No Reservations

No Reservations Christmas is not so merry for Kate and Leah Kate s romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited presence of Dix s annoying ex wife while Brandon s super perfect family and a diamo

  • Title: No Reservations
  • Author: Megan Hart Lauren Dane
  • ISBN: 9780352345196
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christmas is not so merry for Kate and Leah Kate s romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited presence of Dix s annoying ex wife, while Brandon s super perfect family and a diamond ring send Leah running for the refuge of a girls vacation with Kate to Sin City But Dix and Brandon both know what they want In hot pursuit, the men show up in Vegas, rChristmas is not so merry for Kate and Leah Kate s romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited presence of Dix s annoying ex wife, while Brandon s super perfect family and a diamond ring send Leah running for the refuge of a girls vacation with Kate to Sin City But Dix and Brandon both know what they want In hot pursuit, the men show up in Vegas, ready to use every sensual trick they have to convince Kate and Leah to take a gamble on forever Four days in Vegas, two sexy and determined men, one penthouse suite, and no reservations make for one wild ride.

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    1. I loved this story enough to give 5 stars , altho maybe the 5 stars were given because I just love the characters of Leah and Brandon. If you haven't read the first book *Taking Care of Business* you really should as it introduces us to both couples and their background stories.why they are like they are, if you like.So its now Christmas, Kate and Dix are spending the holidays holed up at Dixs' holiday house, meanwhile Leah is with Brandon at his parents (not so good for her, as she's not into h [...]

    2. Perhaps it's just me, but I like a little plot with my sex. Why does this book have high ratings?How TWO writers were unable to get this right is beyond me. Leah and Kate are condescending, selfish and crude. Dix is horribly annoying. Brandon is the only character that is even remotely likeable, and I ended up not liking him because he’s with someone like Leah. He seems completely out of place in this book and I wanted to save him from the pages of this mess.The dialogue is horrible and unreal [...]

    3. Okay Where to start, i dont wanna give to much away!!But i Freaking Loved this book!! it was a Fantastic story and i loved it from the first page to the last!!I dont really read anything like this genre!! But I LOVED IT!! And I cant wait to read the next Megan Hart book!!The Characters were awesome,from Dix and Kate to Brandon aka Bingo haha to Leah!!I am all for on for public sex now that i have read this!! Helloo Las Vegas, I wanna go there And i couldnt get over the way Leah was with Brandon [...]

    4. This book has the same characters as Taking Care of Business, so make sure to read that first as it introduces them all, it will help you understand what their issues are in this book.It is not very often that I read an erotica book that can boast really hot sex scenes along with ones that have you laughing out loud. Leah and Kate are back and it seems like they have settled into their relationships with Brandon and Dix, until something happens to freak out each one, causing the women to run to [...]

    5. I can forgive lack of plot in erotica if A-The sex is smokin' or B-The characters are well fleshed out and likable. This book had none of the above. I so wanted to like this book, but just found the heroines abrasive, the set up a little too eye-rolling and the rest of the characters completely one dimensional. I understand there are constraints due to the shorter length of the story, but I felt like smacking the heroines more often than not.

    6. I enjoyed both books in this quick, steamy easy to read series. I don't love British authors writing from an American perspective cause they tend to use words and phrases that are not American, so it throws off a sentence or point. But once I got passed that I enjoyed the book(s). Didn't like the rushed ending, it could have gone to a third book and given us the nice full detailed happy ending. Loved that a woman was the dominant without being cliche dominatrix. Also enjoyed the other storyline [...]

    7. In "Taking Care of Business" is the first book were we are introduced to Leah and Kate. Leah left her boyfriend and is now looking forward to having time with her best friend Kate, however they both have to survive a conference. There she meets Brandon Long. Where she quickly sets the rules of their non relationship of making her happy. Kate Edwards has spent her life making the right choices. But in contrast to those right choices, she's involved in a long distance, secret love affair with a co [...]

    8. This was the follow-up book to Taking Care of Business. Although I did enjoy Taking Care of Business better, this book was still very enjoyable!!In No Reservations, Kate and Leah are both stuck in awkward situations with their men Dix and Brandon. Kate is spending a wonderful holiday with Dix when his ex-wife, Eve, also known as Pickles, shows up uninvited. Eager to get away from Pickles and her pawning on her previous husband, Kate calls up Leah and invites her to come with her to Vegas for the [...]

    9. Article first published as Book Review: No Reservations by Megan Hart and Lauren Dane on Blogcritics.This co-authored novel from Black Lace tells the tale of Kate and Leah, two women spending Christmas with their respective boyfriends. Unfortunately, they're not having the best of times. Kate's ideal Christmas is spoilt by the arrival of Dix's poisonous ex-wife, who seems to forget that she's his ex. Leah, on the other hand is stuck with Brandon and his perfect family who all seem to adore her. [...]

    10. I felt like this book was superior to its predecessor, Taking Care of Business. I really appreciate a book in which the reader gets to see beyond the happily ever afters, for not one but two couples, and this book is very satisfying.My favorite couple is Brandon and Leah, which really speaks to the authors' talents because not only is it an older woman/younger man story, but also a female dominant one, both of which are usually immediate turn-offs for me. But I hope this doesn't discourage other [...]

    11. Picked this book up at my local paperback traders it was a good quick read. The chapters bounce back and forth between two girlfriends over the Christmas/NYE holiday. I loved Kate's spunkiness and how she called her boyfriend's, Dix, ex-wife Pickles. As I read the book I did feel as though I plopped into a middle of a story it was like I received the middle and the ending with a pinch of the beginning. Overall an enjoyable read.

    12. A lot of sex, not much plot.I hadn't read the first in the series but honestly, you didn't really have to. I didn't really like any of the characters. Kate was selfish and bitchy - and demanding, Dix was annoying. Leah confused me and that other character - he didn't really seem to have much of a point except to be Leah's bed partner.I just didn't really feel this book.The sex was hot but there was just too much of it so that by the end of the book it was repetitive.

    13. Really sad that I didn't stop reading with book #1 in this series, because this extension of Leah & Brandon and Dix & Kate's romances was a major turn-off. Kate and Dix are about to get married, but Dix's ex is throwing major wrenches into the planning. Brandon's ready to pop the question to Leah during a Thanksgiving visit to his family, but Leah is finding the wholesomeness of "Bingo's" parents and relatives terrifying. When Leah admits her panic to Kate, Kate suggests they both ditch [...]

    14. TMSI never thought I would say this,but there was too much sex (TMS) in this book. I never thought I'd skim past hot sex,but at some point it became pointless and repetitive. And ideally I don't need pages of description of guys giving oral pleasure to their girlfriends. Dix and Brandon were great boyfriends and all. Kate and Leah were one dimensional characters, so hard to like.The authors have both written better books later in their careers,so I will read more recent novels from now on.

    15. I feel really bad for Kate and Leah, when everything goes wrong. I didn't like Dix and Brandon in the beginning. I like Brandon and Dix in the end, since they pursued Kate and Leah relentlessly. I really liked this book. I think it was a sizzling hot romance.

    16. I enjoyed this book so much more than the first one. Taking Care of Business, in my opinion, got really boring in more than one place and I found myself skimming over a lot of the storyline.At first I really liked Leah and Brandon and was a little bored by Kate and Dix's relationship. But about half way through the first book, all of my previous feelings did a 180. Leah very quickly got on my nerves. I totally appreciate that she has her own sexual preferences and that Brandon was 100% on board, [...]

    17. This book was even more of a disappointment than the first. I just want to say I hate Leah, she is such a selfish bitch and does not deserve Brandon. I'm used to being annoyed with characters in books, but rarely do I actually hate a character, but oh after every extremely selfish thing Leah did I hated her a little more. Regardless that she didn't want to put a title on the BDSM relationship she obviously shared with Brandon, that's what it was. The first rule to those types of relationships is [...]

    18. Sequel to what happens after you fall in love how to find the 'ever after' in happily ever after two modified dominatrix and sex in public stories hot, and lots of, sexBrandon and Leah - she struggles a bit with her new perception of herself as controlling and her age in relation to Brandon he struggles a bit in needing the full commitment she goes home for Christmas with him, and finds an engagement ring in his suitcase and runs to vegas to thinkKatherine and Dix he's the dominant one in bed, s [...]

    19. This book was a sex-fest! Almost non-stop action, either people doing it or talking about it or thinking about it. All that aside, it was actually a pretty good romance book. There were two stories about two different couples (the ladies were best friends, so the stories overlapped). Dix and Kate were HOT HOT HOT. I liked that they had no internal conflict - no questions about whether they should be together, etc. You could just tell she was it for him.Brandon & Leah, on the other hand, were [...]

    20. I really don’t like writing all negative comments in my reviews, and I am trying to think of good things, but I’m really drawing a blank. No Reservations was a good read once you get through all the sex, but I’m just not feeling it. I can see a lot of potential for some great conflicts with Pickles (Kate’s nemesis) and Mike (Leah’s ex), but they were barely in the novel and I have to say I loved the scenes when she was.Overall, No Reservations was good, but I would suggest buying Takin [...]

    21. I think I enjoyed this book more than Taking Care of Business, and I laughed at Pickles and Kate a lot in this book. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with ex issues, and that I'm not the only one who gets so angry with helpless women (even if Kate is only a fictional character)! But I again just found Leah to be bitchy and annoying. She wants to be in control, but then she can't handle it, and she doesn't want to treat Brandon like he's a thing that she owns, but I feel like she does that [...]

    22. A fitting follow-up to Taking Care of Business, but I am a greedy reader and I wanted MORE. More relationship dialogue and not just because Dix and Kate hit a little too close to home. I appreciated the glimpse into the reality of so many fathers just trying to stay a viable part of the children's lives not the minority of fathers who choose not to for which the rest are judged. I was also intrigued with the concept of a submissive male who physically dwarfs most people. Not my cuppa but it made [...]

    23. Again, sticking to my promise of not reading any books that don't move me beyond the free trial, I decided to abandon this book. I was more interested in Leah and Brandon in book one then Kate and Dix. The trial starts out with Kate & Dix and to be honest I just don't find them very interesting Like, at all Also, I found that book one was more focused on mailto:Natasha.taylor@eastlinkKate and Dix, that is to say, it seemed that their storyline was more important and in an effort to not have [...]

    24. I adored this book. I enjoyed the first book TAKNG CARE OF BUSINESS where we met Leah and Katherine and their men. For me it was good but not scream worthy. I picked up NO RESERVATIONS because I just couldn't resist and let me tell you I'm thrilled that I did. It was great seeing Leah and Katherine again and seeing how much they've grown in their relationships. I was happy to see how strong the women were as individuals and maybe the first time around with TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS I just didn't g [...]

    25. Still love Brandon and Leah, but really, Brandon. Kate and Dix- much less crude this time. I am actually reading their parts rather than skipping over. So, they must have changed hugely for me to be able to stomach them!I liked it- or specifically, I am so into Brandon, so into him. So, anything that brings him back, I'm going like. Believable, etc except for the Penny Pincher. Now if we can only learn more about Jack- who rivals Alex of Tempted and Naked in his smexiness

    26. All & out, this series was steamy and sexy but I kind of felt like I was reading the same scene over and over! Im all about hot sex scenes but not repetative ones.h Brandon was adorable and Kate was on fire! I think the best parts were when Kate was letting Eve have itHILARIOUS! lol Decent book, just no imagination factor

    27. I'm pretty sure my eyes crossed with all the sex happening between these two couples. Issues were dealt with and everyone gets a happy ending. Yay!But seriously, there's a lot of sex in this book. A. Lot.

    28. I don't know why I just couldn't get into this book. I guess I was just in a mood or something so don't take my word on this book. I get that way. Off to read something without romance and that should help.

    29. This conclusion to the Kate & Leah books shows us what happens to the 2 sexy couples as they finally decide to end up with each other and settle all their problems. The same sexy style and witty dialogue exists from the 1st book, so this one is just as entertaining.

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