Set in Stone

Set in Stone In Robert Goddard s haunting mystery a strange house links past and present a murder a political scandal and an unexplained tragedy Recovering from the recent death of his wife in a cliff fall Tony

  • Title: Set in Stone
  • Author: Robert Goddard
  • ISBN: 9780593042717
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Robert Goddard s haunting mystery a strange house links past and present, a murder, a political scandal and an unexplained tragedy Recovering from the recent death of his wife in a cliff fall, Tony Sheridan goes to stay with her sister and her husband at their house in Rutland The house, called Otherways, is in some sense a character in the story a strange, circular,In Robert Goddard s haunting mystery a strange house links past and present, a murder, a political scandal and an unexplained tragedy Recovering from the recent death of his wife in a cliff fall, Tony Sheridan goes to stay with her sister and her husband at their house in Rutland The house, called Otherways, is in some sense a character in the story a strange, circular, moted construction dating from Edwardian times.Disturbed by memories of his wife and a growing attraction to her sister, and troubled by vivid dreams, Sheridan learns that a murder committed at the house in 1939 still has resonances for those living in the neighbourhood, including the sister of the murdered woman.There is a scandal surrounding the murderer s brother, and enough hints of other mysteries to forewarn Sheridan of impending disaster as he embarks on a secret affair But that disaster is far worse than a friendship betrayed Its nature is revealed by the ghosts that have haunted Otherways over the years of whom he comes to fear that he may be one himself.

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    1. I really liked this one. A slight change of pace from the others of his I've read. It was narrated in the first person by Tony, but not as a traditional first person tale. Tony was talking to his dead wife all through the book, which made it feel somewhat that he's telling you about what's been going on, rather than just telling the story. I won't say it was unputdownable, but when I did put it down (to go to work for instance) I was aware that it was waiting for me at home and that I needed to [...]

    2. I'd read this book before and have been looking for it, but forgot the name. Finally found it and read it again and it's as good as I remember. It's a love story, a ghost story, and a thriller all in one.A round house is at the centre of the story and our cottage is round, with a square/rectangular room off the back. There's a wonderful relaxing, comfortable vibe there, nothing supernatural at all. Still, I like the "scientific" explanation for the house's oddities.This is one of Goddard's best. [...]

    3. Darn good story telling from Robert Goddard. Not a strong voice on the writer's personal tragedy, but thankfully avoiding the cloying. A mysterious yarn set around a strange house that sent it's architect mad and some of it's inhabitants after him. The mysteriousness of Otherways (the house), avoided straining credulity for those of us who can't suspend disbelief even for a good yarn, and the underpinning conspiracy fell into the believable spectrum. Maybe not far in, but it was well written and [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this one. A good mystery with spooky overturns. I read this at one setting as I found it hard to put down. The story was told from the first person perspective (which I don't usually like) but this one was well told. The main character is a man driven to solve a mystery, racked with guilt, and unable to let go of the past. Many red herrings. However, some things still were left unsolved.

    5. Did not think this one was up to his usual standard, it is a bit short and unengaging. Goddard is a very good author and I would think that all his books are worth reading, but this one could safely be skipped in favor of one of his others.

    6. Meandering plot. I felt like something was missing. I think it was the disjointed telling of two seperate plots that never really were joined in a cohesive manner. The mystery of the house was never well developed or concluded.

    7. 3.5/5 stars. The ending leaves a bitter taste in the mouth after what was one of the more compelling and intriguing Goddard novels I've read. About 70% of the book serves to build up the mystery of Otherways, the "haunted house" of the story, only for the house to all but disappear from the plot and serve no further purpose. Instead, we're given a short story about spies and defections, to which the narrator is connected only tangentially. I've given as many stars as I have for the journey of th [...]

    8. This story is quite sensational, about a house that sends people to think or dream strange things about their loved ones so that they actually start believing what they dream to be true. Mostly this has disastrous consequences. A good read till the end, with quite surprising turns!

    9. Another thumping good read from Robert Goddard - one of my favourite writers. I deducted one star only because my brain struggled to unravel some of the complexities at the end; my deficiency rather than his, I suspect.

    10. I enjoy reading anything by this author , enjoyed this book but it was a little bit drawn out for my liking

    11. Just one more of many suspense-filled mysteries from a master story teller. When I first discovered Robert Goddard I was warned by a bookstore clerk that even Goddard fans didn’t like Set In Stone, although she didn’t exactly say why. Thus I saved it until last, reading all of his others first, only to find that this one is one of his best!It seems that some dislike the “supernatural” element of this story, or consider it out of character for this author. The latter may be true as he has [...]

    12. This was beautifully written but not a compelling story.My reaction to this was so mixed, I’m not sure I’d recommend it to anyone. It was well written enough to keep my attention but several of the characters just weren’t likeable, including the lead one. Some of the twisted paths taken in unraveling the “mystery” were so convoluted, as to be unsatisfying, and in the end I’m not sure all of the loose ends were tied up. There were two stories running side by side, while also being int [...]

    13. It's getting quite difficult for me to review Robert Goddard's novels as I've read quite a few now and they have a familiar style. As can be seen from the rating, it's a style that I like so that's no bad thing. Many, if not all, of Goddard's novels begin with a seemingly innocuous event that turns out to be the catalyst for an intriguing mystery of many twists and turns. It's to Goddard's immense credit as a wonderful storyteller that I have never become tired of this formula, although after fi [...]

    14. Didn't finish. Didn't like the characters. Stopped at the point that I started to be reminded of the movie Basic Instinct.

    15. This is the twelfth Robert Goddard book I've read in my quest to read all his books in chronological order, and this one was a good one.From the start, you suspect that the opening where the protagonist loses his wife in a cliff fall is going to be tied back into the main plot, and -- well, I'll let you find out for yourself.In this book, the protagonist is not as weak as are many (most?) of Goddard's male characters, although he is influenced -- again, I'll let you discover by what.As usual, th [...]

    16. I've read quite a few of Goddard's book and this is not one of his best although strangely I think it would make a really enjoyable movie. You have the incredible house with moat - Otherways, set in a flooded lake. You have a pattern of unexplained deaths and you have sets of lovers and a mysterious old lady. Although not nearly as captivating as Goddard's recent novel the excellent Fault Line, I still enjoyed reading Set in Stone.

    17. Having recently read the classic horror 'The Haunting of Hill House' I saw a number of parallels in this story, and for similar reasons it was not my favourite read. It's not my best genre, but I persevered to the end because I wanted to know the outcome, and the plot did not disappoint with its twists and turns for which Robert Goddard is well known.

    18. I enjoyed this one for the overall theme a lot better than the previous Robert Goddard novel that I had read recently. This one was more gripping and more understandable as a plot, although I did sort of lose my way a bit towards the end, did get a bit confused with the story line. But overall I do like his novels

    19. I've read several of Goddard's books and have always been a fan. This book had an interesting storyline, but I found the book slow and I was anxious for it to finish. I got bored but still wanted to see how it ended.

    20. Good story. I've been to Rutland a few times& author described it well! The premise of a house having power to influence the past & the future was a bit far fetched! But on the whole a worthwhile read!

    21. I began reading this and was prepared for a love story which changed to what I thought was a ghost story and then turned into a spy thriller. A short book which was easy to read. Wouldn't turn down the chance to read more of his books.

    22. This was a really gripping, suspenseful tale full of twists and turns and spooky weirdnesses. Goddard is a master storyteller who creates fascinating mysteries. Definitely coming to be a favourite author of the genre.

    23. I am a fan of Robert Goddard's books when they are set in the last hundred years and this was an especially clever one. I enjoyed the history of the building, even though the connections were a bit macabre! I liked the idea of how our lives cross with other owners of our homes.

    24. Robert Goddard writes a really good book, attention to detail with a well thought out storyline. Can be a little slow but it is after you have finished the book you realise it was well worth the read and I would recommend this book.

    25. I hadn't read a Robert Goddard book for awhile and I missed him. Very glad I picked up this one!Amazing, twists, turns, suspense and as always surprising revelations. Loved it, one of my favs of his. Now, I want to read another one!

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