Retrato a Sépia

Retrato a S pia Contado pela voz de uma jovem mulher este um romance hist rico magn fico situado no Chile nos finais do s culo XIX e uma saga familiar portentosa onde reencontramos algumas personagens de Filha da

  • Title: Retrato a Sépia
  • Author: Isabel Allende
  • ISBN: 9722905325
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contado pela voz de uma jovem mulher, este um romance hist rico magn fico, situado no Chile nos finais do s culo XIX, e uma saga familiar portentosa onde reencontramos algumas personagens de Filha da Fortuna e de A Casa dos Esp ritos, romances cimeiros na obra de Isabel Allende.O tema principal a mem ria e os segredos de fam lia A protagonista, Aurora del Valle, sofreContado pela voz de uma jovem mulher, este um romance hist rico magn fico, situado no Chile nos finais do s culo XIX, e uma saga familiar portentosa onde reencontramos algumas personagens de Filha da Fortuna e de A Casa dos Esp ritos, romances cimeiros na obra de Isabel Allende.O tema principal a mem ria e os segredos de fam lia A protagonista, Aurora del Valle, sofre um trauma brutal que determina o seu car cter e apaga do seu esp rito os primeiros cinco anos de vida Criada pela sua ambiciosa av , Paulina del Valle, cresce num ambiente privilegiado, livre de muitas das limita es que oprimem as mulheres da sua poca, mas atormentada por pesadelos horr veis Quando tem de enfrentar a trai o do homem que ama e a solid o, decide explorar o mist rio do seu passado.Obra de uma dimens o humana extraordin ria que eleva a narrativa da autora a cotas de perfei o liter ria

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    1. I give 4.5 stars to Portrait in Sepia, Isabel Allende's middle book in a trilogy linking Daughter of Fortune to House of the Spirits. Sepia is the memoir of Aurora (Lai Ming) Del Valle, the granddaughter of both Paulina Del Valle and Eliza Sommers. The bulk of the story begins when Aurora is five years old, and Eliza Sommers, recently widowed, has decided to give Aurora to Paulina Del Valle to raise. Paulina ecstatic at finally having a girl to pamper agrees on the condition that Eliza no longer [...]

    2. قف فأنت فى حضرة ايزابيل الليندىهذه السيدة الجبل كما أحب أن اسميها تعطيك فى كتبها ورواياتها كل شىءتغمرك بفيض عجيب من الافكار المختلفة والمشاعر المتأججة بحب الحياة وحب الجنونتسعى الى ابراز ذلك الصراع العبثى,اللامعقول,الغرائبى بين إرادة الحياة وإرادة السكون"لا اقول الموت"فى [...]

    3. Audiobook narrated by Blair BrownThis is the third book Allende has written about the Del Valle family. Though it was the last published, in chronological order it falls between Daughter of Fortune and The House of the Spirits, but can easily be read as a standalone novel. The sweeping scope of this book takes us from mid 19th-century San Francisco to early 20th century Chile, and is narrated by Aurora Del Valle, a fiercely independent woman who followed her own destiny regardless of convention. [...]

    4. “only passionate people make interesting characters. Nice people with common sense only make good former spouses”. Keeping that in mind, i usually have high expectations to see rebels, outlaws, eccentrics in Allende’s novels. Much to my disappointment, she fed me with a horde of former spouses. That story kicks off with a character that belongs to the type i hate the most: a teenage girl incredibly beautiful but also endowed with a less than peanut-sized brain who didn’t do anything but [...]

    5. Apaixonei-me pela escrita de Isabel Allende em 2014 com o seu romance "Eva Luna". Foi através que descobri o realismo dela, e só por causa das suas incríveis sagas familiares que tive curiosidade em ler Gabriel Gracia Marquez ( e não me arrependi nem um pouco)Claro que depois quis ler o livro com que ela conquistou o sucesso. "A casa dos espíritos"encontra-no em 5 lugar nos 100 melhores livros que li. Li também "A ilha sob o mar"; "Zorro" e "A filha da fortuna". Este é por tanto o quinto [...]

    6. Με αυτο το βιβλιο συνέβη το εξής : το άρχισα και στο 1/3 είχα καταλάβει τι θα γίνει . Να οπως στις σαπουνόπερες . Ετσι το επομενο βιβλιο το πήδηξα ψάχνοντας μονο τα σημεία που απλα μου επιβεβαίωναν ο,τι είχα σκεφτεί . Τέλειως χάσιμο χρονου τελειως

    7. I am not sure how I can review this book as a piece independent from Daughter of Fortune. I have to admit though, that I enjoyed the aforementioned more than the book I am reviewing, though they are closely related.I will start with what I didn't specifically enjoy. First, there are all the details of domestic life. I really do not need to know all that much about it, personally; I just don't feel like it is a subject that interests me to an extent that I wanna read paragraphs at a time about it [...]

    8. الصفحة الأولى من الرواية لذا عليَّ أن أعود إلى أماكن كثيرة قادمة كي ألتقي بنفسي ،أتفحّصها دون توقّف ،دونما شاهد سوى القمر أصفّرُ بعدها فرحًا وأنا أطأ حجارة وتُرابًا ،دونما همّ غير العيش ودونما أُسرةٍ غير الطريق وانا اقرأ هذه الصفحة قُلت في نفسي ( أخ:/ هذا هو الشعور الذي أريده [...]

    9. هي من الروايات التي شعرت بغصة بعد الانتهاء منها، لم أُرد لهذه المعزوفة أن تنتهي، ولم أستطع إلا أن أُغمض عينَي وأُغلق أُذنَي في محاولة منع ما يحيط بي من الدخول وتشويش تلك الصور، الانفعالات والحالة الجميلة التي تملكتني وملأتني من الداخل نجحت "إيزابيل الليندي" في مفاجأتي وكسر ا [...]

    10. Un classico romanzo nello stile riconoscibile e personale della Allende, una storia che mescola sapientemente interessanti, peculiari ed unici ritratti di famiglia con la storia recente del Cile, creando una bella saga familiare, una vicenda che emoziona, cattura ed intrattiene in tutto e per tutto. La famiglia Del Valle è la prescelta per essere sviscerata per diverse generazioni, nonni, genitori e nipoti che vengono descritti nei minimi dettagli delle loro personalità, pregi, difetti ed avve [...]

    11. Απολαυστική, ρεαλιστική και άκρως συγκινητική η Ιζαμπέλ Αλλεντε. Ανάγνωσμα που διαβάζεται απνευστί, ζωντανές περιγραφές, ζωηροι διάλογοι, δυνατά συναισθήματα. Ομολογώ πως η πρωταγωνίστρια Αουρορα δεν ηταν το πρότυπο της δυνατής, ανεξάρτητης και όλα τα σχετικά χαρακτηρισ [...]

    12. الذاكرة تطبع الأمور بالأبيض والأسود؛ والرمادي يضيع في الطريقالجوهري عادة ما يكون خفيا، لا تلتقطه العين بل القلب وحده

    13. Este livro é a história de Aurora del Valle mas também a história de famílias e de vários locais. No final do século XIX, passada na Califórnia e no Chile, vamos reencontrar Paulina del Valle e Eliza Sommers, que são nada mais, nada menos que as avós de Aurora.Allende escreve de uma forma tão especial e que se caracteriza por a magnifica forma como descreve os ambientes e nos transmite as emoções. Vamos conhecendo as pessoas, a própria história familiar, mas também as condições [...]

    14. I read Daughter of Fortune at some point last year and found it very enjoyable. This book is sort of the sequel to it, although it really follows a different generation of the same family. We do get to wrap up the "ever after" story from the previous book, though it's not until the very end of this one. I did not find this book to be as entertaining as its predecessor. I can't pinpoint what exactly I didn't like about it, except that it felt sort of rushed, like Allende was trying to get too man [...]

    15. Buku ini menemaniku di saat - saat sakit beberapa hari belakangan ini. Walaupun ada beberapa kata - kata yang tidak baku di awal cerita dan pertama - tama cukup membosankan, tetapi semakin lama ternyata ceritanya semakin seru dan sulit untuk berhenti membacanya. The story itself is about Aurora del Valle, gadis keturunan Inggris, Cile dan Cina. Ayahnya adalah seorang playboy kaya kelas berat bernama Matias del Valle dan ibunya adalah model yang luar biasa cantik bernama Lynn Sommers. Lynn adalah [...]

    16. I love Isabel Allende's writing: I read Daughter of Fortune and House of the Spirits, and found this one good but not quite up to the quality of the other two; lacking a distinct plot of its own, it mainly serves to tie the other two (standalone) books together. Still, it was an enjoyable book: Allende's character development and writing style are excellent as always, and I'm in the camp that loves to use fiction as a way to learn about the history of other countries, which this one certainly pr [...]

    17. صور عتيقةPortrait in sepiaاللون المناسب لرواية حياتي يتفق أكثر مع لون صورة عتيقة باهتة ، لون السيبياهذه الجملة هي اخر ما قالته اورورا عن حياتهاوقد كُتِب في الهامش أن السيبيا هو اللون البني الباهت الذي تتحول إليه الصور القديمة المطبوعة بالأبيض والأسودقرأتُ ابنة الحظ ويليها صور عتي [...]

    18. ~إستكمالا لثلاثية الليندي الرائعة والتي بدأتها مع ابنة الحظ التي أعجبتني كثيرا كنت على موعد مع صورة عتيقة والتي لم تعجبني كثيرا :/هنا نواصل الرحلة التي بدأنها مع إلزا وباولينا سابقا من خلال حفيدتهم أورورا ابنة لين وماتياس كالعادة أحببت سرد إيزابيل الراقي وطريقتها في الغوص ن [...]

    19. Read this book because I will be traveling to Chilé in April and am attempting to educate myself. Am somewhat familiar with Allende's writing and am looking forward to seeing her when she comes to Buffalo in April.but this book: skip it.It just doesn't work. I can't even accuse the author of trying too hard. I don't think she had her heart in it. The characterization was inconsistent and I found this very confusing. She would flesh someone out in a particular manner (colorful and bold)and then [...]

    20. Me encantoAlgunas frases para destacar:“él le explicó que cada cual tiene su karma, no es posible dirigir las vidas ajenas, sólo enmendar a veces el rumbo de la propia”“La gente que tiene una infancia jodida es más creativa”“La luz es el lenguaje de la fotografía, el alma del mundo. No existe luz sin sombra, tal como no existe dicha sin dolor»”“verdadera amistad resiste el tiempo, la distancia y el silencio,”“La memoria es ficción. Seleccionamos lo más brillante y lo m [...]

    21. I wanted to love this more than I did. It's a fictional character's memoir, but even so, a memoir, fictional or not, should have a sense of plot arc. The first half of the book was compelling, but the second half was kind of flat - this happened, then this happened. The ending seemed like it was supposed to be climactic, but most of it I'd figured out a couple hundred pages earlier. A little disappointing.

    22. My second book to read from this author. I enjoyed revisiting some of the same characters from Daughter of Fortune. The characters in her books never have easy lives, but I guess none of us do. I have learned a lot about Chile from reading her novels.

    23. Lamento tanto haber tardado 18 días en terminar de leerlo. Es el mejor final que he leído en toda mi vida.

    24. Bagaimana jadinya jika kau mengetahui bahwa dirimu hadir di dalam sebuah keluarga, tumbuh dewasa bersama mereka, tapi melalui sebuah silsilah yang rumit, dan ada bagian dari masa lalu yang sangat berarti bagimu, tapi berusaha dihapus oleh seorang nenek yang begitu dominan dalam kehidupanmu?Itulah yang dialami oleh Aurora. Dia lahir dari seorang ibu mulato, bernama Lynn, gadis tercantik di San Francisco, yang meninggal sewaktu melahirkan dirinya. Kakeknya dari pihak ibu adalah seorang tabib China [...]

    25. Allende logró enamorarme con su escritura. No puedo hacer nada más que elogiar esta obra. Todo en su conjunto, desde el inicio hasta el final (el cual me rompió el corazón), fue perfecto.

    26. Aurora del Valle sufre un trauma que determina su carácter y aunque vive en un ambiente privilegiado, vive atormentada por horribles pesadillas.Cuando es traicionada por el hombre que ama, decide explorar el misterio de su pasado.

    27. This sequel to Daughters of Fortune pretty much carries on the same way as its predecessor. I had a feeling through the book of here's a bunch of characters previously created with a few new ones and then some of them do a bit of this, some of them do a bit of that. There wasn't such a strong central theme as there was in Daughters of Fortune. There also seemed too many serendipitous meetings which struck me as a too obvious method of reintroducing characters into the mix. One other thing that I [...]

    28. Vividly drawn characters, a hallmark of Allende’s that I’ve enjoyed before, take the forefront of this saga continuing the story of the extended Del Valle family, set largely in Chile during a time of tumult and in San Francisco of the post-Gold Rush times. It stands alone well, but if you’ve read House of the Spirits and Daughter of Fortune, both highly recommended, you’ll know some of the characters’ backgrounds better. Allende is particularly deft at bringing to life complex women w [...]

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