Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic

Mad Church Disease Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic Growing up the daughter of a pastor Anne Jackson experienced firsthand the conflict stress and struggle church leaders often face She vowed her life in ministry would be different Yet years later

  • Title: Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic
  • Author: Anne Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780310287551
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Growing up the daughter of a pastor, Anne Jackson experienced firsthand the conflict, stress, and struggle church leaders often face She vowed her life in ministry would be different.Yet, years later, as a church leader, she was hospitalized because stress began wreaking havoc on her body After being released from the hospital, an associate pastor asked her, Does workinGrowing up the daughter of a pastor, Anne Jackson experienced firsthand the conflict, stress, and struggle church leaders often face She vowed her life in ministry would be different.Yet, years later, as a church leader, she was hospitalized because stress began wreaking havoc on her body After being released from the hospital, an associate pastor asked her, Does working at this church interfere with your communion with Christ The question was paramount in turning her life around.Thinking she wasn t alone, Anne developed a website that allowed church leaders to share their struggles Within a few days, she was flooded with over a thousand responses from people pouring out their stories of burnout Using anecdotal parallels between Mad Cow Disease and leadership trends in the church, she writes not only to help us realize what church leaders are facing, but also to provide practical and positive treatment plans.Mad Church Disease is a lively, informative, and potentially life saving resource for anyone in ministry vocational or volunteer who would like to understand, prevent, or treat the epidemic of burnout in church culture.

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    1. I bought this book from a local Christian bookstore that was closing down. There were many on the shelf which I thought could mean either it A) wasn't popular and nobody bought it or B) was very popular and the bookstore felt the need to once stock many in their shop.It was kind of an impulse buy as my son ran crazy through the store. I didn't have time to scan it for reviews - in fact I barely had time to read the blurb. It was heavily discounted so I took the chance. That and a friend had been [...]

    2. Book title: Mad Church Disease Author: Anne Jackson Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2009 Number of pages: 190Love Hurts, yeah, yeah (love hurts) says the J. Giles Band, and according to Anne Jackson, so does ministry. Having been in vocational ministry for fifteen plus years, I'd have to agree with both J. Giles (whoever he is) and Anne Jackson.Jackson's book deals with burnout in ministry, particularly in full-time church work. Ideally, working on a church staff should be the safest place in the world [...]

    3. I’m a pretty typical church raised North American kid, raised in a Christian home, lead in the youth group, got a theology degree, married a pastors daughter, have been pastoring for ten years now, and have two sons (3 &1). Your book has been a godsend to me. I’ve had it on my shelf for over a year now always intending to read it, but never getting around to it until this afternoon. To say that my experiences in church have been primarily negative would be an understatement of a large de [...]

    4. This book is about burnout. Not a topic that many have covered. I am not even sure if there are other books on this topic, available for people who work in ministry. Also, it was great to hear Anne Jackson’s heart about the church. And the cover art sold the book to me. I love great designs (can’t do them but recognize them when I see them) and this one truly is great. In a few chapters of this book, she has interviews with other pastors or those who work closely in ministry. This was probab [...]

    5. Imagine you work at a church.Now imagine you’re burned out.But I repeat myself.All right, I admit, that’s a ripoff of an old Mark Twain joke. I mean…it’s an homage to an old Mark Twain joke.Mad Church Disease by Anne Miller (pen name: Anne Jackson) is a book by someone who has worked in ministry for people who are working in ministry. As the title says, it’s about overcoming the burnout epidemic and I can attest that it is an epidemic.I was advised by a friend, who currently pastors a [...]

    6. Great book on keeping God first in your life. Some of my favorite quotes:I loved Jesus, but his church was wearing me out. “the way I was doing the work of God was destroying the work of God in my life.” Craig GroeschelI gave God a choice that night (sixteen-year-olds are so smart!). Either I was going to part ways with the church entirely, or he was going to give me a way to help bring unity to the church.I didn’t have the answer. But I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was so wrap [...]

    7. Not necessarily do I agree with everything in this book, and it has some rough edges as far as the author's use of language, but in many ways, it was quite helpful. It gives a practical explanation of the risk of burnout to those in service/ministry roles, how to identify burnout, and what to do about it.Here are some of the main points I took from the book:We must "find the kind of energy that comes only from the Holy Spirit so that we can sustain productive, Christ-honoring ministry over the l [...]

    8. I haven't come across many books on this topic, and so I think it's an important read. Even if you don't think you are suffering from burnout, it just might help you understand the world of someone who is. A few stand out parts -from the foreword from Craig Groeschel-"e way I was doing the work of God was destroying the work of God in my life."P. 109-110"Are you trying to run the best children's ministry in the country? Are you attempting to grow your church by two hundred people this year? Are [...]

    9. This book is great and please ignore the comment in the "discussion". The author of the discussion clearly has a chip on his shoulder for clergy abuse which anyone can read by looking at the back cover this book is NOT about. It is about personal responsibility and basic principles of health - yes, we all know them but we so often neglect them. Why do we have so many fat, tired, burned out church workers who are sleeping around, stealing money and leaving the church in droves? Because we do not [...]

    10. view full review at: zakwhite/2009/04/mad-c04.27.2009Mad Church DiseaseCategories: BooksEdit ThisKnocked out another book of my 2009 Reading List.The book was “Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic” by Anne Jackson.Anne’s book gives a real confession and information to help the reader diagnose burnout. She starts by sharing her own story of a long road towards burnout and how she prayed as a sixteen year old telling God that she would desert the church forever if He did not u [...]

    11. While the graphic design can occasionally be distracting, the content of this book on burnout for followers of Jesus (esp. clergy) is excellent. Anne Jackson is painfully honest about her own struggles with bitterness & burnout, which gives what she has to say credibility.I found myself wishing that the interviews with folks like Greg Kinnaman and Craig Groeschel could have gone on longer thankfully, Wayne Cordeiro has written his own book on burnout, Leading on Empty.I'm personally finding [...]

    12. While this book is intended for people serving in full-time ministry, the ideas and principles Anne Jackson writes about could be applicable to many different people serving in different fields. In particular, those who are serving as volunteers in strategic positions within a church would benefit from this book.The main concept that this talks about is the fact that ministry can be hard. Really hard. There's a common belief held that people in church should always be happy and that any problems [...]

    13. So it took me a while to get through this book. Not because it wasn't good, but because it is a hard book to get through if you are serious about it. It is about real health and what it takes to get there. It is hard stuff. If you are concerned about burnout, or if you are concerned that others you know are burning out it is worth the effort. I have read it twice in the past couple months and probably will read it again in another couple months.

    14. I passed this book on to my pastor, not because I thought he suffers from burn out, but as a resource for him to pass along to people he may know. In reading this book, I discovered that I have most likely never suffered from burn out a day in my life, which was a great thing to know!I have been reading Anne's blog for over a year and LOVE her work and her ministry.

    15. I am on page 58 of 190 pages. Only into Chapter twotaking it very seriously and answering the questions at the end of the chapters. I have also ordered her newest book about forgiveness and grace.

    16. I thought that this was ok. She deals with the concept of overworking in the church. A good concept for ministers to deal with. It does not deal with all of the areas that ministers struggle with burnout though.

    17. Wow - How applicable to those who serve in churches - On top of that - some very good counsel regarding physical, emotional and mental health for everyone.

    18. Fantastic book! If you are involved in church ministry as a volunteer or paid staff person you should read this book.

    19. Jacksons gives some good insight and advice on how to deal and prevent burnout. She get's in your face about areas of our lives that we have conformed to suit the demands of ministry and people.

    20. Reading this book reminds one of how much we expect of our ministers, staff and volunteers. No wonder they burn out!

    21. If you've experienced rough and painful experiences in church I'd highly recommend reading this book. Very practical, asks the right questions and gives great encouragment.

    22. This book came to my attention at a time when it was most needed and it certainly helped me to stick it out in a difficult situation.

    23. I wish I had found this book sooner- I highly recommend it to those who are in ministry- whether as a volunteer or on staff!

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