Merry Go Round With her clever rhyming text and dazzling pictures bestselling author illustrator Ruth Heller explores many intriguing kinds of nouns in this exciting addition to her unique and highly acclaimed ser

  • Title: Merry-Go-Round
  • Author: Ruth Heller
  • ISBN: 9780448400853
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With her clever, rhyming text and dazzling pictures, bestselling author illustrator Ruth Heller explores many intriguing kinds of nouns in this exciting addition to her unique and highly acclaimed series on language A book that s as entertaining as it is educational Full color illustrations.

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    1. Text: 5 starsIllustrations: 5 starsUsing rhyming text, this picture book provides a solid explanation of nouns. Distinguishes between common versus proper nouns, abstract versus concrete nouns, singular versus plural nouns. Includes spelling rules for plurals. Introduces compound words, collective nouns (another World of Language picture book by Ruth Heller covers this topic more extensively), possessives, and articles. The illustrations are fantastic - colorful and detailed but not overwhelming [...]

    2. Summary: This text is all about nouns. It define nouns and provides a plethora of examples of the different types of nouns. The text is fun and students will enjoy the author's creativity.Uses: Read aloud in 1st-4th grade; use as a resource for children to use while writing in the classroom; use a resource if children are having difficulty grasping the concept of nounsLiterary Devices: rhymes, alliterationTopic: nouns; the definition and the multiple types (singular, plural, proper, common, abst [...]

    3. We're on our second round of Ruth Heller books. These books in her "World of Language" series are just a great, fun way to learn about grammar. Her illustrations are so captivating, and a big selling point in this volume is that she uses dragons, damsels in distress, and King Arthur to illustrate common and proper nouns. My 5 1/2 yo son said, "Mommy, I didn't know Ruth Heller knew about King Arthur."

    4. Heller covers the basics of nouns in an informative, straightforward manner. While it lacks the pizazz of the part-of-speech books by Brian P. Cleary, its educational value is higher, so I would use both books in conjunction to teach elementary-aged children about the classes of words.

    5. This is another in Heller's series of illustrated guides to parts of english speech written for young children. There are about 8 or 9 of these books (one each on nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, interjections, pronounds, collective nouns and more). In each book in the series Heller presents the topic so clearly and so well that everyone, adults and children alike, come away with a solid understanding of the subject. While I did moderately well in english in grade school, junior high and high [...]

    6. We've read several books by Ruth Heller and we love the gorgeously detailed and colorful illustrations as well as the whimsical and educational narratives in her World of Language series of grammar books. They are fun books to read aloud and we all learn a little more about the English language. This book discusses nouns and covers a wide variety of topics regarding them. It's more of an overview of nouns in general than the book A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns, and it is almost min [...]

    7. I recently read Merry Go Round by Ruth Heller. This book is a series of collections by Ruth Heller that teaches elements of language and grammar through poetry and vivid illustrations. This story is a great opportunity to introduce nouns to students who are 1st and 2nd grade level. It offers another take on learning language that I feel is new and fresh than typically done. Students will love the rhyming nature as well as the pictures to help them categorize the different types of nouns. I wou [...]

    8. Part of Ruth Heller's wonderful collection of books on language, Merry-Go-Round gives a wonderful rundown of nouns and how they are used.Clear and concise rhyming text demonstrate the types of nouns and how they are used. Heller's skills as a trained designer are put to good use in the book. The examples of nouns Heller uses, such as the proper noun "King Arthur", are beautifully illustrated.While the pictures may feel a bit dated to children today, this book is an excellent resource for English [...]

    9. This book is another book from Ruth Heller that uses rhyme and vivid illustrations to teach about various grammar concepts. This book, however, focuses on teaching the concept of nouns. I feel that this book could be an opener of introducing the concept of nouns and pronouns to younger students. They can see the visuals and relate them to the concept being taught. This can make the explanation of nouns and pronouns somewhat easier to introduce.

    10. This is a good book by Ruth Heller as she uses vibrant illustrations to introduce nouns to young students. A great resource for the language development of Kindegarten to first graders- Heller uses rhyming text which is good for developing phonemic awareness. Can teach children nouns and proper nouns. Can introduce young children to crafting their writing skills by using clorful rhyming words.

    11. Merry-Go-Round: A Book About Nouns (Paperback) by Ruth Heller Third gradethis book looks into the various types of nouns defines their usage and how a writer can learn to express concepts, ideas and real life through the use of nouns.

    12. I am incredibly impressed at how the author is able to discuss, in such a concise fashion, the concept of nouns. This book can be used as a mentor text for rhyming and alliteration while also reviewing nouns. The examples the author gives of nouns are so creative!

    13. I can use this book to teach students about different types of nouns. How nouns are used and how to make nouns to plural. In addition, it teaches the usage of apostrophes with simple sentences. A must-have LA book for teachers.

    14. This book is about nouns and is just as woonderful os her other books. I really love the explanations used on each page.

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