Maeve on the Red Carpet

Maeve on the Red Carpet Maeve Kaplan Taylor believes her lifelong dream of becoming a movie star is about to come true She s going to film camp where she ll learn all about what it takes to make a movied importantly to st

  • Title: Maeve on the Red Carpet
  • Author: Annie Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781933566085
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maeve Kaplan Taylor believes her lifelong dream of becoming a movie star is about to come true She s going to film camp, where she ll learn all about what it takes to make a movied, importantly, to star in one This Hollywood style adventure features a star struck Maeve, an annoying younger brother, and a whole lot of movie.

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    1. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooEveryone knows that Maeve's dream is to be a famous actress someday, so when her father, who owns the Movie House, tells her that the New York Film Academy will be running a summer film camp right in their theater, Maeve feels ready to explode from happiness. Their new business partner is Walter von Krupcake, whose television commercials star not only him, but his daughter, Madeline. Imagine attending film camp with a real actress!With the investment [...]

    2. At the beginning, all Maeve wants is to be famous and get the lead role in whatever film they're doing. When Maddie (The Krupcake Princess) befriends her, she starts to act like she's already famous. She is rude to everyone-especially her family and Apollo-and turns into a clone of Maddie. She's all "Darling, I need fancier!" and annoying words like that. But when Maddie steals Maeve's idea for the film, Maeve decides that Maddie isn't worth her friendship. Then when she overhears Mr. Von Krupc [...]

    3. Ok so Maeve had a sleepover with Maddie and it was pretty good. They became best friends though. That might sound like a great thing but it isnt. Maddie just used Maeve and became her best friend to steal her awesome movie idea for the new film. Maddie also told the director tha Maeve only helped a little bit.Maeve is obviously now Maddies friend anymore. Maeve is now working her butt off to come up with a new and better movie.Maeve also wants to be the princess of the movie to blow Maddie out o [...]

    4. I would recommend this book to girls in my class because it's about a girl named Maeve and Maddie that they are best friends but then they are not because Maddie stole Maeve's idea of how to make the movie. This book has a lot of drama in it and at the end, it is about how they all became famous for being part of the movie. I gave this book a 4/5 because in some parts I got bored of reading it but on the other hand I was so interested in the book because it had lots of details.

    5. I read this book in 7th grade,and I haven't stopped reading their books since! I gave it 4 stars because it starts off very slow. Maeve on the Red Carpet is a great book to read!

    6. Title: Maeve on the Red Carpet (Beacon Street Girls)Author: Annie BryantGenre: Yount AdultChallenges: 101 Books in 1001 Days Challenge, Book Around the States Challenge, Monthly Mixer Mele (A), Read and Review Challenge 2010, 2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge, 100 + Reading Challenge, Young Adult Reading Challenge, Audio Book Challenge 2010, Pages Read 2010, Rating: 4/5 No. of Pages: Audio (240)Published: 2007Back Cover: Dearest Movies Stars in Training,I am THE happiest girl on [...]

    7. Another great beacon street girls book. This book is an awesome book for people who love movies and these kind of books. This book is a special adventure book. It is told only through Maeve's point of view. That's what a special adventure book is. And it has a very exciting ending! They go to __________. You have to read it to find out the answer to that blank! If your like movies and the beacon street girls you should TOTTALY read this book! This book is about how Maeve stays home during her br [...]

    8. It was really good. I always thought that Maeve was an interesting character to me. At first I liked her because of her personality and then I stopped after reading some of the books in the main series where she thought she could have any guy she wanted. I don't like Flirty Maeve but I do like Entertainer Maeve. Seeing that Maddie Von Krupcake (sappy name, by the way) would pretend to like Maeve and then go behind her back and steal her ideas and not like her anymore. The story itself is predict [...]

    9. I really like this book. It is so interesting because it talks about this girl's dream to becoming famous. It was really sad on how she got the lead but it was stolen from her because her newly formed enemy blackmailed her into it. Its pretty messed up on how a little 13 year old goes through a major change-- like chubby, out of fashion, brunette to stick skinny, designer clothed blondie. And, amazingly that was little Maddie, Maeve's Ex-bestest friend for life.

    10. I honestly didn't like this book as much as the others. It didn't keep me on the edge of my seat wanting more and didn't even compel me to read on. I stopped in the middle and just flipped to the ending. For one thing, I hated the characters. Mauve can be so dimwitted sometimes. Her constant crying and being rude annoyed me but I did enjoy what her little brother Sam did at the ending. Go Red Fu (read the book to know what that means).

    11. This book was kind of superficial, it had a lot of really girly things in it that weren't things that I really care about. The story was kind of interesting; it was well written, and the words flowed easily. The story was about following your dream, but don't get carried away and forget your priorities, such as family and true friends.

    12. I really liked this book. I loved how Maeve thought that Maddie was her friend, and when Maddie betrayed her, she found some true friends. And I also liked how she wanted the main role, but got a really cool, minor role. I reccomend this book to everyone who loves the BSG!!!

    13. Every book with Maeve is so good! She makes life a lot more interesting, and I feel that everyone can really relate to her in some way.

    14. Maeve on the Red Carpet is a wonderful book!I really loved the book because of all the action, fun and romanceAD IT!!!!

    15. This book was really good. It has many lessons in it like not to be influenced by others. I recommend this book to others.

    16. I think this book was "OK" it was not the best so if you were looking for a very interesting book to read and get hooked into it would unfortunaltly not be this one.

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