Too Damn Nice

Too Damn Nice Do nice guys stand a chance Lizzie Donavue went from being the sister of his best friend to the girl Nick Templeton most wants to kiss On her birthday he finally summons up the courage to make his mo

  • Title: Too Damn Nice
  • Author: KathrynFreeman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Do nice guys stand a chance Lizzie Donavue went from being the sister of his best friend to the girl Nick Templeton most wants to kiss On her birthday, he finally summons up the courage to make his move But it looks like Nick s missed his chance when he discovers that Lizzie has been offered a modelling contract, which will take her away to the glamorous fashion scenesDo nice guys stand a chance Lizzie Donavue went from being the sister of his best friend to the girl Nick Templeton most wants to kiss On her birthday, he finally summons up the courage to make his move But it looks like Nick s missed his chance when he discovers that Lizzie has been offered a modelling contract, which will take her away to the glamorous fashion scenes of New York and Los Angeles.Nick is forced to watch from the sidelines as the gawky teenager he knew is transformed into Elizabeth Donavue top model and ultimate English rose pin up, forever caught in a whirlwind of celebrity parties with the next up and coming Hollywood bad boy by her side But then Lizzie s star studded life comes crashing down around her, and a guy like Nick could be just what she needs Will she take a chance on him Or is he just too damn nice

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    1. Completely wasn't expecting Too Damn Nice to have me at the edge of my emotions for a significant amount of the book. For some reason the writing really got under my skin and affected me a lot, and I was astounded by how much depth there was in this book, than perhaps I was expecting from the blurb. For I thought I was getting a book about a super model, who turns to an old friend in a time of need, while predominately getting lots of the glitz and glamour of the worlds of New York and Los Angel [...]

    2. Always love reading books from Kathryn Freeman and this book has been another fabulous read!For some reason I was expecting something a little lighter - don't ask me why! - but the story of Lizzy isn't all light and fluffy! On the surface of it all she has led a charmed life as she became a model aged 18, living the high life in the USA.But scratch away at that lifestyle, and all seems a little darker. She is haunted by the loss of her family that left her pulling away from those in her past, an [...]

    3. Too damn nice by Kathryn Freeman is as comforting as a log fire on a winter day. It's equally funny, sad and very, very enjoyable. This is my second Kathryn Freeman novel and I'll certainly be looking out for more. Thoroughly recommend for those who love a good romance, or for those that just love a good read

    4. Who’s just too damned nice? Lovely Nick Templeton is. He’s the boy next door, the one who picked up the pieces when Lizzie and her brother Robert went off the rails. He’s the one who comforts Lizzie when Robert has a terrible car accident.Now he has to sit and watch from afar while beautiful Lizzie heads off to Los Angeles to take up a career as a model, a career that zooms her to stardom. Has she forgotten Nick? It seems not and is pleased to see him when he journeys over to check on her [...]

    5. Nick Templeton has been waiting for the right moment to ask Lizzie Donavue for a date. Standing on the edge of the dance floor at her 18th birthday he feels he might be doubly lucky tonight – a dance and a date. Until her father announces she has secured a modelling contract and is off to New York.For Nick, when it comes to Lizzie he seems to have one role in life: a friend and support in times of trouble. He’s there to comfort her when the unthinkable happens and she loses her family in a t [...]

    6. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressThere is nothing more satisfying than starting a new book and finding out that you’re able to curl up on the sofa with it in sweet bliss after the first few pages. When I started reading Kathryn Freeman’s ‘Too Damn Nice’, I had had the day from hell. Majorly stressed. Majorly exhausted, and all I wanted to do was hide. So what did I do instead of hiding? I read ‘Too Damn Nice’. A few chapters in, I began to feel a lot c [...]

    7. Too Damn Nice is one of those books that completely caught me off guard. I knew it was a contemporary romance but hadn't quite banked on how emotional the book was. I think the cover lead me into a false sense of security because Too Damn Nice is a book with some quite serious subject matters in it and it certainly made me sit up and take notice. Here's why I loved it!Lizzie Donavue is a beautiful English rose and with just the perfect look to be snapped up, at only 18 years old by an American m [...]

    8. Traveling between the US and the UK, the story starts with a then 18 year old Lizzie and her discovery by a modeling agency in the US. Her birthday is when she makes the announcement, much to the dismay of her brother’s friend Nick, who has held onto a crush for Lizzie for years, and now believes he’s got the chance to speak up. But, Lizzie’s plans throw a spanner into that plan, and he’s relegated to the ‘always a friend’ zone (or so he thinks) for Lizzie. Fast forward several years [...]

    9. This story has all the trappings of modern sucess, and indeed shows some of the worst aspects of the always connected world. In the best tradition of storytelling the conflict comes from within the characters.The heroine (Lizzie) is an ordinary young woman who has had great sucess as a model, and alongside this, great tradegy. Lizzie blames herself and her ambition for the tradegy and the ensuing guilt affects how she sees herself and how she reacts to others. The media storm which affects her i [...]

    10. 3.5 stars! I wanted to give it less, but the leading man in this book was unyielding and unselfish and incredibly patient making me want to give it an additional starThe world of modelling is not a career I could relate to and sadly I couldn't relate to the heroine, her story was deliberately sad and manipulative to the reader who were led to feel bad for her and believe that she was bereaved and broken. I couldn't see how many set of unspoken misunderstandings they had to have before they both [...]

    11. I do love Kathryn Freeman's books, they are so easy to read with characters that you can both identify with and care about. Nobody can ever be sure of what someone else is thinking and Kathryn Freeman has absolutely nailed the insecurities and misunderstandings that surround fledgling relationships in her new novel, Too Damn Nice.Nick Templeton has been in love with Lizzie Donavue for as long as he can remember, but she is the sister of his best friend, Robert, and Nick is like a member of the D [...]

    12. Lizzie’s parents had died and her brother Robert had been in the car and now laid in a coma it was still the early days but the doctors weren’t very hopeful that Robert would ever lead a normal life again. Lizzie’s parents had been coming to see her. Nick was at the funeral and at Lizzie’s side. Lizzie flinched but Nick kept his arm around her to offer the comfort he knew she needed. . Nick had lost his own parents when he was young through a faulty gas fire in the master bedroom during [...]

    13. Happy Birthday Lizzie!! A grand party thrown in honour of Lizzie’s 18th birthday and no expense was spared. A tall, blonde, naturally beautiful girl Lizzie had it all. Having been signed by a major New York model agency, she is riding high and having a ball! Her family and dearest friends are all gathered to wish her all the best, as well as Nick. Nick is Lizzie’s brother Robert, best friend. She has had a crush on Nick forever! He doesn’t seem to notice that, in fact he still thinks of he [...]

    14. So the title of this book should give a hint of what’s inside Too Damn Nice shouts lovey dovey romance to me. I’ve never gone for a nice guy, always erred on the bad boy side so I was curious to see if this would be a bit too sickly sweet for me. I have enjoyed books by Kathryn previously so that clinched the deal of reading and reviewing.Well after reading the fairly lengthy prologue by the time I got to the first chapter I was beginning to get involved with the characters, a bit further in [...]

    15. It's safe to say that I wasn't expecting to feel such an emotional pull towards the story and characters. Both Lizzie and Nick have had traumatic pasts and I loved their connection. Nick is pretty much the perfect guy the way he came to Lizzie's rescue was so sweet. To the public eye Lizzie may seem like she has things together and appear to be the perfect celebrity. However behind closed doors it's a different story and this made me like her even more especially when a horrible event bring [...]

    16. When you settle down with a ChocLit book you know you are in for a romantic read, with a gorgeous hero and not a few bumps along the path to true love. Too Damn Nice delivered in all these respects and I enjoyed reading it immensely.Nick Templeton has worshipped Lizzie Donavue from afar for years, being her big brother's best friend. She views him like another brother doesn't she? Well, Lizzie may have harboured similar feelings for Nick but neither have quite managed to let the other know. On h [...]

    17. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfI had such fun with Too Damn Nice. Well, truthfully, I always have fun with a Kathryn Freeman novel, but this one touch a few special spots for me. Nick is proof positive that yeah, often nice guys finish last… but when finishing last means he gets the girl he’s loved then last is a good place to be when it means forever.Lizzie and Nick have always had feelings for each other. Friendship that grew into a crush and then even more as adults. But life doesn’t alway [...]

    18. 4.5 stars!Too Damn Nice begins with a flashback of a pivotal point in Nick Templeton and Lizzie Donavue's lives. The arrival of Lizzie's eighteenth birthday encourages Nick to take a brave step forward and make his feelings known. Lizzie, however, has a bombshell of her own which changes everything for Nick and when she makes him an offer she is wounded by his knock back.Years later and a crisis point for Lizzie, she calls on Nick's help, despite keeping him at arms length since their last meeti [...]

    19. This is the first Kathryn Freeman book that I have read and although it was enjoyable unfortunately I didn’t find myself rushing to continue to read it, hence why I have only given it 4 stars.The story is based around Lizzie and Nick, who is Lizzie’s Brother’s best friend, who have been friends since childhood. They both are secretly in love with each other but neither realises it and this leads to misunderstandings for them both.Lizzie is a top model and Nick is an accountant but when tra [...]

    20. Does this exist being too damn nice? Well, if you had any doubts, this story will prove it to you. It is ok being there for others and respecting their wishes, but sometimes you have to put yourself first, make clear what you want and stop being so damn nice. Is this what Nick is going to do or will he keep the lock on his feelings? There is only one way to find out and that is by reading this beautiful story.Kathryn Freeman is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. She manages to take you s [...]

    21. I didn't expect this book to be as good as it had become. I read it in one go and really liked it. It was generally good at the beginning but I don't even know when but it became to cliched. Regardless I loved Lizzy and Nick's characters together as well as on their own. What I loved about Lizzy was that after all the unfortunate things that she went through she never became a damsel in distress rather she fought and tried to stand on her own feet. And Nick though acted as a loyal puppy dog was [...]

    22. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSPicked up this book thinking it would be a light hearted chic-lit type read to relax with. The blurb on the book and any reviews I read alluded to the main character Lizzie goes through a tough time that the love interest Nick rides in and rescues her from, I could have done with a warning that the "tough time" was that Lizzie is drugged by a boyfriend, raped by him and his friend who film and photo the rape and then try to blackmail her with the images, she refuses to [...]

    23. Lizzie has always thought of her older brothers best friend Nick as another brother, but when Lizzie is 18 she realises that Nick is much more than that, but will Nick always think of Lizzie as the awkward little sister?What Lizzie doesn't realise is that Nick has thought more of Lizzie than that and has been desperate to tell her, but then Lizzie is given a big modelling contract in LA and becomes a famous model, there is no way Lizzie would be interested in gawky Nick the accountant??When Lizz [...]

    24. A absolutely fabulous, sizzling, sexy, summer read. Lizzie is 26 she is a beautiful model in America. Nick is 31 he is a handsome accountant in England. Nick has known Lizzie all her life as he was her brother Robert's best friend while she was growing up. Robert lies in a coma in an American hospital, he and his parents were on their way to visit Lizzie when there was a car crash which killed Lizzie's parents and left Robert in the coma. Lizzie feels responsible for her parents death and althou [...]

    25. This is my first Kathryn Freeman novel and I really enjoyed this piece of Woman's fiction. This was a great romantic story with some heartache and misunderstandings woven into it. Lovely characters that really want to look out for each other. I loved reading about the ups and downs of the characters and as always the dreaded paparazzi also makes an appearance. Loved the cover and I would recommend this book if you are looking for a bit of romance.Thank you to Choc Lit via Netgalley for the copy. [...]

    26. Too Damn Nice is a tale of unrequited love and missed opportunity. On Lizzie’s 18th birthday party, Nick has decided it's finally time to declare his love for her. Before he has a chance to do so, she announces that she’s off to New York to become a model. Over the next few years she achieves supermodel status but after a series of wrong decisions and an horrific incident causing her shame and humiliation, seeing her life start to spiral downwards, Lizzie goes into hiding. Realizing she desp [...]

    27. I could not stop reading this one! It was a chick lit book with a good balance of cosy romance and hard hitting important content. It examines the entertainment world, in which the sexual exploitation of a woman can ruin her entire career (and not negatively impact a man's!). It's such a key topic at the moment that I think we should all read this for a fictional perspective on how it's possible to overcome this humiliation at the hands of an overtly sexist industry.

    28. What a wonderful book! Do second chances happen? Is Lizzie beyond his reach? And, of course, is Nick "too damn nice"?This is the fab tale of the damsel in distress being rescued by the knight on a white charger. But where that stops at happily ever after, this book goes into the intricacies and complications of modern relationships and people.They get close, they pull away, they get closer, one or other pulls away. Loved it!!Choc Lit wins again!

    29. I thought this was a cute, easy read about the courage to express love, the importance of family and true friendship, and just a sweet love story.I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    30. An excellent book. Romantic emotional with lovely characters you can actually picture. Very well written and perfect to curl up with on the sofa. Recommend to all you romantics out there who enjoy strong no strings attached characters.

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