The Best Mistake: A Selection from Love Comes Along

The Best Mistake A Selection from Love Comes Along A New York Times BestsellerFrom the incomparable master of romance New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a timeless tale of summer love now available again after than a decade

  • Title: The Best Mistake: A Selection from Love Comes Along
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780786279913
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A New York Times BestsellerFrom the incomparable master of romance, 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts, comes a timeless tale of summer love now available again after than a decade.

    One thought on “The Best Mistake: A Selection from Love Comes Along”

    1. Das Ende war irgendwie enttäuschend, weil es so abrupt kam. In der einen Sekunde haben sie sich noch in den Haaren und Cooper kann so gar nicht mit der Situation umgehen, weil sie ihm nach fünf Minuten eine Liebeserklärung macht. Und zwei Seiten später, zack, ist die Geschichte vorbei und alles Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen.Das mag vielleicht auch an den lediglich knapp 100 Seiten liegen, aber zwei Seiten mehr Tiefe hätten defintiv nicht geschadet.

    2. Every once in awhile, I need to read a book like this to remind myself why I don't read books like this. I appreciate that she told a story in under 250 pages, but this wasd. This was so bad. I have a low tolerance for "boys will be boys" and it's not okay that Coop was more than a bit of a jerk. It was not okay that Zoe ALMOST had the superwoman vibe going on: homeowner who holds down 2 jobs to make a life for her son because the whole thing got blown when we find out that she was an ex-model. [...]

    3. Zoe has been getting along just fine raising her son by himself, and working two jobs to support herself. She figures in a couple of years she'll be ready to open her own flower shop, but for now she's content with her life. When she rents out an upstairs apartment in her house to writer Cooper she gets a lot more than she bargains for. All Cooper is looking for is a comfortable space, that changes the second he lays eyes on Zoe, but will it be enough to change his bachelor ways?I read this with [...]

    4. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1987Length: 221 pages (Large Print)Setting: Contemporary, Baltimore.Sex: Once. Through a curtain.Hero: Sports reporter.Heroine: Single Mum working at whatever comes along.Another bubblegum book. Easy and quick to read, completely relationship driven, a solidly strong, independent heroine and a confirmed bachelor hero with a heart of gold.Enjoyable.References:Author’s website: noraroberts(ISBN 9780786279913)-CR-

    5. The Best MistakeHe's there, early, to see the apartment for rent. He works at the newspaper.Zoey Fleming has the apartment and is just finishing the painting.She has an 4 year old son. Hoop is talked into taking her son to the ballgame and he got a ball signed, and a shirt, etc.She works at the flower shop and waitresses and when she tries to get a sitter Hoop steps up.He found himself playing catch with the little boy and it was a treat if his mom was around

    6. I had over 2 hours of free time to read while my kids played at a bounce house place and horrors of horrors, I forgot to bring a book. I ran into CVS and grabbed a Nora Roberts book. What a disappointment. This novella was boring, predictable and totally cliche.

    7. Story: Old favorite comfort read, now in audio. *happy sigh* Love love love! Cute. Adorable. *warm fuzzies* 5 starsNarration: Great basic narrative, great voices (male female and plot moppet), I don't think I noticed accents in this one. 4.5 stars

    8. I finished this in an 1 1/2 when I couldn't sleep. Light. Fluffy. Romance. Model turned single mom. Sports writer falls in love with the kid and the model mom and asks her to marry him. NO SURPRISES at all. Yup, light. Fluffy.

    9. A sweet little story. Nice to have the herione in the story making the best of things and very content while the man adds to their life instead of rescuing her from her situation.

    10. I loved this! It was full of fluff and many a laughs. The 'kid' was wonderful and the adults of the book jumped from the pages. A nice short romantic book. Perfect!

    11. I love Nora Roberts and her easy and quick to read romance novels that always help take you away for just a few hours.

    12. Nice short story from Nora Roberts. Never fails to entertain and inspire me with her novels.I like how Zoe conquered her journey in life through strong and risky decisions with such dedication.

    13. Not even one star. I'm really disappointed with this book, it had started good and then it went downhill really fast.

    14. It was a very cute, quick read. Very short. I was hoping that the story would continue like I do with all Nora Roberts books, but this was a nice quick light read. I really enjoyed it.

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