I Am Jack

I Am Jack The best selling I AM JACK is regarded as the go to book about the issue and the award winning play has been performed to sell out audiences in Australia and the US Ages Jack likes going to school H

  • Title: I Am Jack
  • Author: Susanne Gervay Cathy Wilcox
  • ISBN: 9780207199059
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • The best selling I AM JACK is regarded as the go to book about the issue and the award winning play has been performed to sell out audiences in Australia and the US.Ages 9 Jack likes going to school He enjoys learning new things George Hamel calls Jack Bum Head All the kids at school call Jack Bum Head Jack s in Big trouble school is getting dangerous NobodyThe best selling I AM JACK is regarded as the go to book about the issue and the award winning play has been performed to sell out audiences in Australia and the US.Ages 9 Jack likes going to school He enjoys learning new things George Hamel calls Jack Bum Head All the kids at school call Jack Bum Head Jack s in Big trouble school is getting dangerous Nobody seems to want to listen Until one day Endorsed by Life Education Australia, the best selling I AM JACK addresses bullying in schools, while remaining accessible and entertaining for younger readersAges 9

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    1. Did I get bullied at school? (we called it getting teased back then)Damn straight I did. Pretty hard not to be when you don't fit into any particular 'norm'. The question of 'what is normal', is what makes I am Jack such a significant and refreshing book. It quietly insists that there is no 'norm'. Breezy humour works imperceptibly alongside Jack's serious BIG troubles to entertain, move and educate. The end message: bullying and bullies will not be tolerated. Period. I wish there had been books [...]

    2. Liburan panjang selama berminggu-minggu membuat para pelajar dapat beristirahat sejenak dari rutinitas sekolah. Pelajaran, tugas-tugas, ulangan-ulangan, dan ujian sejenak terlupakan. Liburan ke luar kota menjadi pilihan terfavorit untuk sekedar mencari suasana baru dan me-recharge otak dan tenaga agar lebih segar. Namun liburan tidak akan berlangsung selamanya, karena mulai minggu depan para pelajar ini akan segera memasuki tahun ajaran baru. Tahun ajaran baru bisa saja berarti baju baru, buku b [...]

    3. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm one of those who judge the book from its cover. Karena eh karena berjudi itu haram halah, ngaco! Pertama liat buku ini udah bertahun yang lalu, sempet mo beli online, tapi stoknya abis, trus lupa deh sampai akhirnya di IBF kemarin Serambi kasih diskon jadinya cuma 10rb saja. Yey akhirnya punya juga. Kembali ke masalah cover. Gambar covernya unik, warna jaketnya ungu pekat, trus ilustrasinya itu lho yang bikin muncul perasaan gue-harus-punya buku ini. hehehe Pada [...]

    4. Jack is like any other middle school student except he has a bit problem. There is a gruop of bullies at his school. Now he is afraid to go to school. The teachers don't seem to see what is happening. His friends are beginning to ignore him and he just can't tell his mom. She has enough problems on her hands without this. Jack holds these secrets in for so long he gets physically sick. Everyone misses the signs. He finds ways to hide, even if it means getting into trouble. His grades are droppin [...]

    5. This is a great little book, and clearly worthy of the Children's Book Council of Australia Award of Notable Australian Children's Book.I particularly liked how Susanne portrayed Jack as a boy who thought he had to handle the bulling problem on his own, he felt he was the problem. He was soon to discover he really needed the support of his family, friends, teachers and whole community to stand up to the jibes, name calling, trip ups and abuse. He was not the problem. He had to learn to show the [...]

    6. Belinya ga sengaja heee Lagi main2 ke toko buku yang selalu diskon, menemukannya buku ini di salah satu tumpukan buku yang harganya lagi miring banget ;) Menurut saya, buku ini perlu dibaca para orang tua, guru, murid-murid, hmmmbenarnya lebih tepat siapa pun patut baca :D Saya ga pinter bikin review jadi kasih komen saja tentang buku ini hehe Apa yang diceritakan bu susanne, yang berdomisili di negara tetangga, menurut saya bisa terjadi di mana saja, kapan saja, disadari atau tidak #:-s intinya [...]

    7. So emotional! It's written at an elementary school level, but it tugged at my heart strings as I read about Jack being bullied and over coming it. Great book to read together and learn from!

    8. I read this book when I was at school. I LOVED it!! I re-read it lots of times annow, as an adult, still hold it near to my heart!

    9. I Am Jack celebrates kids. Unique, valuable kids who deserve the right to take pride in their own special qualities. Bullying takes this right away from them. In the context of family and school life, I Am Jack sensitively explores how bullying attacks the very basis of a child's self esteem. Bullying isolates and victimises children. I Am Jack shows them that they are not alone and that they can win against bullying. I Am Jack is children's literature at its most effective. Beautifully written, [...]

    10. I Am Jack is a book about a boy who is picked on by the local bully at the elementary school he attends. The story is told from Jack's point of view. He doesn't understand why this is happening to him. What has he done to cause George Hamel to hate him so much? Is this because he beat a jock in a game of handball?Susanne Gervay does a wonderful job of describing what Jack is going through. She wrote this story after her son, Jack, won his own battle with a local bully. In the book, Jack tried to [...]

    11. This was an amazing book about bullying that incorporates so many different aspects of this so very important topic. The story was written based on the authors own family's experience and incorporates all angles, from not being a bystander, to being the parent of a bullied child, school teachers, peers, and even gives a little of the bully's perspective. I think the biggest part of this book that kids need to hear is the part about not being a bystander. We need to teach kids to stand up, not on [...]

    12. I don't think I would have picked this book from the shelf if I had not read reviews about the title and therefore been curious about the story. I simply don't find its cover appealing - also not after reading the entire book. I also did not know how to feel about the way Jack, the main character, talks about his grandma. But as the story progressed I got more and more drawn into it, to the point where I had tears in my eyes. This is a book that everyone in a school community should read and dis [...]

    13. Possibly because his new haircut is a little different and because his mother is a single mom, Jack suddenly finds himself the butt of jokes at school as well as escalating violence and cruelty from school bully George Hamel. When the teachers seem unable or unwilling to do anything about the bullying and Jack can't bring himself to bother his mother with it, his friend Anna take things into her own hands. The school develops a zero-tolerance on bullying and takes action to stop the namecalling. [...]

    14. Don't judge a book by its cover ^^Pertama liat buku ini di deretan buku diskonan, sampulnya rada culun, review di bagian belakangnya juga tidak terlalu menarik, tapi setelah dibaca, aku merasakan efek kayak habis baca chicken soup for the soul :D :D Cerita yang penuh humor segar ini (sampe ketawa di kereta) ternyata membawakan tema yang sangat penting, dan menceritakan tentang fakta yang sering kali terjadi dalam kehidupan anak-anak di sekolah: bulliying. Bagaimana Jack (tokoh cerita ini) bergul [...]

    15. This book covers an incredibly important aspect of navigating childhood and adolescence - dealing with bullying. I think the main coping mechanisms used in this book will be helpful for a child who could use some skills to help them navigate bullying situations.[return][return]The solution to the bullying in this story includes a grandiose plan - the whole school cracks down on bullying in one fell swoop. That being said, there are lots of little things that are said and done that offer tactics [...]

    16. I finished this book a while ago, and thought I had added my review about it, but I guess not. This book is a great book to talk to children about bullying. It helps the children see another side of the story. Also, it shows the children the parents side and how concerned parents really are. IN the book, the teacher never sees the signs of Jack being bullied until his mom comes and talks to the teacher about the issues. Which, as future teachers, we need to be very involved in what our students [...]

    17. A really wonderful book the deals with very serious issues. Jack is a lively 11 year old who loves to tell jokes and bother his little sister Samantha. At school, things change. George Hamel, school bully, targets Jack after Jack defeats him in handball. He deals with verbal abuse and ostracism without telling his mother, he doesn't want to bother her. Well written from a young boys perspective without being condescending. I originally read this when I was in grade 6, so when I saw it in the sec [...]

    18. Love this one. 4.5 stars. Very simplified plot line - Jack is being horribly bullied. He must work with his mother and teachers to find a solution. I love that he doesn't run away, he doesn't fine another school to escape his problems. I love that the grown ups in his life, once they find out what's going on, they unquestionably have his back. I love that there are no easy answers and no simple, two dimensional characters. Cried pretty hard in a couple parts.

    19. I was so impressed with this book. It covers bullying, which is a super hard topic to discuss for many people. But it does it in a mature way but while still staying applicable to children of pretty young ages. I love how they handle the bullying situation and think the ending is really sweet. (Spoiler alert: They even go so far as to show the bully as a human who was being mean to other kids because his own life was hard.) Great book for kids!

    20. An okay book about bullying. Focuses not so much on a victim's silence, as on the adults inattention to his efforts to tell and get help. Pretty easy, but somewhat unbelievable solution. At least it might encourage kids to let adults know when they're being bullied, but I think it might be most useful in opening the eyes of adults to what's going on around them and encouraging THEM to be willing to step in or at least ask questions.

    21. This is a quick read, and would be a good source for patrons interested looking for books about bullying. Jack is suffering from terrible headaches and his grades are suffering because he's so stressed about what's going on at school. But he doesn't want to tell his mom b/c as a single parent she's got enough on her plate already. When she finally does find out she is ready to pull Jack out of school. This would be a great book discussion group book.

    22. I am Jack is a good read about a boy struggling to cope with bullying. The reader particularly empathises with Jack as he tries to keep the fact he is being bullied a secret and tries to deal with it himself. The pro-active best friend who comes to his rescue and the pro-active parents and school were inspiring.

    23. I really loved this book. I couldn't believe that I like a kids book and it even made me cry! I really connected with it as have seen a lot of bullying, even my own brother was at school. I feel this book is really important in helping kids realise that they are not alone and silence is definitely not the answer. Great read - keep on writing Susanne!! :)

    24. A great story about what happens to a child who is bullied. How he reacts, and how it changes his self-esteem and behavior. An important topic for kids in school. Read it aloud if they are young, give it to older kids to read (after you read it) and then discuss it with them. We can't stop bullying or its consequences if we ignore it. Read this book and get the discussion going in your house.

    25. A very approachable take on bullying for MG readers. I shed a tear reading this, and found the uplifting ending very satisfying. Recommended to all senior primary school students, teachers and parents.

    26. Have to read it for Reader's Cup, and it's great. Not much suspense or exciting adventure books. I found it quite boring because there wasn't really a point to the story and no loose ends were tied at the end.

    27. This book was a break from the usual. Quirky and funny. The story very much deals with the problem of bullying, but the choices Jack has to make can be applied in any difficult situation. Loved the setting in Australia.

    28. Susanne Gervay wrote I Am Jack after her son Jack was bullied at school. In the story Jack is 11 and being bullied by the thuggish George Hamel. How Jack overcomes his problems is an important story for all kids to read. astrongbeliefinwicker

    29. Decent book on bullying, but some of the passages really age the book. I do, however, like that the solution to the bullying problem is not a simple one and that the main character is not forced to resolve the situation on his own.

    30. This is the first I Am Jack book i've read and every kid has to read it, and every parent too. Jack is a kid you know and when he's bullied breaks your heart but he wins because he's a fantastic kid and his family and friends and school support him in the end.

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