Crowned Ermine

Crowned Ermine Anne of Brittany born in is still remembered for the unique part she played in her then independent country s history Crowned duchess at the age of thirteen she became the symbol of breton ind

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  • Title: Crowned Ermine
  • Author: Eleanor Fairburn
  • ISBN: 9780709104117
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Anne of Brittany, born in 1476, is still remembered for the unique part she played in her then independent country s history Crowned duchess at the age of thirteen, she became the symbol of breton independence.

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    1. A crowning tour de force, Eleanor Fairburn's historical novel on Anne of Brittany digs down and uncovers the passions and motivations that drove this 15th century French queen, along with the two kings who loved her.Exquisitely well written, the prose dances off the page, with a frisson of forbidden attraction and sexual tension that tells the real story of the enduring love between the duchess of Brittany and Louis XII of France, while also coloring in the relationship between Anne and her firs [...]

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