The Better World Shopping Guide: How Every Dollar Can Make a Difference

The Better World Shopping Guide How Every Dollar Can Make a Difference A comprehensive guide for socially and environmentally responsible consumers this work contains comprehensive research along with rankings for different company s products

  • Title: The Better World Shopping Guide: How Every Dollar Can Make a Difference
  • Author: Ellis Jones
  • ISBN: 9780865715769
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • A comprehensive guide for socially and environmentally responsible consumers, this work contains comprehensive research along with rankings for different company s products.

    One thought on “The Better World Shopping Guide: How Every Dollar Can Make a Difference”

    1. Brilliant book that should be owned by anyone who wants to put their money where their mouth is, but don't know where to start. This book is so handy and amazing that I'm planning on buying it in bulk to dole out over the holidays this year. Friends and family who are reading this, don't let the prospect of receiving this book as a gift stop you from buying a copy now - if you end up with two, you can always give one away!The Better World Shopping Guide is a pocket-sized book that's small enough [...]

    2. I was shocked to read in this book that, "Recently, the ILO, UNICEF and US State Department uncovered the widespread use of child slave labor in the chocolate industry - up to 40% of all chocolate is currently being produced in this way". This book has convinced me to undergo massive changes in which companies I support as a consumer. It's a good guide to take with you on your shopping trip or study before making large purchases. I wish that there was a more in-depth version. I understand the co [...]

    3. It's more of a reference book, and a very handy one to return to see how businesses are rated according to personnel and environmental policies as well as financial.

    4. This is a super helpful little guide to voting with your dollars. It gives companies ratings based on their environmental sustainability, human rights awareness, community involvement, animal protections, and social justice/injustice effect. It dedicates one page each to things like airlines, baby care, laundry supplies, condiments, cosmetics, dairy, soap, toys and games, and so on. It progresses alphabetically and has a lot of helpful info plus additional links and citations if you'd like to di [...]

    5. Robyn gave me this book. It rates several commonly purchased products (groceries, clothes, household items, etc.) and rates them according to their environmental, social, and political impact. For example, it will rate all the different brands of butter commonly found in grocery stores and give a grade to each one based on the manufacturering company's environmental footprint, their recent court losses, treatment of workers (fair wage, etc.) and other factors. It advocates using your pocketbook [...]

    6. Buy this if you care about environmental and social responsibility. It's put together by a PH-D Sociologist who took data from a number of sources to grade brands of everything from automobiles and cell phones to veggies and eggs. It helps to identify some of the "who owns what" mystery, letting you know who you're supporting with your purchases. There's a ten best and ten worst list, and website references for just about everything. He gives you a rule of thumb for anything that didn't make it [...]

    7. This book is my bible. It grades companies from A to F on their social and environmental responsibility. It gives brands in all different categories: food, health/beauty, electronics, financial, gas, etc. It doesn't have every brand, but definitely gives a good foundation to start your shopping. I looked at their website before I bought the book and knew that they did extensive research to come up with the grades. I was initially disappointed because I thought that the research findings would be [...]

    8. Provides the useful service of showing which companies in each shopping category are environmentally responsible and respect workers' rights. Pocket-sized. Take along while shopping. Fourth edition, (c) 2012, ISBN 978-0-86571-724-4. Much of the information is also on the website, betterworldshopper. The 4th edition paperback and Kindle book were published Nov. 6, 2012. The website data is dated 2006. about the author

    9. This is one you really need to carry all the time, but I did read through the whole thing. Altria and Nabisco are the devil, and everyone should buy a Toyota or Lexus. I would like a Lexus, but I'll bet I get a Toyota. I would really have appreciated some extended information. For example, Volvo (the last car I owned) wasn't included at all in the car section. And manufacturer names were listed, but typically not products (and I don't always know what brands Altria and Nabisco use). A good, quic [...]

    10. Althought I enjoy reading huge, scary books like "The End of Food" and taking lessons from them, this is really what I need when I actually go out to making my spending choices. This little book (a great size for a little purse) includes a lot of catagories and lots of consumer options (each rated on a scale from A - F). Would have liked to see ratings on more children's items (toys, in particular) and books/bookstores.

    11. The Better World Shopping Guide by Ellis Jones really increases my awareness of which companies and brands are trying to improve the world in many ways. I frequent many companies with an F rating but instead of feeling guilty about this, I resolve to frequent companies and buy products that have a higher rating. Shopping has now become more difficult since I have to think about this in addition to price, taste, and nutritional value!

    12. I checked this out from the library three different times because I kept trying to remember things I had read in it. It is really something to own--so I finally bought a copy. Fits in my purse and is a reminder that we vote with our wallets and every purchase we make makes a small difference somewhere in the world. Not meant to have comprehensive info--but enough to help you pick one brand over another in the store.

    13. Hardly ever leaves my purse! Rates companies on a varieties of issues, including social and environmental awareness. Helps me spend my money in a more powerful way!Informative quick lists- much more information available at betterworldshopper.And, one of the video book reviews I shot for this book here: bluerectangle/book_reviewsls much more info!

    14. Everyone must own this book! Not so much a read as a handheld guide to arm yourself whenever you go shopping. This book rates products and companies with the A-F grading system so you can be sure you've purchased with a clear conscience all products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy and ensure you gave your dollar to a company that supports fair trade, sustainability, conservation, human rights and animal protection.

    15. A solid reference book. Great for anyone looking to make conscious decisions in what companies & products to support. Let us all hold the businesses and corporations socially & environmentally responsible for the way in which each conducts business. In our society of consumerism every dollar spent is a vote. I recently bought the most recent updated version (blue). It has decades worth of research into many products & sectors of biz grading them on an +A to -F scale.

    16. Helpful, but at the same time I sometimes wonder where these ratings are coming from. I know it's based on research that he's done. I just wish more of that research was available in this book, or at least online, so that you could make your own mind up if these companies deserve those letter grades. Still, the book is better than nothing and worth buying and browsing.

    17. This guide makes me want to go through my house with a sharpie & mark a big NO on all the bad products & completely tweak my shopping habits. They have a very basic app with the same info, but I found sitting for a little less than an hour with the printed book helped me get a good overall understanding. I'll use the app while I'm out shopping.

    18. Everything you want to purchase can be looked up in this handy guide. Brands are rated by their environmental impact, human rights, animal protection, community involvement, corporate crime, discrimination, philanthropy, and employee treatment. It has aided many of my purchase decisions.

    19. Handy book I received as a gift to use when you are grocery, cloth, etc. shopping. Purse-friendly. I wish the book had room for additions/updates in the back. Website could use some improvement.

    20. I forgot that I had read this before. This is a great pocket guide for rating the best and the worst of various retailers. Lubriderm gets an F. Oh no!

    21. Great book! Very informative. Everyone should own a copy and keep it with them when they shop. This book can help make a difference.

    22. This is a must-read and a must-take-with-you for all consumers attempting to make conscious decisions. Read it, hold on to it, and apply it by voting with your dollars.

    23. Great Idea but doens't really expand upon anythingywhere in the book. I suppose its just meant to be a pocket reference for the website.

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