One Night with His Virgin Mistress

One Night with His Virgin Mistress Tallie has moved to London to pursue her dream so when she s offered a gorgeous apartment to house sit she can t believe her luck Millionaire Mark Benedict returns home and is shocked although not a

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  • Title: One Night with His Virgin Mistress
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • ISBN: 9780373127658
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tallie has moved to London to pursue her dream, so when she s offered a gorgeous apartment to house sit, she can t believe her luck.Millionaire Mark Benedict returns home and is shocked although not altogether displeased to find Tallie in his shower He will take Tallie to his bed and turn her from inexperienced innocent his willing mistress

    One thought on “One Night with His Virgin Mistress”

    1. Primary lesson I learned from reading this book: Do not judge books by their titles! I've always poked fun and been leery about romances (mostly Harlequin) with cheesy titles. In fact, this book was given to me as a gag gift, but curiosity got the best of me (and I can't let a book go to waste, regardless of the title/genre), so I cracked it open to try it out.Tallie is a young, small town girl who moves to London to write a book. After saving money from doing odd jobs, she finds a gig house-sit [...]

    2. Look, that title is wrong, because by even the most broad definition, you don’t have a one night mistress. That’s a hook up. I know the whole purpose of these titles is to give you some good keywords and some fairly unsubtle hints about what’s going down, which means I only have to read a bit of the blurb to make sure none of the characters have names I don’t like, so it’s a great time saver, but it’s got to be accurate. I still do a bit of a hunt for subtlety, and here that’s ‘h [...]

    3. The title is ridiculous, but the story is cute if you get past the age difference. The manga version is sweet too.Basically it's the accidental roommate trope but the hero, while alpha, is a decent human being.He even encourages her to date a friend of his. It isn't until it goes south with the friend and she misunderstands why that she comes home and drinks wine, and then asks him to be the one to get rid of the monkey on her back.His whole interaction with her at that point is very human and g [...]

    4. Finished it with a smile, but it had a bit of a slump in the middle. The heroine at 19 seemed too young for the hero. It was told entirely from her point of view and I missed knowing what he was thinking. Some words from his point of view would have added to the story and helped me understand what he found enticing about her. But despite that, it was a good HP book.

    5. I read this book ages ago and forgot all about it until I began reading. I enjoyed it back when and it still made me happy after this reading. I love finding books that you can read years later and still find them just as enjoyable. The H in this book was a stoic hero, literally. The h, well she’s young; 19 to his 31. She’s impulsive, sweet, innocent and believes that she can’t get a guy to date her because she’s a virgin. So she asked the H to assist her in getting rid of her pesky virg [...]

    6. Average 3.0I loved the strong portrayal of the heroine . She is young but definitely not dumb , A virgin unknown to the desires of her own flesh and meat . But I loved how author interpreted Mariana's story with that of Tallie . I thought Mark is a resemblance of william in the beginning , bt then of course Hugo entered and everything just changed , for good .I Loved Mark , Atleast he loves her the way she is and does not expect her to be better or change for his own pleasures like Gareth . Ther [...]

    7. This book was a classic M&B category but what stood out for me were the parallel stories. As the reader, we get glimpses inot the main character's novel i. Which she creates a rapetastic scene. When told by her editor that it was no longer PC to write these, Tallie demures "but it's just a fantasy'. This book have been written in 2008 surely is a reply to all of Sara Craven's critiques as some of her books have some violent undertones. I really liked the romance too. Well structured and swee [...]

    8. Innocence meets sceptical and paranoid with a Happy Ever After. I enjoyed the read and am sure that I have read this book previously years ago, but still read as I couldn't remember parts of the story. Enjoy the read.

    9. When I read the title of this book, i felt an urge to let this book out of my reading list because i am not a fan of cheesy adult stories. But i am glad i did otherwise. Book is entirely different from what the title suggests. It was a cute story but the reason i am giving it 3 stars is because it was narrated only from heroine's point of view except from prologue and there are plenty of moments when you wish to know the feelings of hero at various situations. And book deserved an end with some [...]

    10. Before I continue let me say that I love Harlequin-type books and will not ever apologise for reading that particular 'genre'. This story does not have enough intensity to keep me interested. It reminds me of the older Romance Novels from the 50s and 60s where the Male POV is never shown and he therefore remains mostly aloof and unknown. I usually read an 'easy' book to clear the palate but this one is just not interesting at all.

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