The Birthdays

The Birthdays On an island off the coast of Maine the Miller family reunites to celebrate the father s seventy fifth birthday Each of the adult children is expecting a first child and at the same time each is at

  • Title: The Birthdays
  • Author: Heidi Pitlor
  • ISBN: 9780393329933
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • On an island off the coast of Maine, the Miller family reunites to celebrate the father s seventy fifth birthday Each of the adult children is expecting a first child, and at the same time each is at a major crossroads in life The eldest, Daniel, still reeling from a car accident that has left him a paraplegic, is also grappling with the fact that his wife had to be artiOn an island off the coast of Maine, the Miller family reunites to celebrate the father s seventy fifth birthday Each of the adult children is expecting a first child, and at the same time each is at a major crossroads in life The eldest, Daniel, still reeling from a car accident that has left him a paraplegic, is also grappling with the fact that his wife had to be artificially inseminated Jake, the middle child, discovers that his wife is carrying twins after many trying years of fertility treatments Hilary the free spirited youngest daughter arrives in Maine five months pregnant with no identifiable father in sight As the family gathers, something shattering happens from which no one will emerge the same The Birthdays deftly explores the myriad ways of seeking sustenance after disappointment or loss Reading group guide included.

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    1. I almost stopped reading this book a few times but kept hoping it would get better. It was a sad group of characters and the fact that their angst and self-absorption came to a boil at their father's seventy-fifth birthday dinner only increased my disgust with them. There wasn't a single character with which I could empathize and it was depressing to read about a family who were so separate from one another.

    2. I loved this book the inner-workings of this family and the way the author set up the characters and their backstories was very good. The publisher's description states it "examines modern-day marriage, pregnancy, and parenthood." It's really a book about the relationships between siblings and the siblings with the parents, and how each person in a family gets locked into certain roles. I would recommend this book to fans of Elizabeth Berg (one of my favorite writers).

    3. Quite sad to start (for the first half actually!) Hoping it has a good lesson in the end?! Nope not much. I didn't find much closure and I'm certainly not pleased with the book overall oh well :(

    4. I really really liked this novel. A weekend in the life of a family on the brink of the new generation, it was sensitive, insightful, fun, traumatic, heartfelt, moving, difficult and above all an enjoyable read. I can picture myself alongside the family on their beach house. Just my kind of book.

    5. An unfinished book, could never get into the characters. It has a lot of potential, but didn't live up to the possibilities

    6. I loved this book. I kinda felt like I was reading about my own family. Great character development and the story was fantastic.

    7. I was really looking forward to reading this book because of the storyline but I was disappointed. The first day was like two thirds of the book. The other two days was rushed. We were in the main characters minds of them trying to sort things out but in the end there is no resolution. I don't think they still know what to do or of what's to come. But I guess you can't expect resolutions in 3 days. And I still don't know why it was called The Birthdays. It was just the father having a birthday.

    8. A truly gratifying read, one to add to the list of favourite contemporary family sagas. Thoroughly enjoyed its melancholic tone, and without overreaching for comparisons-its Chekhovian setting and direction of event that unfold over the weekend. Glad to have discovered Heidi Pitlor's talented prose, will no doubt look for her other novels!

    9. recommended this book to me based on my purchase history. I was glad I read it. Pitlor told the story of the Miller family 13 parents and their three children and a couple spouses, with all three women of the younger generation being expectant mothers 13 who spend a long weekend away together to celebrate the 75th birthday of the father. All three children and the spouses have various issues and challenges in their lives, while the mother is so absorbed in her personal exploits that she overlook [...]

    10. This book had some definite bright spots - some nice writing and interesting characters, although none of the characters were particularly likeable. It was a fast read, though, despite the somewhat aggravating characters. I probably would've given this a 3 but I was really bothered by how the writer handled the "miscarriage" scene. When you're well into your third trimester, you don't just start bleeding and then have a D&C with no attempts to save the baby or even see if the heart is still [...]

    11. I plodded my way through this book all the way to the end, hoping for closure and/or some other revelation about what the characters learned through their traumatic experiences. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and I thought the ending was a bit abrupt in terms of the storyline, though appropriate given the nature of the events happening over the course of a long weekend. As others have said, I didn't particularly like any of the characters, and so I was a bit disengaged right from the start. N [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book. I thought it really captured the dynamics of a real-life family. NO family is perfect. Each family member is very much their own individual and brings a unique dynamic to the family circle. It was interesting to see how they are interacted with one another. Jake was so annoying. His constanct desire to impress and be acknowledged by his family was over the top. At times, I just cringed when I read about him.I felt for Daniel. His life had been turned upside down by his accid [...]

    13. This was an interesting book with a lot of depth of character. I felt the author was very authentic with how her characters would react to life changing circumstances, but some of their traits were a little over done. Much like life I suppose. I was a tad disappointed in the ending because I like to know what happens to all the characters, and I flipped the last page stunned to see I was at the end. What happened to everyone? Again, that is probably personal preference. Intriguing read.

    14. Pitlor is certainly a talented author and the simplicity of the book was engrossing. There was a lot of depth to the characters yet they were easy to relate to. The story was great with the exception of the flagrant lack of resolution at the end. The only acceptable possibility is that Ms. Pitlor is setting up a second book, which I would personally look forward to, but I do not believe that that is the case. I crave more information about these characters and their future!

    15. If I could, I'd choose three and a half stars for The Birthday because, though Pitlor's writing gets better as the novel progresses, it takes a while for her to find her sea legs. This is a family tale in an Anne Tyler vein, with believable characters who mistrust, misunderstand, misspeak, misstep---and who, in the end, love each other and show it.

    16. This book follows a family who are reuniting to celebrate their father's birthday. All 3 children are grown, and all 3 are dealing with very different pregnancy situations. They have to try and get along with each other, while dealing with their own situations. I liked this one, although it wasn't the most uplifting of novels. The characters were very distinct and interesting.

    17. This novel held such promise. It had enough mystery to propel me to finish the book. There were some really good moments where the author wasn't afraid to make the reader uncomfortable, but it lacked sincere depth to hold it all together. Maybe the author deliberately made the characters so neurotic, it failed to make them endearing.

    18. I thought this was going to be a quick light read but what I found instead was an intricate well thought out fascinating family with legitimate but interesting turmoil in their lives getting together at the family home for a long weekend in Maine. Never predictable and with a smatter of humor I was captured the whole way through. I felt sad to put this book down at the end.

    19. It's not often that I dislike the characters in a book, but this was one of them. What a bunch of self-absorbed people. I felt bad for the dad, he seemed to be the only really nice person out of the whole bunch.

    20. although an easy read, this book was a long story without much of a plot or story. the author gave away everyone's secrets to the reader very early on there were no surprises and no suspense. and in the end i just didn't really like any of the characters.

    21. (Spoil alert) Good - 1st novel. Family meets in Maine for father's 75th b-day. Each family is pregnant. Jake and Liz are rich - pregnant with twins. Hillary is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. Daniel and Brenda - lose baby on way to birthday.

    22. Although I thought the characters were well written I felt like this story was really lacking something. I kept waiting for somthing to happen or for the plot to get better, but it didn't. The story just ended rather suddenly with no real resolution to any of the story lines

    23. Didn't really find any of the characters to be very likeable and didn't think it had much of an ending. I nearly stopped reading it a few times near the beginning, but it got a bit better during the second half.

    24. I shouldn't have bothered with this one. So uninteresting are the characters and relationships in this book and yet I kept reading with the hope something would spark. I couldn't even read the last couple chapters and just skimmed to the end to get done.

    25. Generally a little self-indulgent, and it made me feel, at times, like I was reading a harlequin romance.However, the characters definitely seeped into my subconscious and I thought about them, and their particular situations probably more than I should have.

    26. When I first started reading The Birthdays, I thought it was a story I would enjoyI was wrong. This one was just okay. The characters never seemed to mesh. I did not like the flow of the story and most of the time I just wanted to put the book aside and start something else.

    27. This book had an interesting concept with 3 women in 1 family, in various stages of pregnancy. But each character had so many issues. I guess I read to escape and I don't want to read about people going through the same type of issues.

    28. It didn't get my attention right away so i left it and went to another. Came back and did finish it but wasn't that excited. Family gets together and they each have individual trials. The book does not tell how the trials end so that leaves yoi hanging.

    29. I got through over half of this book and NOTHING was happening at all. I read as far as I could before I was so bored with it, that I just gave up. I have only given up in the middle of a book a couple of times, but I just could not finish this one.

    30. Enjoyable nothing too distinctive.I would have liked the characters not to have so much to say in their thoughts. It was little pat especially about the sister who was a single parent just falling into her new life. Not as much depth as could have been developed.

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