Second Sight

Second Sight Show me places cloaked in secrets Pierce the gloom of darkest night Reveal that which has been hidden Let me see with second sight Kate Annie and Cooper are Wiccans joined by magic bound to nature

  • Title: Second Sight
  • Author: Isobel Bird
  • ISBN: 9780064472937
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Show me places cloaked in secrets,Pierce the gloom of darkest night.Reveal that which has been hidden,Let me see with second sight.Kate, Annie, and Cooper are Wiccans joined by magic, bound to nature Their dreams have turned to visions of a missing girl, calling to them for help

    One thought on “Second Sight”

    1. Ahhh, nostalgia. This was lovely. Still not the best writing around, very simple and easy to follow along, and the plot twist with this murder was quite predictable. It's been at least 10 plus years since I've read this and half way through I had pin pointed the killer and felt a twinge of pleasure when the ending came and revealed them. I still recommend the series as something easy and a breath of fresh air if you've been hitting the books too hard and need something light and easy to read. I [...]

    2. Love this book the third book of this series. The circle of three in the last two book we learn about kate and how three girls became friend and become interested in the practices of witchcraft or in other word wicca. In short this follows Cooper a punk out girl that always paints her hair any colors, loves music and plays the guitar. While still taking classes for witchcraft or learning the craft Cooper starts having unusual dreams. With this we follow her and her friends on finding out what th [...]

    3. This is the third book in the Circle of Three series and is an extremely good story. This is a book centered around Cooper and her growing abilities in Wicca. She seems to be developing a talent for scrying; that is, seeing things either by looking into water or fire. She also finds that she is sensitive in her dreamtime, for a girl who has disappeared contacts Cooper during her dreaming, setting into motion a complicated effort on Cooper's part to find out what is going on.Cooper has to face he [...]

    4. Cooper starts to have strange dreams which come at the same time a girl goes missing,at her 16th birthday dinner she has another while blowing out her candles, she goes to the only people she knows will understand her best friends Kate and Annie who in turn tell her to go to Robin Thatcher and Rowan who help with the visions and on there advice she goes to the police who finds the missing girl Elizabeth's body where Cooper tells them,They arrest a man who they think done it from a tip off that i [...]

    5. Este libro realmente me sorprendió para bien, no tenía ninguna expectativa al respecto ya que decidí leerlo sin buscar información sobre él, la historia de suspenso que se desarrolla en la trama, me gustó muchísimo, el toque de el aquelarre Wicca, la banda de Cooper y su estrecha relación con sus amigas, hacen de esta historia una novela muy entretenida y que te hace leer y leer sin que quieras parar.

    6. Another interesting little romp. Murder mystery solved by Cooper who sees visions. There's a lot of telling rather than showing in these books. It was a fun light read, informational about witchcraft and Wicca, but I'm really losing interest. There just doesn't seem to be much depth or difference between these characters. They deal with different problems and situations, but they essentially are the same character x3.

    7. To be completely honest I didn't like this book so much. I like that the author decided to explore Cooper's POV instead of Kate but the whole story and ghosts and car chases and such seemed a bit too forced for my taste. Until now, this is the book I liked least, in the entire series.

    8. This was the best one so far, probably because it was a bit more supernatural. ;) At first, it was weird to switch to a different protagonist, but I recovered quickly. It definitely made me more excited to continue reading the series!

    9. This book is told from Cooper's perspective, which is a nice change. It's nice to get to know more of her background. Second Sight reads like a murder mystery.

    10. YA fiction meets the Ed and Loraine Warren. If this book lays down the formula for how "paranormal" things will be handled, I can dig it.

    11. I never much like books about psychics experiencing the trauma of a murder victim, but the overwhelming earnestness of these books makes up for it.

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