Last Seen Wearing

Last Seen Wearing Morse is a thoroughly convincing detective and a very humane one too The New York Times Book ReviewValerie Taylor has been missing since she was a sexy seventeen than two years ago Inspector Morse

  • Title: Last Seen Wearing
  • Author: Colin Dexter
  • ISBN: 9780553280036
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Morse is a thoroughly convincing detective, and a very humane one, too The New York Times Book ReviewValerie Taylor has been missing since she was a sexy seventeen, than two years ago Inspector Morse is sure she s dead But if she is, who forged the letter to her parents saying I am alright so don t worry Never has a woman provided Morse with such a challenge, f Morse is a thoroughly convincing detective, and a very humane one, too The New York Times Book ReviewValerie Taylor has been missing since she was a sexy seventeen, than two years ago Inspector Morse is sure she s dead But if she is, who forged the letter to her parents saying I am alright so don t worry Never has a woman provided Morse with such a challenge, for each time the pieces of the jigsaw start falling into place, someone scatters them again So Valerie remains as tantalizingly elusive as ever Morse prefers a body a body dead from unnatural causes And very soon he getsone You don t really know Morse until you ve read him Viewers who have enjoyed British actor John Thaw as Morse in the PBS Mystery anthology series should welcome the deeper character development in Dexter s novels Chicago Sun Times Fascinating Very satisfying Book Sellers

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    1. Last seen wearing her school uniform, Valerie Taylor disappeared a little over two years ago on her way back to her school in a small town near Oxford after having eaten lunch at home. Seventeen and very well-developed, Valerie had a taste for older men and after her parents reported her missing, Valerie was never seen again and her body was never found.The police detective originally assigned to the case has continued to work it periodically, even though what little trail there was has long sin [...]

    2. My first impression after reading was 'I have absolutely no idea what to think of this' and it took me a while to figure out why I felt so confused. Eventually I realized it was because I had never seen a detective in a crime-series having been so terribly wrong before. Really. Morse does spent most of the time being extremely wrong: he has a theory, a new clue appears that makes it clear that it can't have happened this way. Another theory. New clue. Repeat almost endlessly.However these wrong [...]

    3. In this second book of the "Inspector Morse" crime mystery series, entitledLast Seen Wearingthe cogs and wheels of Colin Dexter's brain are really beginning to revolve. The number of false conclusions Morse leaps to is quite staggering. And embarrassingly I was with Inspector Morse in every blind alley he trundled up. Even when I thought (he and) I had guessed the answer, Colin Dexter deftly diverted my attention away from it, so that it was literally only in the final few pages that my vague su [...]

    4. It’s always a pleasure to return to the wonderful stories of Colin Dexter and Inspector Morse, that all too-human English detective who drinks too much and realizes he needs to place his collection of Victorian erotica in a less conspicuous place on his bookshelf. In this case, Victoria Taylor, an attractive seventeen-year-old disappeared two years ago. Morse is handed the case following the death of Inspector Ainley who had just become interested following receipt of a note that Victoria was [...]

    5. A girl disappeared and has been presumed dead for more than two years; but is she even dead?Reading this book was like walking through a maze: so many possible ways to go and so many of them wrong. (Here's the solution; oops, no, that's not it. HERE'S what happened; nope, nope, nope. Okay, this is itis is what happened; wrong again.) In a word, it was great fun.I'm particularly enjoying the development of Morse's and Lewis's relationship; Morse really does think highly of Lewis, but simply doesn [...]

    6. This was a very enjoyable read again. I had been re-reading all of the books that are on kindle and Colin Dexter died with 2 days reading left in this book, So Sad. But he created a unique and memorable set of characters that are still entertaining millions of people.

    7. The second Morse book puts the Inspector in a position he's not entirely comfortable with - a cold case of a missing person, rather than a murder with a body to work from. That makes it all the more fascinating as a reader - the twists and turns of the is she/isn't she alive on top of the possibilities of who did what to whom and when.I'm still not entirely sure I'm on board with Morse himself. His scattergun nature is fine, that's often the way with brilliant detectives - Sherlock and Frost bot [...]

    8. Oh dear. I've come upon a series which might have been a perfectly good read were it not for seeing the TV version first. This is the 3rd Inspector Morse I've read and the second in the series. (The first I read was actually the 10th, I think. Read out of order because it was just at hand.) I have to say, I don't really like them all that much. For one thing, there is very little I find in the least appealing or interesting about Morse. He's smart, I suppose. But you don't really see the gears t [...]

    9. E' una piacevolissima conferma, questo Ispettore Morse. Stavolta prende ben più di una cantonata e sembra perdere le speranze ogni volta che le sue intuizioni lo portano verso l'assassino (sbagliato) e il movente (mai quello). Però è difficile chiudere il libro e fare qualcos'altro. Dalla seconda metà, dopo aver presentato caso e personaggi, ogni fine capitolo è un continuo colpo di scena e l'epilogo è una summa delle piste seguite. Forse un po' banale, rispetto al ritmo del romanzo, ma nu [...]

    10. I’m giving the Inspector Morse mysteries by Colin Dexter a go, having never read them before. I started with Book 1, which I enjoyed with reservations. I have had exactly the same experience with Book 2. The mystery is interesting, with lots of unexpected twists and turns. It focuses on a cold case of a missing girl, who disappeared on her way to school at the age of seventeen. The detective working the case concluded she had run away with a man, but now that detective is dead. Only a few days [...]

    11. This book no. 2 is about a missing persons case regarding the disappearance of Valerie Taylor, a pupil of Roger Bacon School in Oxford. Solving this whodunit involves Valerie's parents, a few male teachers, and a possible move to London. The case is two years old, there is no body, and Strange has ordered Inspector Morris to resolve the case, whether Morris likes it or not. Previous Inspector Ainley has a few crumbs to go on but died in a car wreck. Morris begins like he does with crossword puzz [...]

    12. 3.5, I'm persevering to see if the later ones improve as these early ones are very of their time, great stories as you would expect but the permeating sexism makes them difficult to read at times.

    13. I wonder if the reason I couldn't really care very much about this story is related to Morse not really caring very much about it either. When he cannot squeeze it into being murder-shaped, he admits that he simply cannot raise much enthusiasm. And in many ways I feel similarly.The opening Prologue definitely caught my attention, keeping me intrigued to find where it fitted and to whom it belonged.One of my main issues, I think, is with the characterization. I prefer the characters of the TV Mor [...]

    14. If weren't aware of the original Morse tv series and now the Endeavor tv series--and the Lewis tv series, I might have rated this one higher. Colin Dexter is an award-winning author, but I didn't feel this one was that good. I read this for a group, English Mysteries Club.I did enjoy the set up and most of the book. I could accept that Morse and Lewis are just getting started, and I did cut them some slack as young men not at the tv series stage. I couldn't "hear" the tv Morse saying some of th [...]

    15. I've been meaning to read the Inspector Morse mysteries for quite some time now, and when I ran across this volume at Half-Price Books, it was too hard to resist. This book is actually the second of the thirteen novels by Colin Dexter in this series (the first one wasn't available at the HPB I was in).I didn't have any preconceived notions about the style of writing, etc. I was very pleasantly surprised, not only by the quality of the narrative, sprinkled liberally with whimsy and witticisms, bu [...]

    16. First Sentence: He felt quite pleased with himself.More than two years ago, Valerie Taylor disappeared. Now, a letter is received saying she is alive. Inspector Morse has been assigned the case to learn the truth.I read principally for character. When I don’t like the characters, I have a hard time getting through the book. Other than his love of opera, there was little to like about Morse. He drinks too much, is into pornography and leaps to conclusions about the case, then trying to make the [...]

    17. This is a very good book that unravels the efforts it can actually take to get to the conclusion of a mystery. For that matter, the trouble to get to answers in life. False and hopeful conclusions. Deadends. Confusion. One of the most realistic in plotting of a fictional mystery I've read. This book is not for those looking for a straightforward mystery with w twist or two. It will greatly frustrate those. It could be said Dexter went too far with the many bad leads to then present it to the rea [...]

    18. said I started this Dec. 7. Actually, I started it about a week ago, but got bored so read P.D. James Shroud for a Nightingale. While the James book started off well and ended boringly and disappointingly, Dexter started poorly but ended up becoming at least, different. I have one more Dexter to read, and at that point I will make a final decision. I am not a fan of Morse. I know he is very popular, but I don't get it. Here is what I like: I like that he (Morse) has scholarly interests. More imp [...]

    19. 3.5 ratingA good mystery and an interesting book - change from the novels where the detective knows what he/she is doing, even with a few red herrings has right deductions mostly and unravels the mystery neatly in the final few chapters. The story begins when the case of a missing girl Valerie Taylor is handed over to a reluctant Morse. Is Valeria alive or is she actually dead? As Morse and Lewis take on the case, Morse keeps tying himself up in knots so twisted it becomes difficult to make out [...]

    20. of the two Inspector Morse books I have read thus far, this is my least favorite. Granted, I still enjoy the atmosphere and style of Dexter's universe, but that was about the only things keeping me going. It was evident from the start that Morse didn't care about this case, and when forced to take it, proceeded to blunder his way through it like a bull in a china shop. Morse systematically screws the pooch in any way he can, and Sergeant Lewis is left to pick up the pieces (indeed, he comes much [...]

    21. There are two elements that raise Last Seen Wearing above usual police procedural fare. The first is the plotting and the second the characterization. Dexter maps out a wonderfully constructed story of feints and blind alleys as Morse stumbles from one line of reasoning to another, his theories constantly dashed on the rocks of empirical evidence. Every time it appears he has found a path forward, it turns into a cul-de-sac. This is not a tale of a genius cop who always finds his quarry, but is [...]

    22. AUTHOR: DEXTER, ColinTITLE: Last Seen WearingDATE READ: 12/02/10RATING: 4.5/B+GENRE/PUB DATE/PUBLISHER/# OF PGS: Mystery/1976/Ballantine Books/326 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: #2 Inspector MorseTIME/PLACE: 1970's/Oxford, UKCHARACTERS: Inspector Morse of the Thames Valley PoliceFIRST LINES: Three and a half years later two men were seated together in an officeMENTS: Valerie Taylor was 17 when she went missing 2 yrs ago. Another detective was working on this cold case but died in an auto accident and Mo [...]

    23. Ainsley is dead, and Morse has inherited his cold case, the disappearance of a teenager several years ago. Morse is convinced that the girl is dead, although a letter to her parents arrived right after Ainsley's accident. This is early Morse, and he arrives at a variety of solutions to the problems raised by this case--is Valerie alive? Was she murdered? By whom?--each one of which is later exploded. The ending seems a bit unclear, but watching the building of the relationship between Morse and [...]

    24. Alla seconda lettura, dopo un paio di decenni dalla prima, i gialli di Colin Dexter mostrano un pochino la corda: l'essere intrappolati in quel limbo cronologico tra la contemporaneità e l'età aurea del giallo inglese (prima metà del novecento, a mio modo di vedere) li fa avvertire polverosi più che classici. Ciò premesso, rimangono comunque un esempio chiarissimo di mistery britannico, con il suo studio dei caratteri e i continui twist investigativi. Sarebbero più corrette le tre stelle e [...]

    25. Below is my review from when i last read these books. The latest season of Endeavour has prompted me to reread them.They are even more poignant now. I'll admit it. I've had a Morse shaped crush since I was 14. 2008 reviewThe one with the girl who might not be dead after all, and Morse almost falls in love.

    26. I liked this book. If there's one thing that annoys me about detective novels, its that the detectve always seems to get things right, they are never wrong. Well here Morse and Lewis get plenty of things wrong. Laughed out loud when Morse corrects Lewis's grammar mistakes when reading up on Lewis theory, he had written while he was ill in bed!re-read June 2015

    27. I've been away from Morse and Lewis for many years now, and it was nice to be back. However, this is definitely not one of Colin Dexter's best plots. One major head fake per plot is my limit; this one exceeded that limit by a wide margin. I also like to have a real "solution," preferably a surprising one.

    28. I love watching any of the Inspector Morse type programmes on the TV by unfortunately I find the books a little hard going, although the storyline is always pretty good I just find it a little too intelligent at times.

    29. I read crime novels all the time and this was one of the most frustrating I've ever read. Surely based on this story, Morse shouldn't even have got out of uniform let a,one reached Detective Inspector. This will be one author's novels I won't bother with in future.

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