nick Hutchins, a social worker who finds his own gut hunches about the children s home increasingly confirmed, first by Beth s investigation then by a high speed attempt on her life and finally, by an intruder s startling confession As the drama unfolds, a horrifying picture emerges of helpless children under the sway of a modern day Fagin Just one person holds the key that can save them Beth herself But using that key could cost Beth her reputation if it doesn t first cost her life Presumption of Guilt is a gripping portrayal of the depths of human evil, the soul twisting influence of lies and of the liberating power of truth and the far reaching freedom of God s mercy and grace Presumption of Guilt is book four in the Sun Coast Chronicles by award winning author Terri Blackstock From absorbing legal drama to lightning paced action, the Sun Coast Chronicles offers suspense at its finest, tempered with remarkable realism and penetrating insights into the human heart.

    One thought on “Presumption of Guilt”

    1. This was another great suspense from Terri. I got pulled into this story from the start and struggled to set the book down. I wanted to see what will happen.The story with Bill Brandon and the foster kids was sad and made the ending just so much greater. Also enjoyed seeing all the other characters from the hole series coming together in this book.A great read for fans of Christian suspense/mystery.

    2. I really enjoyed this book. It was very suspenseful, and the characterization was captivating. It was a fantastic end to the series.

    3. Another terrific story by Terri Blackstock. This one rates at least 7 or 8 stars. Once one starts reading it, it is impossible to put it down. However, readers should be warned that the subject matter is difficult. Basically, Presumption of Guilt is the story of abused and abandoned children who have been placed in a children's home run by Bill Brandon.Brandon's public facade is that of a caring, compassionate man who runs an excellent home for children. In fact, Brandon is evil incarnate who is [...]

    4. This book is so terribly written it is almost laughable. I almost dumped it after the first few pages which described a ridiculous chase scene with our heroine making various cell phone calls while being bumped from behind by a guy she's writing an expose on. I read on simply because every review on for this book was 4 or 5 stars. Blackstock is billed as a bestselling Christian author and has sold tons of books. How does trash like this get published? Most 12 year olds are reading more sophisti [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this book. The characters felt like friends to me, were realistic feeling. I loved that Lynda & Jake (from the first book) were involved in this story. The subject matter of children who are wards of the state being used for crime was difficult to imagine people actually doing this to children who rely on these adults to take care of them. The fact that there were so many people involved in this cover-up was sickening. The story drew me in right from the beginning I had to kno [...]

    6. This book was very hard to read. The author's style is to jump from one character's point of view to another but it is over done here. The adults here aren't particularly intelligent at various points. The insertion of Christian values seemed like preaching and did not flow. The wrap up after the drama was way too quick for the pacing of the rest of the book. I like the idea of the story but had to put the book down out of frustration several times. (I've liked other books by this author even th [...]

    7. This is a book you should be able to sit down and finish in one sitting, if you are a hard core booky. I liked the charachter in this book. A women who had a crapping upbringing in a foster home, becomes a reporter and soon finds out the nightmare she grew up in, is still reaking havoc on the kids now living there. Her information could potentially get her killed, but getting anyone to believe her is part of her battle, as well as trying to save a boy and his sister from repeating what she went [...]

    8. Fourth in the series, for a small town with a large religious community there is an awful lot of nasty crime.We have a social worker who is training the children in his care to rob. We have one of these children grown up and trying to stop him but not let herself get caught.Again some of the same characters plus a couple of new ones. Good plot, too much religion.

    9. Final book in a 4 book series. A scary story of a very evil man running a children's home, using the children for his crimes. It's hard to imagine such evil and especially against children. This final book ties up neatly though, even a little predictably, but I still enjoyed it. And issues of faith, forgiveness, and God's love are throughout the book.

    10. How far would you go to get someone convicted? Would you plant evidence and fake an assault that did not happen? The first time I read this book, I enjoyed it more than the second time. The second time I read it, it seemed like the book was too 'staged'. Like a mold was followed.

    11. This was one of the first books I read by Terri Blackstock. I quickly became a fan! I love her books, she does a great job at making her characters human, and easy to identify with. I highly recommend these books! If you like mystery, this book is a good one for you!

    12. This one really got to me as it was about corruption in a children's home. A social worker and a reporter were trying to expose it. Very realistic and frightening at times to realize it could happen.

    13. Such a moving story. I wish I could believe that this would never happen but somehow I can't. Sorry to see this series end but I'm enjoying this author so much, I'm going to start on another of her series. She has several more!

    14. Excellent book. I fell in love with the main characters. This book will make people think how one person's decision to get involved can change the lives of so many. Yes I know it's fiction, but why can't we do that in real life as well?

    15. Much of this 4th and final book of the series was pretty unbelievable, but it was fast paced and held my interest. Not great, but good series.

    16. This one was probably my favorite in the series if for no other reason than it dealt with children. Loved it!!

    17. Great suspense story. Terri Blackstock is a real master.Her books are infused with Christianity, but it doesn't bother the storyline.Her style makes me want to read more of her many novels.

    18. Good readingIt kept my interest as a mystery and a love story without all the sexual details. It is a Christian reading material for all who like to read.

    19. I enjoyed the book. I found the quick proposals at the end of the book, just that quick. With all the build up, I would have liked more about this part of the plot.

    20. This was the last book of the series and I was pretty happy to be done with it. The writing was so simplistic and almost elementary-like. Not a favorite.

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