Renovating Old Houses: Bringing New Life to Vintage Homes

Renovating Old Houses Bringing New Life to Vintage Homes For those who love to live in old houses or want to invest in one this completely revised and updated book levels no stone unturned From evaluating a property to making foundation repairs to adding o

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  • Title: Renovating Old Houses: Bringing New Life to Vintage Homes
  • Author: GeorgeNash
  • ISBN: 9781561585359
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • For those who love to live in old houses or want to invest in one, this completely revised and updated book levels no stone unturned From evaluating a property to making foundation repairs to adding on a porch, it s a comprehensive guide to every aspect of making renovations and repairs whether you already live in, or are contemplating buying, an older home.

    One thought on “Renovating Old Houses: Bringing New Life to Vintage Homes”

    1. This book has a lot of great information and would be a great reference for anyone who owns or rents an old house to have on hand. The main draw back I found is that the information in this book is really only for people with unlimited budgets who are also insane. Though I recognize you need to be a little crazy to buy these kinds of houses, only about 1 - 50 old homeowners are going to go to the lengths this book describes. I own 3 rental properties all over 100 years old and fix and flip homes [...]

    2. This is an outstanding resource full of much useful information. We are renovating an 1855 farmhouse and most of the questions and concerns I have are addressed in this book. This is not a DIY manual with instructions on actual work, but rather a manual for understanding what in general is involved with an issue, it's relative magnitude, and the type of contractor best suited for that task.

    3. I've never renovated an old house, but it is my dream - so much so, that I actually read this book for pleasure. I lived vicariously through the homeowners whose hard work and financial commitment brought these decaying structures back to life. The instructions are explicit, the drawings and photographs excellent.

    4. Not finished in it's entirety, but enough to think it's worth buying. Good info on insulation, floor and woodwork, and exterior drainage systems that we can use. I appreciate that he presents differing points of view in the remodel-conserve spectrum and states his own bias clearly.

    5. I'm a builder, carpenter and also an owner of a Greek revival home. This book should be on the bookshelf of anyone who owns or works on an old house. Period.

    6. Excellent reference for those who are renovating an old home. I love how it prioritizes projects into necessary and cosmetic. Very helpful!

    7. Really interesting. Quite in depth, looking at each aspect of an old home, telling you what to expect, what to look for and how the problems can be fixed.

    8. Absolutely THE book when it comes to how to buy (or not buy and keep shopping) and renovate an old house. Put it next to the Joy of Cooking, a must for anyone that owns an old house

    9. THE bible for old house owners. Explains just about every scenario you can be expected to face during your ownership. An absolutely indispensable reference book.

    10. this book is thorough. the pages are filled with excellent photos/ illustrations for all things technical. helpful!

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