The Proper Care of Dogs

The Proper Care of Dogs The Proper Care of Dogs is a concise guide to all aspects of dog care and ownership Topics include selection owner responsibility training housebreaking nutrition and feeding

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  • Title: The Proper Care of Dogs
  • Author: Christopher Burris
  • ISBN: 9780793831555
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Proper Care of Dogs is a concise guide to all aspects of dog care and ownership Topics include selection, owner responsibility, training, housebreaking, nutrition and feeding.

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    1. Lots of information! A good quick overview of the basic dog information: training, grooming, the various dog types and breeds, etc. Not terribly detailed, but a good introduction for someone interested in adding a dog to their household. Most dog breeds had a photograph, but I would have preferred for every dog breed to have a photo; after reading the descriptions of many without photos, I had to do a google search to see if I recognized it.

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