Off the Leash: Subversive Journeys Around Vermont

Off the Leash Subversive Journeys Around Vermont A grand tour of some of Vermont s most interesting and undervalued places beyond the world of tourism this guide should interest anyone with a taste for eccentric stories for small town dramas and f

  • Title: Off the Leash: Subversive Journeys Around Vermont
  • Author: Helen Husher
  • ISBN: 9780881504279
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A grand tour of some of Vermont s most interesting and undervalued places beyond the world of tourism, this guide should interest anyone with a taste for eccentric stories, for small town dramas and for the way our places make us who we are.

    One thought on “Off the Leash: Subversive Journeys Around Vermont”

    1. An OK book, some interesting and entertaining sections but nothing that made me want to drop everything and drive to Vermont. Also noted one error in research: She mentioned that an old poem not only wasn't good but didn't rhyme. In point of fact, it DID rhyme at the time - the pronunciation of words changes over time. Old poems that no longer seem to rhyme are one of our best indicators of how words used to be pronounced!

    2. Written with humor and a deep love of Vermont, Helen Husher explores idiosyncratic and unique places in Vermont. This should be in every Vermonter's book collection to inspire offbeat travels around the state.Publisher's description: "A grand tour of some of Vermont's most interesting and undervalued places, this guide ranges from the Domestic Resurrection Circus performed by giant puppets in Glover, to the Dowser's Labyrinth in Danville, to the birthplace of Joseph Smith, one of the founders of [...]

    3. This is definitely not your average travel book. Husher writes with obvious affection for the quirkiness that is uniquely Vermont, while at the same time encouraging us all to "slip our leashes" and discover the quirkiness and individuality of the place we live.I like to seek out the places that make an area unique when I travel -- I don't want to travel seven hundred miles to eat in an Applebees when there's one in my own back yard that is exactly the same. I like to see the real place, that wh [...]

    4. Having enjoyed Vermont on previous vacations, I was immediately attracted to Helen Husher's book "Off the Leash", which promises unique travel destinations within the state. Helen Husher provides much more by writing about the background and history on each sight. Her fun and informal writing style make it an easy and fast book to read. The sights she chose to include are diverse enough to attract the adventurous, religious, art lovers, history buffs and all those in between. I recommend this bo [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book because it's 1/3 travel, 1/3 adventure, 1/3 history! There are some intriguing places to be discovered in Vermont. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the places Husher writes about for myself. Any literature about Vermont is worth the read!

    6. This is a great little "travel" book for Vermont. It makes me want to head out there and check out all of the places the author describes. I especially liked her description of Morgan horses. It is obvious that this breed has charmed her as it has me.

    7. Loved it. Made me curious and sentimental. Also, a nice surprise to find a section written about my hometown. The author calls it home apparently :D

    8. Humorous, inventive, interesting, and well researched. A clever unassuming book I'm happy to have stumbled across. I'll be keeping this one on hand in the car for sure.

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