Good At Games

Good At Games Love is always just around the corner in a Jill Mansell novel with a few surprises and a lot of humour on the way to happinessSuzy fell for Harry the moment she showed him her husband s sperm sample I

  • Title: Good At Games
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9780747261322
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love is always just around the corner in a Jill Mansell novel with a few surprises and a lot of humour on the way to happinessSuzy fell for Harry the moment she showed him her husband s sperm sample It didn t really belong to her husband, though, because she wasn t married It wasn t a sperm sample either, it was a drinks carton containing the dregs of her milkshake BuLove is always just around the corner in a Jill Mansell novel with a few surprises and a lot of humour on the way to happinessSuzy fell for Harry the moment she showed him her husband s sperm sample It didn t really belong to her husband, though, because she wasn t married It wasn t a sperm sample either, it was a drinks carton containing the dregs of her milkshake But when you re trying to get off a speeding charge you just have to improvise, don t you And it wasn t actually love at first sight Still, it was undeniably a healthy attack of lust

    One thought on “Good At Games”

    1. I will have to come back and think of a pithy title for this review some other time. For now, I am just going to go with the title of the book. I honestly don't have much to say about this book besides finding it boring as sin and also very rage inducing at times. I do love my romance reads, but from the beginning I found the whole premise of this book a bit hard to take. It made me think of a grown up Dawson's Creek (and a truly terrible 90210) since most of the people in this book were married [...]

    2. While the action in 'Good at Games' centres around the mansion home of ex-rock star and former alcoholic, Jaz Dreyfuss, as well as his ex-wives, current bubble-head, and a selection of their relatives and friends, the lead role and heroine of the tale is taken by feisty, wise-cracking, ex-wife number two, estate agent extraordinaire, Suzy. Suzy's mother, recently departed, , has left Suzy and her siblings to discover a skeleton (with skin and blood still attached) leaping out of the family cupbo [...]

    3. What can I say? Yet another great book by Jill Mansell. It's amazing how she has so many interweaving story-lines going on and yet she juggles them perfectly. I love her writing style and will just add that if you like English style chic lit, you will LURVE this book!!!!

    4. This is one twisted story 😂😂 but it’s cute loved all the characters and it’s good to read about something other than sci-fi 😁😁

    5. Always kind of the same story in a different coat, but still liked it. Jill Mansell is the author that got me hooked on chicklit so I have to stay faithful!

    6. Cute, quirky, a lot like a rom-com movie. Slightly predictable and rather slow in the middle. Liked the MC and her staggering self confidence. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

    7. Quando pensamos que já folheamos todas as loucuras possíveis através das palavras de Jill Mansell, heis que descobrimos Jogos Secretos para provar que a criatividade desta autora não tem limites, assim como a sua boa disposição e as suas personagens, incontornáveis, caricaturas perfeitas dos nossos desejos mais íntimos mas que, preferencialmente, não deveremos seguir como exemplo ou acabaremos envolvidos em alucinantes peripécias.Gostaria de vos dizer que Suzy, a protagonista, é uma m [...]

    8. Num universo ficcional chuvoso e acolhedor onde nada é o que aparenta ser à primeira vista, onde a verdadeira beleza muitas vezes se esconde por entre expressões tímidas e roupas simples e onde a surpresa, o sentido de mudança e o amor se encontram mesmo ao virar da esquina, evitar soltar uma gargalhada, um arrepio ou um suspiro mais profundo torna-se uma tarefa não só árdua, e também, algo impossível«Jogos Secretos» trata-se de mais uma narrativa extraordinariamente divertida e din [...]

    9. 2.5 stars This is a light breezy novel which you can finish off in one sitting. It has its funny moments and some adorable main characters. Is it just me or was everyone 'simply gorgeous' in this story?The thing about Jill Mansell is that she's always keen on a happy ending, meaning the good guys get what they want, while the bad ones suffer uproariously. While this is something I usually enjoy enormously, it just seemed a bit forced now. And I didn't like how everyone paired off in the end, for [...]

    10. I’m always up for a few hundred pages of fun when they’re written by Jill Mansell. If you’ve never read her British chick lit, pick up Millie’s Fling or Staying at Daisy’s – my two Mansell faves. And if you’re already a fan, try Good at Games. It’s not Mansell’s best, but it IS unique and enjoyable. Main character Suzy finds herself engaged to a man she doesn’t love – or even really like anymore. Meanwhile, Suzy has chemistry with his brother, she lives next door to her ex- [...]

    11. 4.5 Stars! This was a fun and entertaining book. There were so many couple twists in this story. No one ends up coupled with whom they are with at the beginning. The way that comes about is a hilarious and fun journey through the words of Jill Mansell.I spent an enchanting evening reading this book and definitely recommend it. The characters are quirky, fun, likable (for the most part) and enjoyable. I really wasn't ready for the book to end. I had come to think of these characters as friends an [...]

    12. Despite many of the characters being certifiable sociopaths and the socially incestuous relationship plot lines, and despite being too long at over 500 pages it was a pretty quick light read. This an early Jill Mansell book and her more recent books are better in every way. Not sure why it was called Good at Games though. Some characters played Boggle, but otherwise no games.

    13. I read this a couple of years ago. It's a complete chick-lit, but definitely one of my favourites. And definitely my favourite Jill Mansell book. These books are great if you just wanna lie back and have a light read and a good time.

    14. How can you not love Jill Mansell's books? This one was no exception! If you want to read something light and filled with positive-ism (as I find myself not a few times after reading some paranormal book), Jill Mansell is the one. I seriously adore this lady!

    15. Confession - the books cover grabbed my attention first, then the blurb on the back cover drew me in. And finally the hilarious plot and well written characters snagged me. I am now a Jill Mansell fan.

    16. I needed something fun and not too serious for an 8 hour train journey today! This did the trick, sweet and predictable but nice and easy to read. Just what I needed!

    17. This was really funny, but not exactly my style of comedya lot of the funny comes from everyone lying to and manipulating and being terribly jealous of and leaping to ridiculous conclusions about one another, so when the happy ending is ever so neatly tied up I'm just perplexed that "happy ending" means "they got married and lived happily ever after," not "they all moved to different continents and only thought of each other when telling this story to their new friends." Whatever though, between [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this book! This has to be one of my favorite books by this author. I loved the way she wove the plot around all the different characters. You like all the characters and yearn for their happiness throughout the book. Even the more selfish characters create a lasting relationship in your mind. Great writing as always and heart pounding real life situations. Like all her characters they are not perfect yet that is what actually makes them perfect! These are real people with real [...]

    19. Een leuk boek. Het is grappig en leest vlot. De enige reden waarom ik er zolang over gedaan heb, is dat ik weinig gelezen heb. In het begin moest ik even aan de vele personages wennen. Soms had ik moeite om iemand te plaatsen. Echt een feelgood roman. Een aanrader als je op zoek bent naar een vrolijk en luchtig boek.

    20. Though the author has an engaging writing style, I had a hard time really liking any of the primary characters in the book. They weren't, in general, very decent humans. That, along with everyone sleeping around and some language pretty much ruined the experience for me. I did quite like Baxter the dog and Maeve the housekeeper, at least. Too bad they weren't primary characters.

    21. You know, I didn't enjoy this book until about two thirds of the way through, but by then I was hooked on the characters. It was very "singles 20's", with a lot of drama and games. Not my favorite subject matter. However, like I said, I was sad when it was over.

    22. While not my favorite Mansell, I did enjoy it. The second half was fast paced speeding through relationship resolutions. I would do with less entanglements and more development of the characters. It was giggle-worthy which is very important to me.

    23. This one was so fun I stayed up too late to finish it. It's zany and comic. She likes to throw in a couple of side character romances and one of these I skimmed through. But overall it was fun and non-formulaic.

    24. Super fun read! Like reading the script of a romantic comedy movie. I loved all the quirky characters and watching them navigate their friendships, families and romantic relationships. Suzy reminded me of Bridget Jones, she ends up in so many crazy situations! All the British aspects were really appealing to me too. Definitely need to read more Jill Mansell.

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