Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt School is almost over and a secretive club on campus has organized a scavenger hunt for the whole senior class The kids are led throughout the city and into the nighttime desert Their goal is the won

  • Title: Scavenger Hunt
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780833533302
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • School is almost over, and a secretive club on campus has organized a scavenger hunt for the whole senior class The kids are led throughout the city and into the nighttime desert Their goal is the wonderful prize promised to the winner But for Carl, a troubled young man who has recently lost his best friend, the hunt will become a nightmare.

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    1. so, i reread this for a podcast my friends are doing. it's called worst bestseller. i amnd of an insanely big fan of christopher pike, and have been for 19 (!!!) years. i'm pretty excited about doing the podcast with them, but i'm a little worried about my overwhelmingly positive feelings. (this is all to say, you should probably take any review i write for a christopher pike book with a grain of salt because i think the man is a genius and you will never change my mind.)this was better than i r [...]

    2. Christopher Pike is a sicko. That's why he's great. For example:"The bottle exploded over the back of Davey's head, the tequila drenching his shirt and pants. but it did not knock him out. He whirled upon Tracie, his face unrecognizable. The blow had in no way injured him, but no human being could have twisted living flesh into such an expression of pure hatred and been called human. His was the face of the lost creature that lay hidden inches below the surface of the world's last undiscovered c [...]

    3. Hell yeah, I'm reading a Christopher Pike book. Call it nostalgia. Or just call it me not feeling like reading above a sixth-grade reading level lately.Update: I really got into the story and flew threw this book. But then Pike ruined the ending by, first of all, making it stupid and, second of all, not fully fleshing out the weak denouement. I guess this is why he is the writer he is. (Hell yeah, I used a big word like "denouement" for a Christopher Pike book.)

    4. HOly crap I LOVED this book! I now understand why my generation prefers Pike over Stine. NOT SAYING I DON'T LOVE MY STINE CLIFF HANGERS BUTPike def. knows how to write a bit more maturelyAVENGER HUNT is absolutely surprising. Carl is grieving over the death of his best friend Joe, who he wasn't able to save from drowning. After the tragedy all Carl wants is some form of normality but living with his guilt makes that hard. When the senior class decides to participate in an organized scavenger hun [...]

    5. Re-reading this one was fun. It was interesting as it's a short young adult horror novel, yet there is nothing that speaks of it being a horror story at all until after the middle of the book, even buildup. While this is so, the story is still interesting due to the characters and the unraveling of the scavenger hunt. The ending of the book a pretty dark and disturbing, especially for a teenage novel. Still a fun book though and I loved the characters.

    6. I have never really been a fan of Pike and in a sense he may be the reason why I don't really like the horror genre (yep King is way more mild in a sense than Pike ever was and King's audience is adults lol). But basically you get your horror milk teeth possibly with Goosebumps but the hardcore intro is most definitely Pike. So first of all I either hadn't read Pike in a really long time or this is more off of a beaten path but this particular book being passed to me by my sister wasn't actually [...]

    7. Ugh I love a good (or bad) Christopher Pike book. And this was not a good one lol. He's much better at writing women than he is at writing men! Which is puzzling to me. All my favourites from him have had a strong female lead and all the worst have whiny boys. This was not the best but not the worst so no regrets - I don't even know where I got it? It was just on my book shelf? Maybe it's haunted!

    8. This could have been way cooler than how it turned out. I was loving the scavenger hunt right until they ended up at the house in the desert, then it went a bit down hill.

    9. I just actually re-read this one a few months ago. It didn't really hold up, but I still think incest in a YA book is pretty awesome.

    10. Noticing a theme of caves in the California desert, evil beings with mind control patterns, over-sexualization

    11. This book had I thought an interesting plot line. However it went into some crap about a lizard like people from before the age of man. Crap crap crap. Got rid of this for sure.

    12. This is another book I remember from my childhood that I decided to re-read for the fun of it. There were elements of this book that I remembered, but most of it was pretty foggy. This is the story of a group of teenagers who team up to do a school scavenger hunt sponsored by a mysterious man who runs a mysterious club. At least, you THINK that is what this book is about because about 2/3 of the way in, it takes a hard left turn into Crazytown. And I'm not talking about Main Street Crazytown, bu [...]

    13. Carl Timmons, a high-school senior in a small California town, is troubled by the accidental death of his best friend. Trying to achieve some normalcy in his life, he is drawn into the school scavenger hunt. His team includes three newcomers to the town, while their competition included an old friend, his best friend's girl, and her handicapped brother. As the hunt progresses, it takes a freakish turn that unfortunately was a little too out there for me. I'm a Pike fan, but for some reason, this [...]

    14. I'm pretty sure this was one that I had originally owned as a teenager but nothing about this book rang a bell for me.I was pretty well sucked right in from the start and I found even now that there were a few scenes that were pretty intense. This was definately one of Christopher Pike's odder books though. The ending was pretty out there. A ancient species of intellectual lizard dinosaurs!?(minor spoilers below - but not really)The only beef I have with this one is I don't really get the big pu [...]

    15. The other day I was wanting something easy, quick, and fun to read, but I didn't feel like hunting something down in a bookstore or browsing through the NOOK store. So I went to the greatest resource every bibliophile has, my own bookcases. To tell you the truth, I almost forgot I owned this book, especially since I was never a huge Christopher Pike fan. I think this is the only book of his I've owned, let along kept all these years later.It's probably been at least ten years since I've picked i [...]

    16. I was a huge Christopher Pike fan when I was a teenager. Recently, I decided to go back and re-read some of his work to see how it holds up. I started with Scavenger Hunt because I remembered it the least of all the books on my shelf. I’m happy to say that Pike's work holds up very well. Except for the lack of cell phones, the book doesn’t feel dated at all. He still offers great characterization of teenagers/young adults. The story is fast-moving and tense with a couple of good scares and s [...]

    17. this was my first pike so maybe that's why it has five stars from me. being the first, i really liked it because i had never read a crazy writer like pike who writes insanity. the story was so new to me.if i read it after last vampire, sati, final friends, chain letter, monster etc. i would have given it 3 stars but at the time, it was the beste prologue is the best part in the book because it sets up tension for three-quarters of the story.i like pike's characters. they have cliche definitions [...]

    18. Honestly this may come as a shock but despite Cessie's bubbly bs behavior etc. she is also a deep and understanding character which is a very strange and rare mix she also uses her beauty to her advantage in a way but most of the time she isn't consciously doing it and she seems almost human XD The character that really got on my nerves is Tracie with her "it was like fucking a mirror" and it made her feel sick to see Cessie and Davey kissing this bitch seriously needs to get off her high horse [...]

    19. The prologue is what really gripped me into finishing this book up to the end. Even though the setting was contemporary, the way the story was narrated made me have a feel of ‘classicism’ on it. A horror with a bit of sci-fi, and a lot of action and thrilling scenes! I had to reread some parts in order to imagine the scenes, but at least the mystery is little by little unfolded. Understanding why the villains had to do the sinister tricks became unimportant to me because what’s more import [...]

    20. When I first started this book I thought it was going to be about a normal scavenger hunt at a school, but I was completely wrong. In true Christopher Pike fashion the ending was a complete shocker and involved some sci-fi aspect. I did find that often the characters weren't distinctive enough to support the shifts in point of view. Sometimes I was confused as to what group was doing the scavenging. I also wish that the book was a little longer in order to give more detail to the end and to Cess [...]

    21. I decided to go back and read book from my young adulthood, and while it was a bit simplistic (like most young adult are supposed to be), I didn't regret my decision. Pike does a great job of grabbing the reader and having end of the chapter cliffhangers. This story features a troubled young man who participates in a scavenger hunt that takes him much further than he thought he would go. The story is compelling and exciting, and for young adult horror, that's perfect. I look forward to reading a [...]

    22. I wanted to rate this one higher. The plot was very interesting for the first 100 or so pages but went downhill drastically after that. I know its not the kind of book you can expect to be believable but it was way too far-fetched for my liking. Billed as a horror novel, it really didn't have that much horror in it. The style of writing was also quite stilted and hard to follow. I did find myself caring about the characters though, and what happened to them.

    23. This book scared the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of me when I was a teenager and it still does. Pike does an amazing job of building terror and suspense into this book. I'm generally not a horror book fan because I just don't feel the fear when reading them. After reading this one, I have to watch some sitcom in order to wind down enough to sleep without nightmares.

    24. I've loved Christopher Pike's books since I was a pre-teen, but this one is absolutely terrible. There are no likeable characters, no real plot development until the last 40 pages or so, and no satisfaction at all in the ending. I ended up skimming about the last third of it because I just wasn't interested any more. Definitely not one of Pike's better works.

    25. This book was pretty much typical Christopher Pike. It was good for a quick, creepy read, but it was pretty much completely predictable. It was only made more predictable with the couple of church scenes thrown in. If you want a quick, somewhat creepy read, then you should definitely try Christopher Pike, but only if you don't care that you can tell what is happening right from the beginning.

    26. It's not that I didn't like this book but it's a little nast. From what I remember, there's two lizards who look like humans, are actually brother and sister but still have sex, and they force people to "go swimming" in lava? I think I'm correct here.It was just gross and joyless, even for Christopher Pike.

    27. Wow, if there's one thing Pike is great at, it's giving even a simple thriller a profound meaning! This ended up taking a twist I didn't anticipate and gave the reader some very thought provoking ideas at the end. Great read!

    28. Beginning was great.ending got a little cray cray stuff came flying out of nowhere and it was tricky to keep track of what was going on and how and why, etc etc. Not a bad read but not the best Pike.

    29. I unfortunately bought this book back in high school with my hard-earned babysitting money; it's still in some box in my basement. I found this bizarre even back then. Not Pike's best work. Some folks consider him a hack of bad teen novels, but I did enjoy some of his books as a kid.

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