Sunset in a Spider Web: Sijo Poetry of Ancient Korea

Sunset in a Spider Web Sijo Poetry of Ancient Korea None

  • Title: Sunset in a Spider Web: Sijo Poetry of Ancient Korea
  • Author: Virginia Olsen Baron
  • ISBN: 9780030120718
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • None

    One thought on “Sunset in a Spider Web: Sijo Poetry of Ancient Korea”

    1. I am a little iffy on this "adaption" by a second person (Virginia Baron) who is not the translator (Chung Seuk Park). There is no indication in the introduction that Baron herself understands Korean or that she consulted the translator about altering her writing. I would feel more comfortable reading Park's versions for myself. There are also no notes to either help the reader understand the poems (I would tend to assume there is some symbolism at work, but I'm not familiar with it) or assess h [...]

    2. This book is a collection of sijo poems from old Korea in English translation. Sijo are something like haikus. Here is a sample:"My house is so deep in the woodsThat the cuckoo sings in the daytime.Out here beyond valleys and peaks,The brushwood gate is pulled shut.Even the dog, who has forgotten how to bark,Naps while flowers fall."The book includes both anonymous poems like the one above, and those by a variety of known poets, including the famous poetess and kisaeng (geisha) Hwang Chini (Hwan [...]

    3. This honestly read as mostly poorly written proverbs. I would like to learn Korean eventually and see if it's due to translation, but it had a few interesting ones, and it was at least nicely illustrated.

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