The Surrogate Omega

The Surrogate Omega If two are better than one then three is best Alpha couple Richard and Dusty may not fit the world s sense of normal but they have each other As a graphic designer who works from home while his pilot

  • Title: The Surrogate Omega
  • Author: Harper B. Cole Susi Hawke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If two are better than one then three is best Alpha couple Richard and Dusty may not fit the world s sense of normal, but they have each other As a graphic designer who works from home while his pilot husband is off flying the friendly skies, Dusty spends way too many hours alone Hours spent longing for a family, the family that the orphaned alpha is sadly lacking RIf two are better than one then three is best Alpha couple Richard and Dusty may not fit the world s sense of normal, but they have each other As a graphic designer who works from home while his pilot husband is off flying the friendly skies, Dusty spends way too many hours alone Hours spent longing for a family, the family that the orphaned alpha is sadly lacking Rich never wanted children, but after a decade with his husband, the alpha is ready to open his heart to a child Even if children are sticky, dirty, and downright irritating, for the most part Certainly, his own child will be above all that After all, isn t it all just a matter of proper parenting Josiah isn t in the market for an alpha He just needs to stay in forward motion and keep his eye on the prize as he juggles two jobs to raise his little sister who became his charge when their parents died She s smart Wicked smart But her school is convinced she s too challenged, that she ll never be able to finish regular high school, let alone college, refusing to recognize she is brilliant though severely dyslexic To get her the help she needs, Josiah needs money and a lot of it Surrogacy seems his only option He can t imagine doing it for just anyone, though, and soon, Dusty and Richard become than just the daddies of the baby he s carrying This book is 80k of sweet heat as only Harper B Cole and Susi Hawke can bring, but don t worry, it s not too knotty

    One thought on “The Surrogate Omega”

    1. These authors shouldn't be allowed to publish another book until they take an English 101 course. The multitude of egregious grammatical errors was appalling. So. Many. Mistakes. Also, I'm not sure what happened in the authors' past to make them despise Keurigs so much, but it must have been traumatic because included were no fewer than a dozen diatribes against the evil that is the single serve coffee machine. I'm no big fan, but surely coffee pods aren't the demise of society as we know it? So [...]

    2. When it comes to omega/alpha books I'm always for the monogamous couples, I like the fact of true mates, soulmates, fated mates and all that. So, when I read the plot of this book I was skeptical but the reviews on were good so I pick it up. Surprisingly I loved it.I liked Richard and Dusty's relationship, they were married and understood each other. And while Richard wasn't sure about children, he did understand Dusty's need to have a family. I also like the fact the author didn't get too over [...]

    3. A tender story about the relationship of a married couple of alpha males, Dusty and Richard. They have a loving relationship but Dusty, who works from home, has always wanted a child while Richard (airline pilot, wanted to wait. The alpha males represent privilege, the 'haves'. Omega Josiah is doing everything that he can to take care of his little sister who can't read and is considered of low intelligence by her school. Josiah can't make ends meet now but he will do anything for his sister. He [...]

    4. Family of 5 possible moreWhere to begin? I LOVED IT!!!! YOu jump right into the story with Josiah and sammy and then married Alphas Rich and Dusty. It's a must read to get the full effect and not by my report. Sammy brings out the love and smarts that all of the guys have and more at the ending. The ending made cry happy tears and wanting more to the story but it was excellent and beautiful. I will be re-reading this book for sure. AWESOME writing keep doing your thing and thank you both for ano [...]

    5. This started out strong but went downhill after the first 40% or so. When kids are involved in a romance, there has to be a balance in the kid and the romance and I felt that Samantha was way too involved here.The second half of the book felt like random filler. Focus on pets, the weird doula, foot odor (gross!), coffee rants, it just felt disjointed and unfocused. I was waiting for the story to pick up again but unfortunately it didn't happen.

    6. Hot and SweetDusty and Richard are alphas who are looking for a surrogate. When his sister needs a special school, Josiah decides to become a surrogate to get the money to send her. The three have an instant bond and attraction. Hot and sexy. A touch of angst balances the story. Josiah’s bond with his sister is adorable. The natural progression of the relationship between the three guys and his sister was adorable. Fun, sexy read.

    7. Three is not a crowdWhile m/m/m is not typically my favorite trope, this book was well written and was a good read. In my opinion it’s really difficult to get the emotions right between three adults in a relationship. The 2 alphas in this story had no issues with jealousy- or anything. While it makes for a nice, sweet book, it is missing the realism of blending a couple into a thruple. A really fun read regardless.

    8. Lovely first book to a new seriesNow I must admit I was a bit wary going into this as I was unsure on the angst factor seeing as two of the main character's were already married but the triad fitted together seamlessly. The heart, warmth, emotions and heat this story brings make for the perfect lazy day read. Future story possibly set up and I'm intrguied to see where these authors go with it.

    9. Rollercoaster of emotionsWow, an absolutely fantastic read that follows the trials and tribulations of Josiah, Peter and Dusty. The reason these three are brought together shows how family love and ties have no barrier that won't be crossed.Following the relationships as they develop and grow had me laughing and crying in equal measure, though a happy ever after brought more tears.

    10. This book was an awesome start to new series that cant wait for more to come. Fell in love with Josiah who will do anything to protect his little sister. When times comes to some hard choices he will always think of others them self. The dynamics of Rich and Dusty is so heartwarming. when these three meet there is the slow burn of attraction, will they be able to let down their insecurities to build a family?Highly recommend reading this book and can't wait for the next book in the series

    11. Super wowThis really deserves more than five stars. The story itself is stunning and sweet. It is well written and scripted. The characters are thoughtfully developed. Samantha is adorable. Kia is, well you'll just have to read it. The entire story is well put together and all facets are neatly tied together.

    12. Loved It 💖This was not the typical Alpha/ Omega read. It was two Alphas who didn't know that they were missing anything until an Omega desperate to help his sister fell into their laps. I loved Richard, Dusty and Josiah, and Sam was a feisty little firecracker. I can't wait to read the next book.

    13. I really like this book, I haven’t read an omegaverse non shifter book in a while but imma go back and check some out cos this book was soo good! Three fantastic characters and a lovely little girl absolutely delightful throw in a hippie doula and laughs were endlessCan’t wait for the next book on the series!!

    14. This book is your typical ALPHA/OMEGA dynamic. It's a little strange because one of the alphas in this seems far more like an omega but I actually enjoyed that. Also enjoyed that it was a triad. I like this. It's an easy fluffy read that's written well. There are a couple of editing mistakes but nothing too major. I'm definitely going to read the next one.

    15. OMG awesomeness!Love LOVE love love this story! Love Susi and Harper books and this does not disappoint! All around awesomeness. Just wonderful! Even the sadness and angst were just enough to make this story flow with real emotion and happiness and love

    16. Full of giggles and love!!What pleasure! I loved reading this story! It is filled with humor and love and the struggle of falling in love and life in general. The book is full of giggles and such a fun book. Can't wait for more please!!.

    17. thanks to the story giver, she is one with the omegaverse. LOL.a bit of kai for ya. I liked this book, the dynamics between Richard, saiha, dusty ad a little bit of Sammy was so funny. I cried and laughed. I really enjoyed this book

    18. My Review I'm not usually into threesomes but this story was just so cute . Once again the underdog wins his deserved love & happy life . I fell in love with Josiah . Very good story . Thank You

    19. Well written and tender storyWith a premise near and seat to my heart, this story takes the real struggles of a single parent and follows his determination to do what's best for his sister.

    20. I enjoyed this book very much. It was a sweet fun read. I thought all the MC's worked well with each other. They all three brought their own personalities, and they worked well in strengthening each other. Had nicely written secondary characters also. Will look for the next in the series.

    21. I really enjoyed this throuple and it's unique way of the three meeting. Sam absolutely cracked me up. The three MCs have a wonderful connection and the work that they put into the relationship is amazing. There are up and downs, which I really enjoy in stories. Though, the doula cracks me up!

    22. I thought this was going to be a quick read/novella & was pleasantly surprised that it was full length & a great read! It was pretty sweet with no major conflicts but it held my interest from beginning to end. I'm definitely looking forward to more in this series!

    23. Brilliant readI'm a new reader of Susi Hawke and I'm loving the writing style.Mpreg is a fascinating genre that I won't tire of reading.I look forward to reading many more of Susi's books

    24. I like this story.It was nice to see them grow towards becoming a family. The story shared the prospect of each character and it flow from one person to another.

    25. So goodI loved this book. Was very surprised and really enjoyed it. The characters are great, humor everywhere, just like I like my books. Easy to read, couldn't put it down.

    26. Liked the story, was a great read. Lots of errors namely spelling in the book. Recommend to read, just beware of the spelling issues.

    27. YesCan you find a better collaboration? I think not! Harper B. Cole and Susi Hawke, means omegaverse gold! This story is swiped sweet! I just adored it!

    28. A great read! I loved this book! Wonderful characters and side characters. Really enjoyable. Can’t wait for more if this becomes a series.

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