The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors It s not that Martha Bone doesn t like children It s that they don t fit into her world her shop with its succession of beautiful distressed antiques her flat with its creamy sofa its unwashable li

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  • Title: The Great Indoors
  • Author: Sabine Durrant
  • ISBN: 9780751533507
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s not that Martha Bone doesn t like children It s that they don t fit into her world her shop, with its succession of beautiful distressed antiques her flat, with its creamy sofa, its unwashable linen scatter cushions, its aura of oatmeal and sand Her sisters don t understand how she can live her life as she does, but Martha thinks everything looks just fine BIt s not that Martha Bone doesn t like children It s that they don t fit into her world her shop, with its succession of beautiful distressed antiques her flat, with its creamy sofa, its unwashable linen scatter cushions, its aura of oatmeal and sand Her sisters don t understand how she can live her life as she does, but Martha thinks everything looks just fine But then things start happening A death A cat A box of old letters The re emergence of an old boyfriend Martha begins to investigate her past and discovers you can only paper over the cracks for so long.

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    1. I'm surpised at the low overall rating. Maybe Martha is a difficult heroine for some people? Granted, I'm an Anglophile who loves repressed characters. ;-) Anyway, I liked it enough to explore Durrant's other work.

    2. Durrant's main character, Martha, feels like the odd one out in her family and like she doesn't really fit in anywhere. She's 38, single and childless and spends her days working in her Antiques shop. She like things to be 'just right' but as she begins to delve into her past and uncovers some old school friends and ex-boyfriends her social life begins to blossom and her world is changed. I really enjoyed 'The Great Indoors,' it was a great read.

    3. The book started out quite slow but I got into it more as the book went along. I didn't like the end however, I was quite disappointed with that.

    4. This story brought me right into Martha's antique shop and beckoned me into her family and all it's idiosyncrasies. Great story telling. Ver enjoyable and relatable read!!

    5. Surprisingly upbeat and readable jaunt about a woman (Martha) who enjoys her life as the owner of a small antiques store in the London area whose regimented and predictable life becomes somewhat disjointed when her stepfather passes away. Suddenly she has reluctantly inherited an elderly tabby cat, is reunited with the man she rejected two years ago (and had admittedly regretted it ever since), dealing with the bickering of her two siblings over the management of her stepfather's estate, and fin [...]

    6. Martha has the perfectly put-together antiques shop and flat above her shop. She lives at a distance from others, not wanting to get involved in the mess of life. As the middle child, she is used to being the one who gets forgotten. Martha's trouble is that she likes to be unencumbered, so when a messy family becomes important to her, she realizes that running away has become her pattern. While she is getting in touch with her feelings, Martha learns that being connected to others makes her feel [...]

    7. I almost stopped reading this book in Part I. Martha's life was just awfully depressing! Part 2 was better, but I still miss the Sabine Durrant of books like Lie with Me, Remember Me This Way, and Under Your Skin. I am looking forward to reading Having It and Eating It!Also, I am not entirely sure whether Martha ends up with Fred the Magician. I hope she does, though! I wasn't sure about the pronouns on the last page the way he looked at her? Is that the wife or Martha?!

    8. I enjoyed this book, a new author for me and I liked Martha the main character. Not any real storyline or substance to it, just an easy read but it left more questions unanswered than answeredI re-read the last few lines a few times and still don't understand what it meant - maybe I'm being thick?! Anyway onwards!

    9. A very enjoyable story. Although Martha is the focus of the story, I liked the way the lives of her sisters were brought in, showing the relationship highs/lows of family life. Not sure I was keen on the endI would have liked something a bit more conclusive.

    10. The best way for me to write about this book is to take from the book cover: A novel about what happens when mess life and love intrude on a young woman's prefectly ordered existence.The back cover:Martha Bone doesn't have children; she has furniture. She doesn't have a husband; she has her shop — Martha Bone Antiques, in a fashionable London suburb. Her married sisters can meddle all they want, but that is just the way she likes it. Though Martha loves her niece and nephews, children don't re [...]

    11. If you are looking for an action filled book, this is not it. I enjoyed the dynamics of the 3 sisters. While I was never blessed with a sister, I think it is an accurate description with all of their warts and beauty marks. Their relationship with their handsome father Seems accurate too. Birth order and age at their parents divorce seems to influence their relationship with him and life in general. Two lines jumped out at me- both are near the end. "Isn't it the fear of something breaking rathe [...]

    12. The London setting of this quiet, slice-of-life story is beautifully painted with a few understated brush strokes, much like the apartment of the protagonist is elegantly furnished with a careful eye for serene balance - yet something doesn't quite work. It isn't until the very end of this small glimpse into Martha's life that everything did come together, at least for me as a reader, leaving me with some hope that her passivity was tempered with new wisdom and a breath of fresh air, like openin [...]

    13. Durrant's writing, and this novel, remind me a lot of Ann Tyler's books, with such quirky characters and overall mood. I think her prose is lovely and overall book very well written. Vivid descriptions. Especially loved the clown and his kids. All characters distinct and amusing. Protagonist Martha Bone seems to repeat the same mistakes in deciding on what kind of a life she wants, but I liked observing her. The three sisters would drive me crazy with their constant telephone calls and living th [...]

    14. While I dont usually "love" the everyday kind of novels, where nothing really happens and we follow the characters to and fro with no real direction, I loved this book. I will say, I am a little disappointed with the ending, though. For a moment, it was cliche and the next, it abruptly ended. I love the English jargon and dialect as well as the author's ability to have me hate characters, like characters and leave some of them just in the middle. Not a whole lot going on but a good and light rea [...]

    15. It is British, it is funny, it has a cat in it; it was practically an RX prescription for me. The ending is little "over"; oversentimental, overlong, overdue. There are a couple of scenes that didn't ring true at the end like the reaction of the adults to 3 kids, 2 dogs and the sound of large amounts of breaking glass in the bathroom. The ending was not as good as the rest of the book, but I still liked it overall.

    16. this book is so confusing but im trying to work it out but now that im on page 275 the book gets better. im only 13 and i don't think this book is suitable for kids that are under 13yrs old. i say that because in the begging it an ok book but towards the end of the book they start saying bad things and doing inapropriate things.

    17. I found this story to be predictable and slow. I did feel for the main character and what she was going through as a single woman who feels she should settle down with guy A (Mr. Perfect) when guy B is who she can't get out of her head. Can't say that I would recommend this to single or attached women.

    18. Pleasant read. Not earth shattering and I didn't really really like anyone in the book, but finely characterized relationships.

    19. About extended families –could identify with some characters and made me think about relationships with family and friends

    20. Martha is single and lives in England. She owns an antiques store. She doesn't like kids. Goes back out with an old boyfriend, David, but also likes Fred, the magician.

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