The Night Visitor and Other Stories

The Night Visitor and Other Stories Here are ten of B Traven s remarkable short stories Three of them are long stories The setting of The Night Visitor is a hacienda deep in the Mexican bush where a lonely American recreates in his imag

  • Title: The Night Visitor and Other Stories
  • Author: B. Traven Charles Miller
  • ISBN: 9781566630399
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here are ten of B Traven s remarkable short stories Three of them are long stories The setting of The Night Visitor is a hacienda deep in the Mexican bush where a lonely American recreates in his imagination an eerie world of Indian folk legend The Cattle Drive is a vivid description of a cowboy s trek with a thousand head of cattle across the Mexican plains it haHere are ten of B Traven s remarkable short stories Three of them are long stories The setting of The Night Visitor is a hacienda deep in the Mexican bush where a lonely American recreates in his imagination an eerie world of Indian folk legend The Cattle Drive is a vivid description of a cowboy s trek with a thousand head of cattle across the Mexican plains it has all the authenticity that Hollywood Westerns lack Macario, which was made into a prize winning motion picture, is a wry Mexican fable about an Indian woodcutter who makes a compact with the devil to save his family from starvation Among seven shorter stories, some are based on incidents from contemporary Mexican life, others on ancient Indian folk legends All have spontaneity, humor, and warmth B Traven is coming to be recognized as one of the narrative masters of the twentieth century New York Times Book Review.

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    1. b. traven.hal croves. ret marut. traven torsvan. otto feige. etc. why exactly is it that we're drawn to this particular mystery? it taps into much of how we feel about identity and impermeability and authorship and lotsa postmoderny types can really run with all that but i choose not to as 1) i haven't the chops, and 2) fuck all that. i actively don't want to fully understand why traven's biography and the story of benno von archimboldi so strongly affects me -- the mystery is part of the attrac [...]

    2. Quem era B. Traven? Traven Torsvan, ou Otto Feige, ou Ret Marut, ou Hal Croves? Nasceu na Prússia em 1882, ou em Chicago em 1890? Era filho de um casal sueco, ou de um imperador alemão e uma bailarina? Estas são algumas das hipóteses sugeridas por vários biógrafos sobre a identidade de B. Traven (B de Bruno ou B de Bernhard?), que escondeu sempre a sua origem. Numa carta ao seu editor alemão escreveu:"Nunca a um criador de uma obra intelectual se deveria exigir a apresentação do curricu [...]

    3. (acrisalves.wordpress/2015)B. Traven é o pseudónimo sob o qual se escondeu um escritor desconhecido – certezas quanto à sua identidade não existem, apenas suspeitas. Sabe-se que terá vivido no México largos anos e que deveria ter nacionalidade alemã. Assim se explicam as histórias de mexicanos indígenas onde as novas crenças cristãs se misturam com as superstições dos índios.Relembrando a cultura mexicana, esta capa traduz bem o conteúdo da maioria dos contos que mistura a prese [...]

    4. "my personal history would not be disappointing to readers, but it is my own affair which i want to keep to myself" - b. traven in defense of his refusal to provide a biography to help promote his first novele name that b. traven was christened with may never be revealed to us, but as tantalizing as that mystery is, i think it's pretty evident when you read his books that you know him: his interest in mexico and the indigenous population and their folklore; his disdain for greed and those who su [...]

    5. นอกจากตัวนักเขียนซึ่งเป็นเรื่องลึกลับแล้ว หนังสือ(หรือเรื่องสั้นเพราะฉบับต่างประเทศมันทำรวมเล่มกับเรื่องสั้นอื่นๆ)เล่มนี้ก็ยังปกคลุมไปด้วยภาพของความคลุมเครือ น่ากลัว อยู่ [...]

    6. Este volume reúne duas novelas de B. Traven, um dos mais obscuros escritores do século XX, cuja real identidade ainda permanece um enigma.A primeira delas é a que dá nome ao livro. O visitante noturno conta a história de um aventureiro que abandona a civilização e vai viver nos confins da selva. Lá, acaba tomando conta da casa de um vizinho enquanto esse viaja. Durante sua ausência, aproveita para explorar a biblioteca do vizinho, mas é atropelado por experiências aterradoras.A segund [...]

    7. To say that B. Traven captures the essence of old Mexican life outside the big cities, coming from a reviewer who had yet to set foot in Mexico, might seem a bit rich ! But I've heard that his novels and stories are required reading in Mexican schools. That may give more than just a little insight into what Mexicans think of his work. The pleasingly-written stories are well-constructed around themes of interest to everybody---history, poverty, work, love, dreams, animals, and humor. Throughout, [...]

    8. This is a collection of stories by the great writer of tales and Indian lives in the Central American jungle.It ends with Macario. I had seen the 1960 Mexican movie version of Macario twice before reading it. The original is better that the movie, but that is not unusual. The movie is quite good. This is a nice introduction to the world of Traven but I just hope more people read the series of jungle novels. They, in my opinion, are Traven's greatest work. (And I have yet to readThe Treasure of t [...]

    9. B. Traven, what a writer!This book contains two stories, "El visitante nocturno" and "Visita de medianoche". Both stories are set in Mexico and the protagonist is a man from the US (albeit, not the same man). The first was by far my favorite, it is the story of a man who buys land in the jungle and his closest neighbor (also a foreigner) has to go away and leaves him as his house-sitter. Then, at night an indian starts visiting and asking for his help. The story is rather creepy and haunting, th [...]

    10. One shouldn't pick up a B. Traven work expecting classic literary style or a cohesive story line. His writing is like a testosterone-laden campfire story from the perspective of an expatriate European who rolled up his sleeves and plunged deep into a pre-tourism Mexican culture of the 1920's and loved it, warts and all.He sees Mexico as only an outsider can and enables us to experience the same through his incisive talent for observation and description. His characterization of the culture of th [...]

    11. 10 stories mostly about an American living in Mexico. It seems so rare to find a writer capable of such an amazing talent for story telling. As I was reading it, I remember wishing I could lie as well as some of the characters in these stories, it's such an underrated talent."Sometimes I think that trouble with people today is that we don't destroy enough of the things and systems which we believe perfectd by destroying them make room for absolutely new and different things and systems infinitel [...]

    12. This was my first dive into the work of B. Traven. I was going to read The Treasure of Sierra Madre first but before I could get to it someone had a hold on it and I had to return it. I had also checked this one out from the library as well and was immediately hooked. Great writing and an easy read. My favorite story was "Conversion of Some Indians." Check it out whether or not you've already read TSM.

    13. the stories were fun to read, especially if you are interested in mexican culture and pulling one over on the man, religion, rich folks, etc. i really enjoyed his way of expressing his worldview and we should treat each other through these short stories. i have to admit i was slightly disappointed by how some of the stories ended. for instance they didn't really tie everything together or reach a new understanding.

    14. I know a lot of people who are really into B. Traven, which is why I read his books. I liked these stories, sure, but I wasn't crazy about them. These particular stories I would file under the category of "white man lives in Central/South America and writes about it." In some ways I feel like he's sort of an anti-capitalist Hemingway.

    15. This book was interesting, but did not knock my socks off. The Night Visitor was a good tale, but some of the others are not as memmorable.This book will mostly be of interest to people who are drawn to the mix of Gringo and Mexican culture in the South Western States and Northern Mexico.

    16. As with about all short story anthologies, this one had a couple of superior stories and easily forgettable remainders.Best of the lot: "The Night Visitor" and "Macario".The book is worth reading for those two alone. I would have rated the collection higher, but I averaged its rating.

    17. Ten short stories set in Mexico; many deal with Mexican Indians and their superstitions or magic. Written in the 1920s and 1930s. Taken as a whole, definitely 4 stars.

    18. B. Traven, long dead, is more contemporary tha any contemporary author. This collection is a good place to start for the Traven novice.

    19. Fue de los primeros libros que leí por gusto, tendría como 10 años y lo mejor fue la gran sorpresa que me lleve, lo disfrute mucho.

    20. The usual excellently told short stories of B. Traven includes a tale of shamanistic vision induced through jungle isolation.

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