Ultimate X-Men, Volume 7: Blockbuster

Ultimate X Men Volume Blockbuster It s the movie you will never see in theatres as the X Men Spider Man and Daredevil all team up to help Wolverine fight against a secret from his mysterious past The Ultimate Universe comes to life l

  • Title: Ultimate X-Men, Volume 7: Blockbuster
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis David Finch
  • ISBN: 9780785112198
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the movie you will never see in theatres as the X Men, Spider Man and Daredevil all team up to help Wolverine fight against a secret from his mysterious past The Ultimate Universe comes to life like never before in this action packed storyline.Collecting Ultimate X Men 34 39

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    1. Spider-Man. Daredevil. Wolverine. And, yeah, the X-Men. Great story. Great art. I’m enjoying this series more and more.

    2. This was a lot of fun to read. It's basically a Wolverine story, mostly teamed up with Spider-Man. I've seen a few of those team-ups, in Ultimate Spider-Man, and I always loved them. This is a particularly good one. It's the first time in this series that Wolverine's past has really been dealt with in any way. And the set up does indeed make sense. When you think about the highly trained foot soldiers in Weapon X whose only jobs were to make Wolverine's (and, later, other mutants') lives miserab [...]

    3. In this comic X-Men, Spider Man, and Daredevil team up. They need to help Wolverine defeat and mysterious villain that they haven't seen before. The art style is all action, it's the same as every other super hero comic. I liked the plot/setting in this comics just because it was in the city. All super hero comics are set in different places but this one went original with the city. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes the super hero series just because it's three different heroes fr [...]

    4. May contain spoilers:A failed assignation attempt at a diner leads Wolverine to teaming with Spider-Man whether the Web-head wants to or not.Wolverine turns to the Black Widow for the lowdown on the hit squad. She has no info for Logan or for Spidey, who she calls “his intern.” Another failed hit this time occurring in Hell’s Kitchen brings Daredevil into the mix and eventually pushes Wolverine back to Charles Xavier. Charles probes Wolverine’s and uncovers the identity of the hit squads [...]

    5. Man is this fun, especially after the slog that so much of Ultimate X-Men has been up until this point it is a huge breath of fresh air to have a lower stakes, kinetic story. The art is good but more importantly without being dragged down Magneto's apocalyptic rabbit hole these characters are allowed to really breath for the first time in far too long. At its heart this is just a good X-Men story and up until now, in Ultimate X-Men those have been in short supply.

    6. Stuff I Read – Ultimate X-Men # 34-39Where the last arc began to bring the series out of the futurist, blindly progressive mindset, this arc, titled Blockbuster, continues nicely to develop how mutants can work without being demigods. Here we have Wolverine teaming up with Spiderman, to some hilarious results. The interplay is great, and continues to improve when Daredevil arrives on the scene and acts as the straight man for Spiderman’s humor and Wolverine’s murder. The action and reasons [...]

    7. As I was expecting, there was a slight positive change for the writing quality when Millar left, and Bendis joined.Only slight though, as this comic was incredibly cheesey and campy, but had some good moments in it.Before I even begin to review this thing, I'm still not sure if Millar truly left. Sure, it says that Bendis wrote this comic on the page and on the back of the comic I had, but inside the actual comic, it credits Mark Millar as the writer. Huh? That's weird.Anyways, this comic has B [...]

    8. A vast improvement over the last volume! Brian Michael Bendis has made this title readable. While I struggled to get through Mark Millar's run in Volume 6, I breezed through this volume with a smile on my face and more than just a casual interest in the story.Volume 6 focuses mainly on Wolverine. The main portion of the volume features Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate Daredevil which helps expand the world view of the series by incorporating some of the other denizens of the Ultimate universe. B [...]

    9. Finally Ultimate X-Men is getting better. For new readers, you can ignore (and should avoid) everything that comes before this, Mark Millar's run on this series was just plain bad (though the volume preceding this one wasn't as awful as the others). This story has (view spoiler)[Spider-Man and Daredevil, as you might expect from Bendis, and was probably just a safe move on his part, but it works fine (hide spoiler)]. There is only a little bit of reference from previous volumes (specifically the [...]

    10. En la introducción me prometieron el equivalente a una superproducción joligudense llena de acción a raudales, personajes bien definidos, vueltas de tuerca y un ritmo vertiginoso. De eso, sólo se cumplió UNA vuelta de tuerca que no me vi venir (en una escena menor que andá a saber si tendrá repercusiones a futuro) y un par de diálogos bien escritos (entre otros muchos que no tanto). El resto: muchísimas escenas estiradas (todo el primer capítulos no llega ni a ser un prólogo), muchas [...]

    11. I'm not a huge X-men fan, just like some of the individuals, so this book was good since it just focused only on Logan. The upside was the way Daredevil, Spidey and Wolverine played off each othercely written team-up. The downside was Wolverine's healing factorwhich seemed to be very inconsistant with the time it took (when the story needed it to take longer, it took longerwhen the story needed it to be instant, it was instant). When the X-Men showed up in the last issue, it went downhill, but t [...]

    12. Just as I was about to give up on these completelyI think part of the problem must just be that I don't like Mark Millar's take on the material (I've not read anything else by him, so it's possible that I just don't like his work period) because as soon as Brian Michael Bendis took over I started enjoying myself again, which is extra-impressive since this issue is basically just all-Wolverine, all the time.

    13. Book Info: This collection containsUltimate X-Menissues #34-39.ABSOLUTE RATING: 2.5+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>

    14. Borrowed it from the local public library. As it often happens, you can't always find a series in order when you want to read it at the public library. So, I have read some of these out of order. It is a good series. See my short note on it: [gypsylibrarian/20]

    15. Wolverine leaves the X-Men to investigate his past. A team of Black-Ops military shoot him up and he has to seek the help of Spiderman. As the soldiers get more aggressive, Wolverine also enlists the help of Daredevil and Black Widow.Some brilliant Spiderman/Wolverine interaction and a strong story with solid artwork make this one great fun.

    16. Brian Michael Bendis takes over for Mark Millar, focusing on Wolverine's mysterious past. It's a solid story and I like David Finch's art.

    17. I was so happy with the last volume, and it seems the momentum is lost. This is a neat little narrative, but doesn't quite continue the neatness of the last. Still, it's kinda cool to see a Spiderman/Wolverine team-up.

    18. How annoying and pointless. Not a fan of this "Ultimate" line. The art is really good but the stories suck, and I'm really tired of Bobby being as annoying as Spiderman, Logan being a flesh-eating creep and Prof X being an unrelatable jerk Miss the Uncannies I loved as a teenager.

    19. This Volume was fun, I feel like they really took Wolverine to his full potential with his almost Jonah Hex-like mutilated body. Peter Parker was hilarious as the overly chatty Spiderman and I thought Daredevil was actually pretty cool. All in all, very enjoyable read.

    20. This was my first time reading anything about Spiderman! It made me want to read more! He's such a fun character! I really liked this volume it was pretty action packed and intriguing. The X-men are just too cool.

    21. I love everything Marvel. The storylines are incredible! They have everything you could want: action, adventure, comedy, romance, political intrigue, allegories, metaphors, etc. Some stories drag, some end too soon.

    22. Fast paced all the way through, great artwork, and some amusing dialogue courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

    23. One of the Weaker Arcs of one of the strongest series to come out in decades. Well worth checking out. Read my full review: Ultimate X-Men: Block Buster

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