One thought on “Uptight #3”

  1. Everything about this issue is top-notch, from the brilliant & beautiful cover to the fantastically drawn stories. The first hit a little too close to home, but it's so damn good. The second stars the characters from The Clouds Above. So wonderfully drawn and designed.

  2. I've encountered Jordan Crane's stuff a few times over the years in passing, but this is the first of his work that I've actually read. Two stories begin in this issue: a crisply-rendered realist (sorta Tomine-style) account of what may be the end stages of a relationship, and a second part of his earlier book The Clouds Above, in which something is very wrong with the school refrigeration system. Both totally different in style and content, but both intriguing enough to guarantee that I'll be s [...]

  3. I love Crane's Uptight series. It's one of the few single-author anthology serials that's still out there. I recently interviewed Jordan for The Comics Alternative podcast: comicsalternative/comics-a.

  4. Just got into Jordan Crane with this issue! Cover is beautiful- the two stories are great- the first horribly depressing, the second is wowzer kidz!

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