A Clash of Storms

A Clash of Storms The electrifying GRAND FINALE of Season Pre order now

  • Title: A Clash of Storms
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The electrifying GRAND FINALE of Season 6 Pre order now

    One thought on “A Clash of Storms”

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. The season finale of Eritopia finally happens! I’ve come to appreciate Bella’s writing in so many ways. She brings this community to life with all of the creatures and people that make this series what it is. She lets you drown in her writing and takes you to another world where you lose yourself for hours at a time. This book was nothing short of amazing. I LOVED it so much. I’ve been waiting to see what happens to everyone and it couldn’t have been more Bella! I had a [...]

    2. AmazingBella Forrest has done it again! This season was so satisfying. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Can't wait for the new season!

    3. Best ending ever!!!I have to give this one 4.5 because by the time I got to the half way point I thought that there wouldn’t be enough time for a full ending to unfurl but this has been my favorite! The reunion literally gave me goosebumps! Minus .5 because I felt like the battle with Azazel dragged on, there was books and books of successes and failures in the battle scene, why so much back and forth? Shadeans it has been real! Love y’all and what you stand for but I will officially be taki [...]

    4. Must read seriesThis chapter gave me a lot of emotions throughout the book. Especially when it came to Serena and Driven, also when they were reunited with their families. I cried I felt every emotion. I loved this season and I'm glad everyone got their happy ending I can't wait for next season I want to see how the worlds combine especially with the shade and gasps. I also hope that the couples get to eventually have babies I can't wait to see what the next adventure brings with all the new cha [...]

    5. End of Season 6A great conclusion to season 6 of The Shade. I did enjoy it, but honest!y was hoping for the announcement that Forrest would revisit the other characters. We have met so many wonderful secondary characters who once held great importance. They are tossed aside and forgotten, their story never told. Instead of next season being about yet another round of offspring, I would love to be told the other stories. Alas, that doesn't appear to be the case. I enjoyed season 6, but not sure i [...]

    6. This ended wellTo give her the praise she is due, she took the time to write a story that tied up the loose ends and truly finished the series, as much as she ever can with any of her series that is. At least she didn’t repeat everything that went on before and use that as half the book, for that I’m thankful. That gets so old and irritating and the reason I don’t plan on reading any more Shade books, I’ve read 50 of them, I need to get my reading list in order and feed my brain somethin [...]

    7. Shade of vampire book 50Another great ending I loved how it came together e new siblings are awesome en of course they win the war.ybe we will see give weddings taking place in the next series. was great how each series of these books carries there weight in gold per say.ey are interesting and as the reader it keeps you wanting morery glad to say I have read this entire collection and would totally recommend this series to any person as it is all age appropriate

    8. This shade season hooked me in from the start and didn't let me go. It was my favorite season since the first with sophia and Derek. I hung on each and every book and the finale was everything I hoped it would be. I loved the story of Serena and Draven, the Oracle's, all the new creatures. it brought me to the world of the in between and made me love all of the world's creatures as if they were shadian. Totally recommend delving into Season 6. Will not disappoint.

    9. A world to SaveAs the children of the shade continue to fight the worst kind of evil, they hone in on their orical powers. Each with a unique gift they come together to save the in between world's and the many creatures that live there.Love blossoms and friendships are built.In the end everyone in the in between world meets the Shadians. Family's reunited. New family introduced. 20 plus years has passed and there's a lot to learn. Together they build a new way of life.

    10. Just wowI loved the season 6 series with the new world and all the interesting new species and especially the love stories involving The Shade offspring. So many twists and Oracle visions to keep you guessing, I can't put these books down til I read thru the whole of it! I will be so sad the day Bella Forrest decides to end this series but lucky for us Shaddicts there is a Season 7 with the first book coming out in a few days and I am so excited for it!!

    11. EmotionalThis book made me feel every emotion. I laughed, cried, I was pissed. I was scared, hurt, sad, I think I even peed a little, lol My heart was so involved that the characters literally became a part of me. I even dreamt with Viola true story, Anywho thanx Bella for the Shade.

    12. 5 stars doesn't even touch it! As we head back to Eritopia to figure out what's happening to the gang be prepared for so many emotions but in such a good way! This is a book I promise you won't be able to put down! Serena, Draven and the gang fight to save Eritopia and their friends. Be ready to be mind blown Bella never disappoints. So hang on tight and get ready for battle!

    13. GrippingYou might think that after this many books the stories would get boring but they get better and more thrilling with each new story , I know that possibly at some point the end of this series of books will end but I hope that is a long time to come I have enjoyed every single one.

    14. Best one yetI've always loved everyone of bellas books but this one had me crying when the shadians got their memories back after 20 Years And remembered their children that was SO emotional I felt like I was there with them I absolutely love your books and I'm beyond excited that the share will continue

    15. AmazingThis was by far my favorite book of season six. The epic battle was so vivid that I felt it come to life as I read. The reunion of families had me in tears and by the end of the book I was indeed crying tears of joy and happiness. Way to go Bella Forest! And thank you for another great story!

    16. The bestThe best book by far was book 50 omg what a action filled a venture this was. About half way thrue to the end I cryed like a baby. So much love,so much action,so much terror,so much wow loved it thanks for the adventure

    17. A+++++Wow what a way to end a series. Bella I really have no idea how you do it, but My hats off to You. You are an amazing writer & The Shade & Eritopia have became My home also thanks to You! Can't wait for the New Series!!!!

    18. Not 2 old 2 enjoyI absolutely love this series. Bella Forest has such a creative mind. I only wish she could bring the audibles back. But I’m sure with as many books as she does it would be to hard. Keep em coming Bella, looking forward to start season 7.

    19. As always a great read and the end of season six I think. It made me want to cry and made me laugh and could not put this bad boy down. I look forward to the next book and the start of a new series. AS always 5 stars and fabulous work Bella Forrest.

    20. Another fantastic book from BellaWow!! I've loved this series of the shade, I loved the characters and the story. I can't wait to see what the next series will be,I know it will be just as fantastic as all the others xxx

    21. This was another amazing book by Bella. I love this series and will be sad if it ever ends. Serena and Draven are my new favorites and i am glad they are still standing. It had my stomach tied in knots and heart fluttering and breaking in parts but i was very happy with the outcome.

    22. What a great ending the 6 th season of asov!!! Bella Forrest never ceases to amazing me and hold me captive! I loved loved loved draven and Serena's story i could not put it down and highly recommend it to anyone!! I cannot wait for the next installment of asov

    23. Compelling Absolutely adore this series! Building upon previous books. This is one of the best series I have ever had the pleasure to read. I can’t wait to see and read what is next!

    24. I didn't expect half of the twists and turns in the ending, but I have to admit, this was brilliantly wrote!! I My my my when Viola steps in and takes charge I almost tossed my phone with joy!! I wonder what the next heart stopping adventure awaits The Shade??

    25. MarvelousIve read all your books. I've enjoyed everyone very much. I've been waiting for book fifty to see this will. This had me tears when I though they would all die. Great book.

    26. Great readAs always there is a little bit of everything in this book. Love, family, wars, and good lessons learned. Good over taking evil. Enjoyable if these kind of books are what you like to read.

    27. Wow, couldn't stop reading, Amazing, I couldn't stop turning the page, lot emotion, love, and laughter, and sadness, and loss. But the end they became victorious; That's why gave high rating. Bella never stop to ameze me. Yes I recommend a shade of vampire to friens

    28. Out with the old, in with the newI'm so excited about the conclusion of this season of the shade. I continue to be impressed by each new addition to this wonderful world Bella has graciously taken us all to. I can't wait to start reading season 7!

    29. Beauty at it’s finestThe ending of this seasons finale was absolutely fantastic! A beautiful way to end a beautiful chapter of the Shade!

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