Blood Safari

Blood Safari When the rich and famous visit South Africa their first port of call is often Body Armor the personal security company offering two types of protection the big and intimidating muscle men called Gor

  • Title: Blood Safari
  • Author: Deon Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780307356628
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the rich and famous visit South Africa, their first port of call is often Body Armor, the personal security company offering two types of protection the big and intimidating muscle men called Gorillas or the lean and hungry former government body guards, referred to as Invisibles Lemmer is a freelance Invisible The tiny and beautiful Emma le Roux, a brand consultanWhen the rich and famous visit South Africa, their first port of call is often Body Armor, the personal security company offering two types of protection the big and intimidating muscle men called Gorillas or the lean and hungry former government body guards, referred to as Invisibles Lemmer is a freelance Invisible The tiny and beautiful Emma le Roux, a brand consultant from Cape Town, wants to hire him He needs the money, so he listens to her story Lemmer s First General Law is Don t get involved But he has never failed as a body guard and he s also grown a little too fond of Emma He uncovers simmering racial and political tensions, greed, corruption, and a network of eco terrorists He follows the leads until he finds what he s after The people who attacked Emma Getting to them will be extremely dangerous, and exposing them could have international political implications If he fails, both he and Emma will end up dead But Lemmer is sick and tired of being invisible He goes after them, against all odds.

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    1. THE BLURBWhen the rich and famous visit South Africa, their first port of call is often Body Armor, the personal security company offering two types of protection: the big and intimidating muscle men called Gorillas or the lean and hungry former government body guards, referred to as Invisibles. Lemmer is a freelance Invisible. The tiny and beautiful Emma le Roux, a brand consultant from Cape Town, wants to hire him. He needs the money, so he listens to her story. Lemmer's First General Law is: [...]

    2. Emma Le Roux's brother disappeared twenty years ago and has long been presumed dead. Imagine her surprise, then, when she sees a photo on the television news of a man suspected of murder and recognizes him as her long-lost brother. Emma contacts the police and shortly thereafter, three assassins show up at her house and she narrowly escapes being killed.Emma turns for help to Body Armor, one of South Africa's premier personal protection companies. Martin Lemmer, a man with a troubled past, is th [...]

    3. Deon Meyer mysteries are a special treat. The women are strong, the men sexy, the land distinctive. Meyer's latest title, Blood Safari, is especially fascinating for defining at least two sides to the wildlife crisis in the parks areas of southern Africa up through Kenya. His website shows photos of some places he describes in the book, and they are truly magical, places like none others. Photo Gallery There is always something untamed about a Meyer bookhis characters are sometimes barely in con [...]

    4. LA LEGGE DI LEMMERIl protagonista entra in scena subito, è lui che parla pensa e racconta in prima persona. Preferisce farsi chiamare semplicemente col cognome, Lemmer: quello che precede, Martin Fitzroy, non gli piace.E’ un afrikaaner, il che vuol dire di discendenza europea (ma non inglese).Di sfuggita si definisce il sosia brutto di Brad Pitt. Tanto brutto però non è, alle donne piace, a meno che non si voglia credere alla teoria che le donne preferiscono i brutti.Nel suo passato, anni d [...]

    5. Dit boek stond al ruim 2 jaar op mijn to-read-list. Ik kan me echt niet meer herinneren waarom ik deze erop heb gezet, maar toen ik hem laatst zag in de bibliotheek dacht ik: waarom ook eigenlijk niet? Ik vind het altijd fijn om een standalone te lezen, aangezien er dan ook echt werkelijk een boek van je lijst verdwijnt, in plaats van dat deel 2, 3, 4 etc. er gelijk terug op worden geplaatst.Onzichtbaar neemt je mee naar Zuid-Afrika. Perfect dus voor mijn reading challenge: 'a book set in a diff [...]

    6. My first book by Deon Meyer. I enjoyed it. I would really like to see it adapted to the cinema with Natalie Portman as Emma Le Roux

    7. In 2009, Patrick Anderson wrote in The Washington Post: "Often, the best fiction doesn't take us back to our unhappy childhoods or our depressing home towns but into new worlds we've not known before. Deon Meyer's novels explore the complex reality of South Africa, a world little known to many of us. At the most obvious level, they are exciting stories of crime, conflict and revenge, but they are more than that: ambitious attempts to show us the pain and greatness of a troubled nation that is st [...]

    8. I loved travelling to South Africa with this thriller. The author draws a portrait of a country dominated by corruption and violence and not very concerned by the environment. While the story was a bit long - I got lost more than once or twice - i really got attached to Lemmer, the hot, very mysterious bodyguard! He's also very smart and clever and funny, he has a big heart despite what he wants people to think. And the story of Jacobus Le Roux was really sad and touching. The one thing that dis [...]

    9. Lemmer's First Law: Don't get involved. Lemmer's Second Law: Don't trust anybody. Lemmer's Law of Small Women: Never trust them. Lemmer's One-Night Law of Quasi-Artistic Women: More than one night and you became an insect in a spiderweb. Blood Safari is littered with these little axioms. The most important one missing? Lemmer's Law of Thriller Writing: If your novel involves incendiary issues such as land claim disputes, animal conservation, tribal turmoil, despoliation of natural resources, the [...]

    10. This ticked lots of boxes for me - a gripping plot, a fascinating hero, Lemmer, and a real insight into modern life in post-Apartheid South Africa as well the echoes of past horrors. Beautifully written (and translated), I went right out and bought some more of Meyer's books!

    11. A suspenseful thriller set in South Africa that touches upon the country’s complex problems of economic and social tensions between wildlife conservation, developers, local tribes, the rich versus the poor and even the police. The stories main character, a personal body guard with a somewhat questionable past, weaves a fairly intricate storyline involving revenge, blackmail, payoffs and some good old fashion violence to go along with his short temper. The interesting story develops at a good p [...]

    12. Lemmer is a bodyguard working for Body Armour, a private personal security company in South Africa. He has a troubled past and he tends to try and keep mostly to himself, in keeping with Lemmer’s First Rule: Don’t Get Involved. Up until now he’s mostly guarded boring government types and hasn’t had a problem with that.Then he’s assigned to Emma le Roux who wants to find her brother, who has been missing for 20 years. Emma believes she saw his picture on television, as a suspect who is [...]

    13. On a visit to South Africa I was keen to find a local author to bring the country alive for me. Meyer is a thriller writer - and that's a genre I read a lot. This was my first Meyer novel - truly enjoyable and well grounded in the real South Africa. Read it quickly and now have a second on the go and a 3rd in the queue. This author is well represented in the UK and his books are easy to find there (oddly the one I bought in SA was printed in England shipped out there!). The other unusual factor [...]

    14. When I travel, I usually like to read a book by a native author that is set in the country that I am visiting. I have likely already read the travel and sightseeing guides, so the book that I am looking for is more likely a novel to provide me with ambience. Last fall I traveled to South Africa and chanced to meet some locals who recommended that I check out Deon Meyer’s writings. I did and I immediately downloaded Blood Safari to my Nook. And, of course, I never got to said novel while I was [...]

    15. This was a free Nookbook download from Barnes & Noble. I was attracted to the idea of reading a mystery/thriller set in South Africa and written by a South African and not only a South African, but a Boer, a Dutch Afrikaner a country and a people I know next to nothing about.It's a more than decent thriller, well written and plotted. The story carried me from page to page, and that's what you want in a thriller. The plot centers around a mysterious ecological activist who is murdering poac [...]

    16. Een juweeltje van een boek betreffende de schrijfwijze van Deon Meyer. Je proeft in het boek de liefde voor "zijn" Zuid-Afrika en tegenlijk zijn afkeer tegen rijke Afrikaners, die het land proberen over te nemen. Een aantal treffende zinnen in het boek, winden er geen doekjes om. De natuur(schoon) van Zuid-Afrika wordt in detail beschreven en de natuurbedreigingen door vele verschillende partijen spelen een hoofdrol in het boek.Dit detail en liefde voor de natuur is gelijk ook een beetje het man [...]

    17. I listened to this via audiobook. The reader was very good, with (as far as I know) various South African accents and intonation that gave the story a human, authentic touch. I found the novel interesting in background and in Lemmer's unique perspective, but the plot was meandering and quite confusing in places. I couldn't get a clear sense of what was happening for stretches at a time, the names blurred together (but the unique accents the reader gave them helped somewhat), and there was severa [...]

    18. The more I read of Meyer, the more I like his books. I feel like he is contributing to the rehabilitation of Afrikaners post apartheid. I find that he describes South Africans of all colours quite well, without a lot of judgement, and opens the door towards a rather unpretty but probably quite realistic rapprochement between many different people in this divided society.Blood Safari is one of his early books and I didn't find his Lemmer bodyguard character very attractive, but nonetheless got dr [...]

    19. Niemand kan Karakters ontwikkel soos Deon Meyer nie!Lemmer is 'n lyfwag, met 'n verlede. Hy is nie 'n konvensionele "goeie ou" nie, maar tog Emma Le Roux kontak Body Armor en Lemmer word as haar lyfwag aangestel. Lemmer het baie reels in sy lewe:- "Monie betrokke raak nie" en "Moenie klein vrou vetrou nie", alles wat hy sukkel om nou toe te pas. En dan gebeur die ergste, Emma word geskiet. Die eerste keer wat Lemmer profesioneel faal.Soos altyd is die einde ontploffend, die Afrikaans fantasties [...]

    20. Could not decide between 4-5 stars; had to go with 5 as the first rater. Another great book by South African Deon Meyer, but with a new protagionist (since Tiny died at the end of the last book.) Bodyguard Lemmer is retained to protect Emma Le Roux, who thinks an alleged murderer on the lam is her deceased brother. Meyer is a great storyteller. He does an amazing job describing Africa and its many conflicts. A masterful job entwining why brother Jacobus disappeared with Lemmer's retribution for [...]

    21. This was a very interesting audio book with a clever plot. I learned a great deal about South Africa, the African people and their language, Kruger National Park and the political history of the country. I would recommend it to anyone. The reader was either South African himself or he was able to do the accent really well.

    22. A decent read but not up to par with the author's previous works. I did enjoy the main character, the rural South African setting, and I learned quite a bit about the environmental issues facing South Africa. Unfortunately the resolution of the plot was overly complicated and too unrealistic for my tastes and the book was a bit overlong.

    23. Free Nook BookI was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. It's set in Africa and describes the racist views of the different regions. The main characters became easy to like and the book kept my interest with lots of action. Not a typical read, but I would recommend!

    24. Although it took me quite some time to finish - it wasn't because I didn't like the book or because it was boring, nope. In fact I liked it a lot! Just RL was too interesting and distracting:)But I'm glad that I already have the second book waiting, so I'll get to it soon!

    25. Awesome -- great plot, with twists and a tiny bit of a love story. It's frightening how accurately this author portrays our country and its politics!

    26. This book is translated from Afrikaans and is the first in a series featuring Lemmer the bodyguard.I do admit I felt a little weird about reading it in English once I realised it had been translated, because I can read Afrikaans and I almost felt I should be reading it as the author wrote it. The English translation has been done well.This is a good, solid action/mystery set in South Africa. Although Lemmer is based in the Western Cape, most of the action happens in Mpumulanga. I spent a lot of [...]

    27. An aboslute favourite read, I found it to have the perfect level of charachter depth, a gripping plot & pace, and well-fitting humour.Above all, I loved the strikingly realistic nature of the plot. It's the first I've read of Deon Meyer, and won't be the last.I'd recommend this to any crime-thriller fans, or anyone who wants to explore the genre, especially anyone with an interest in wildlife and Africa. It is a book that is particularly relatable to South Africans, but would be an enjoyable [...]

    28. Strong characters and a strong sense of place gets high marks from me in the mystery category. This mystery, set primarily in the area near Kruger Park in South Africa was entertaining, engaging, and suspenseful. It contained history and local culture and references. I'll keep reading Deon Meyer after this one.

    29. An excellent Meyer. Moved along at a fast pace. As usual plenty of topical insights into the politics of Africa. Really, really enjoyed this one. Never quite the same the author manages to weld or link one book to another without endless repetition of basicst the usual reprise taking up a quarter of the book. Just salient references which stand alone or jog the memory.

    30. A great Deon Meyer read - one of his earlier books, I think. I enjoyed Lemmer, the bodyguard - different to his main Griessel character in his other books. At times I found the plot a bit winding and lacking in tension, but ultimately it was a very satisfying read by a great South African author.

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