The Eyes of Light and Darkness

The Eyes of Light and Darkness In the shadow of an asteroid field drifts an abandoned spacecraft Aboard the wreck a small party of humans find that the ship is abandoned but not empty And now its cold metallic halls echo with the

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  • Title: The Eyes of Light and Darkness
  • Author: Ivan Cat Darren Sarvari
  • ISBN: 9780886777265
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the shadow of an asteroid field drifts an abandoned spacecraft Aboard the wreck, a small party of humans find that the ship is abandoned but not empty And now its cold metallic halls echo with the unholy sound of an awakening terror This is a SF psycho thriller which will appeal to anyone who enjoyed the movie Alien.

    One thought on “The Eyes of Light and Darkness”

    1. Not bad at all. It had elements of a sci-fi horror, sci-fi military action, and exploration of alien folklore somewhat in the vein of a LeGuin, each of which was done well. I think that maybe it overreached in trying to do too much, and I did not find the ending as satisfying as I'd hoped, but it was still very much of a worthwhile read.

    2. LOVED every minute of the book. Ivan Cat has a unique voice in drawing the reader into his universe, and yet keeping them on the edge of their seat as they get dragged through the story.

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