Kites Sail High

Kites Sail High This book celebrates verbs of all kinds in ebullient verses which themselves sail and soar Publishers Weekly A boon for language arts teachers in the upper elementary grades as well as for all childr

  • Title: Kites Sail High
  • Author: Ruth Heller
  • ISBN: 9780448104805
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This book celebrates verbs of all kinds, in ebullient verses which themselves sail and soar Publishers Weekly A boon for language arts teachers in the upper elementary grades as well as for all children and adults who love to play with language School Library Journal.

    One thought on “Kites Sail High”

    1. 4/13/11 ** This is one of Ruth Heller's stunning series on parts of speech. I read this aloud with my fourth graders to model an inquiry process in which we were learning about the different parts of speech by reading picture books which purported to explain them. As I read this one aloud, I found that the key information was sometimes lost in the convoluted sentence structure employed to facilitate the rhyme. I definitely needed to re-read this book with my students, focusing on the illustratio [...]

    2. Text: 3 starsIllustrations: 5 starsA picture book about verbs. Not as strong as the other picture books in Ruth Heller's World of Language series. I found the order of concepts to be confusing. For example, irregular verbs are presented before regular verbs. Some concepts are introduced but not explained thoroughly enough. For instance, tenses are touched on but not defined clearly. Active and passive voice are also mentioned but not differentiated well. Covers imperative, indicative, and subjun [...]

    3. Beautiful (I should say it again, BEAUTIFUL) illustrations and simple text about lots of different kinds of verbs. This series is imprinted on my brain, as I grew up with a set of the books. I was excited every time Heller released another title.

    4. This is another in Heller's series of illustrated guides to parts of english speech written for young children. There are about 8 or 9 of these books (one each on nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, interjections, pronouns, collective nouns and more). In each book in the series Heller presents the topic so clearly and so well that everyone, adults and children alike, come away with a solid understanding of the subject. While I did moderately well in english in grade school, junior high and high s [...]

    5. This is a fun, rhyming book about verbs in the World of Language series by Ruth Heller. The narrative is fairly short and rhythmic and the illustrations are colorful. It's an interesting way to introduce the concept of verbs, regular and irregular, different cases, and active and passive voice. The topics are actually a bit more complicated than I thought at first glance and while younger children may appreciate the rhymes and pictures, older children will better understand the meaning. We enjoy [...]

    6. The PERFECT way to teach about verbs! And such a stunningly illustrated book! I stink at grammar, and had major fear about teaching it, but this made it so simple! Not only simply explained to me, but it is easy to teach.

    7. Grammar + Pretty Pictures = Perfection. My grandma's copy of Many Luscious Lollipops is probably responsible for my grammar geekery. When one of my professors told me that there were other Ruth Heller books about the mechanics of the English Language, I just about fell over with glee!

    8. This book is an odd one. It starts out well enough--a picture book describing verbs, but it quickly sails into words far too advanced for a picture book audience.

    9. I use this series to as a review at the end of the unit. Love the bright illustrations and vivid language!

    10. Another great book by Ruth Heller which exposes emergent readers to the parts of speech known as verbs!! I trully enjoyed this book.

    11. A superb overview of grammar rules regarding verbs, in rhyming verse augmented with colorful illustrations. Ruth Heller's books make learning grammar much more fun and enjoyable.

    12. This is a good book for a lesson on verbs. The verbs are written in a different font, so that the students will be able to recognize them.

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