Oddly Normal

Oddly Normal Oddly Normal is a year old girl with the most unfortunate name and the luck to go with it The product of a unique mixed marriage her mother is a witch and her father is human Oddly has grown up b

  • Title: Oddly Normal
  • Author: Otis Frampton
  • ISBN: 9780977788309
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oddly Normal is a 10 year old girl with the most unfortunate name and the luck to go with it The product of a unique mixed marriage her mother is a witch and her father is human , Oddly has grown up between cultures and she is the proverbial outsider On her 10th birthday, her parents mysteriously disappear and she is left in the care of her great Aunt, a citizen of a faOddly Normal is a 10 year old girl with the most unfortunate name and the luck to go with it The product of a unique mixed marriage her mother is a witch and her father is human , Oddly has grown up between cultures and she is the proverbial outsider On her 10th birthday, her parents mysteriously disappear and she is left in the care of her great Aunt, a citizen of a fantastical place called Fignation.

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    1. 2/5 stars Meet Oddly Normal, a ten-year-old girl with pointed ears and green hair-a half-witch who will be the first to tell you that having a mother from a magical land called Fignation and a father from Earth doesn't make it easy to make friends at school! On her tenth birthday, she blows out her cake's candles and makes a disastrous wish. Now, Oddly must travel to Fignation to uncover the mystery of her parents' disappearance. Join Oddly as she navigates a strange new school, monstrous bullie [...]

    2. 'Oddly Normal' by Otis Frampton is a pretty adorable graphic novel about a girl from two worlds who doesn't really fit into either. And she has a name that is odd, but not normal.Oddly Normal is a soon to be 10-year old. She has green hair and pointed ears because her father is human and he mother is a witch. This makes her stand out among the kids at school. When her parents (and house) disappear, she is left in the care of her loopy aunt (on her mother's side) who whisks her off to a place cal [...]

    3. SynopsisAs if being an outcast at school, ignored by her parents and half witch weren't enough trouble, Oddly Normal accidentally wishes her parents into oblivion. She must then go with her aunt to Fignation to try to bring them back. While she doesn't fit in to this strange world any better, she does learn a few family secrets and a bit about her own existence.ReviewOddly Normal is your typical story of misfit who discovers her birthright only to still be a misfit. But this humorous, high-paced [...]

    4. This is a cute all-ages title that reads like a good cartoon: mostly fun for kids, with some knowing winks for adults. It's a story of a cute but weird little girl who accidentally wishes her parents would disappear while she blows out the candles of her 10th birthday cake, so of course the vanish. A relative spirits her away to a magical world to look for her folks, but for most of this volume, she goes to a school populated by adorable little versions of horror standards (a Frankenstein's mons [...]

    5. Oddly Normal is another kid at a magic school story, although in this twist, the kid in question, Oddly Normal, who has wished away her parents and been taken to the magical realm of fignation to live, has no magic powers whatsoever, and while passively in search of her parents, is not actively involved in any quests, world-saving or otherwise. The art is fun, if cartoony (as expected in an all ages book), and the story is interesting enough. We're playing with the entire monster deck here: zomb [...]

    6. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    7. Title: Oddly Normal: Volume 1Author: Otis FramptonPublisher: Viper Comics, 112 pp, 2006Audience: ChildrenFormat: Juvenile graphic novelDescription: Oddly Normal is about young girl who is a half witch with green hair and pointed ears. Her mother is a witch and her father is human. On her 10th birthday, she accidentally makes a wish that her parents would just disappear. Her wish actually comes true and her parents disappear so she goes to live with her great-aunt in Fignation.Personal Review: I [...]

    8. Oddly Normal is a 128 page graphic novel written and illustrated by Otis Frampton. Oddly normal is a young girl who dreams of living a normal life. Born to a human father and a witch from Fignation, an alternate world full of magical beings, Oddly has green hair, pointed ears, and an extreme sensitivity to rain. Her unique features are often the targets of taunts at her school. On her tenth birthday Oddly comes home to find her parents preparing a party for her. In a moment of frustration Oddly [...]

    9. SUMMARY: Oddly Normal endures many of the same trials that other 10-year-olds do, such as unpleasant school bus rides and torments from her peers. Perhaps her green hair and pointed ears contribute to why her classmates treat her the way they do, but that can't be helped when your mother is a witch and your father is a human. Oddly feels that she does not belong, neither where she lives now, or in the mysterious land of Fignation, where her mother came from. During her 10th "birthday party", she [...]

    10. I chose Oddly Normal for my Picture Books as Sequential Art class because it was on the Graphic Novels shelf in the children's section. It is definitely a comic book with all the comic conventions. It began as a webcomic, just like Copper by Kazu Kibuishi. I had no idea that this was a trend in children's literature, and only found out about Copper from some notes on the ALA convention that my professor sent me.It is published by Viper Comics, and they have a few thoughts on their blog about wha [...]

    11. Although this book is meant for a younger audience I still found in exciting to read. It is about this girl name Oddly Normal who lives in our world but is half witch half human. She doesn't fit into the human society well, so for her 10th birthday she wished that her parents didn't exist any more because they made her life hard to live in. The next day Oddly woke up to no parents, her aunt (who is a witch) arrived at her house the next day with a belated birthday gift. Oddly then told her auth [...]

    12. Another item I borrowed from my local branch of the public library. Here is what I wrote back in my blog as part of a post about various graphic novels I read: "This is the first volume of a series, and I highly recommend it. Though mostly for young readers, I think any reader of graphic novels will enjoy it. Oddly Normal is a young girl of mixed heritage: her mother is a witch, and her father is a human. When on her birthday, she makes a wish common to many kids in a brief disgruntled moment, h [...]

    13. Oddly Normal is a 10 year old girl whose mother is a witch from a place called Fignation and her father a "normal." With her green hair and pointy chin and ears she is an outcast at school. On her birthday she wishes that her parents would disappear and when they do she finds herself in Fignation with her aunt. Culture shock and chaos ensues and Oddly Normal struggles to fit in here too. Though this graphic novel is considered all-ages it is really perfect for the 9+ girl or boy and up, but not [...]

    14. You probably have never heard of this book in your life. I never heard of it until I found it at a library bag sale and thought it would be okay. I only read it for part of a challenge (find a book with less than 500 ratings). While it's not terrible, Oddly Normal is very forgettable. It started as a web comic until becoming a full fledged graphic novel (though it is a mere 112 pages and can be read in what feels like minutes). It's the story of a half-witch named Oddly Normal (yes, that is her [...]

    15. Completely charming beginning to a series -- much funnier, wittier, and thought-provoking than I would have expected. Oddly Normal is a half-witch, half-human who wishes her parents would just disappear -- and it really happens! When her aunt takes her to live in Fignation (which is not the real world), she looks forward to escaping the woes of middle school -- only to find there are still bullies, strict teachers, and strange friends no matter what plane of reality you are on. Then there's the [...]

    16. Color comic about a girl, Oddly Normal, who is the daughter of a witch and so she's got green skin and pointy ears. Not exactly the image you want when trying to fit in at school. She wishes on her birthday that her odd family would just disappear--and they do! Leaving her with her witchy grandma, who takes her through the mists to Fignation, the magical world of her mom's heritage. She has to go to school there, and she finally fits in! Everyone is weirder than she is! She makes friends with an [...]

    17. Oddly Normal never fit in at school. Her mom is a witch and her dad is human and Oddly isodd. On her 10th birthday, her parents mysteriously disappear and her aunt arrives to take care of her and to take her to the magical land of Fignation. Oddly doesn't fit in there, either, but she does make a few friends, she learns more about her own heritage, and she has some wild adventures when confronted by some of her prejudiced schoolmates.Graphic novel, great graphics, probably more interesting to gi [...]

    18. I was excited that this graphic novel is a good addition to the shelves of my elementary school library! Oddly Normal is her name, and she's half witch (on her mother's side) but has no magic. She was a social outcast at her school on earth, but upon making a birthday wish for her parents to disappear, it seems that she might have orchestrated her first bit of magic. Her aunt, who showed up late to her birthday party, whisks Oddly away from earth, saying that she's in danger, and brings her to F [...]

    19. A nice simple comic. Interesting story with cute (yet awesome) artwork that is appropriate for all ages. I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to continue the series. It is a fun short graphic novel that keeps you wondering what will happen next. Oddly Normal's character is likable and relatable. Due to the short length of the book, some of the dialog felt rushed, but the point still got across without feeling dragged out. A great graphic novel, especially for a young audience.

    20. You know, I thought I'd read this before but not much jogged my memory here, so maybe I only skimmed it. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it this time around. It's got a great opening sequence with the parents disappearing , and the idea of being an outcast in two realms is a great one. The characters are cute, but the story doesn't pull any punches and keeps the stakes high. Ends on a great cliffhanger that makes you want to read more.

    21. The book "Oddly Normal" is about a 10 year-old girl named Oddly Normal who has a witch as a mother and a regular man as a father. She has green hair, which is unfortunate enough for her. If that isn't bad enough, on her 10th birthday, she wishes her parents away. They disappear and her great aunt (from the magical land of "fignation") arrives, three hours late for her niece's birthday party. She takes Oddly to fignation, where the search for her parents begin. You will not be disappointed!

    22. This is the second Oddly Normal book I've read and I like it even more than the first. I like the artwork and the story--Oddly is a misfit who doesn't really fit in at school and has a group of misfit friends who go along with her adventures.This volume explores her transition from the Real World to Fignation and the beginning of her search for her parents.As a middle school teacher, I would recommend this to my students.

    23. Oddly Normal is a 10-year-old half-witch (her dad’s human; her mom’s a witch) who accidentally wishes her parents away at the end of a lousy birthday. With her parents gone, Oddly goes to live with her great-aunt in her mother’s homeland: Fignation. It’s an adventure, a fantasy, and a great example of how much fun all-ages comics can be. And the art is amazing-—I love his coloring in particular. I’m very excited for the next volumes.

    24. Oddley Normal is a 10 year old girl who wishes her parents away and, because she's half-witch, they go. She then has to go live with her aunt in a different plane of reality where she learns about her mothers history. She makes some unusual friends and has some fairly normal adventure.Perfect for a middle school library! Perhaps a starting point for a graphic novel book club or book exchange.

    25. Easy read- This graphic novel is a great for a student that is struggling with the passion of reading. I believe that Oddly Normal would be great to young girls that do not like reading or that are struggling with reading. Following the female main character through her adventures could help encourage them to want keep reading!

    26. Saddled with the name Oddly Normal, a young girl struggles to fit in with the normal world. Her mother is a witch and her father is a human. When a wish goes awry, her parents disappear and Oddly goes with her great aunt to her mother's home world, Fignation. She thinks she will finally fit in but she still struggles to do so. A great graphic novel for Tweens. JM (Utica)

    27. I can't help it, I love kid's graphic novels! This one was really fun with wonderful artwork. Oddly Normal is the name of the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz, only it has the same slant as "Wicked", i.e. the witch ain't that wicked after all, just misunderstood. Reminiscent of a younger version of "Courtney Crumrin." Highly recommended.

    28. I usually don't get into graphic novels, but I loved this. Oddly Normal is adorable, and there are pieces of this that remind me of Harry Potter a bit. I was sucked in to her life and the new world that opens up to her. I also found that Oddly Normal volumes #1-#10 are all available as ebooks so I think I'm going to be reading the whole series! =)

    29. A decent enough read about a unique girl coming into a greater sense of self. I appreciate the new art Frampton is bringing to the table; that's a definite upgrade. The characters are interesting and entertaining, but there's not a ton of real development or depth. Even in Oddly, her evolution felt surface-level. Given that, I would peg this more for 4th or 5th graders than middle school.

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