Still Your Guy

Still Your Guy Chase Rogan and Mason Finley fell in love as kids and had their happily ever after at eighteen or so they thoughtASEOver a decade after his estrangement from his ex Chase returns to the Finley Dairy

  • Title: Still Your Guy
  • Author: Devon McCormack
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chase Rogan and Mason Finley fell in love as kids and had their happily ever after at eighteen or so they thoughtASEOver a decade after his estrangement from his ex, Chase returns to the Finley Dairy to celebrate Mason s sister s engagement But being back at the place where his fondest memories are the place where he and Mason laughed, played, and loved quickly ropes CChase Rogan and Mason Finley fell in love as kids and had their happily ever after at eighteen or so they thoughtASEOver a decade after his estrangement from his ex, Chase returns to the Finley Dairy to celebrate Mason s sister s engagement But being back at the place where his fondest memories are the place where he and Mason laughed, played, and loved quickly ropes Chase back into those feelings all over again, reminding him of the flame he could never extinguishSONDespite his attempts at getting over Chase, Mason still can t move on not from the greatest love he s ever known When Chase comes back to the dairy, all those old feelings return, as powerful as ever A wavering hope strengthens, making him believe that maybe just maybe they can find a way to put the past behind them and create a future together But it isn t easy, and every time he pushes, Chase pulls away As much as Mason wants it to work, if it doesn t, what is he supposed to do How can you move on when even after all the years you know in your heart, he s still your guy

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    1. The MC's of the story were in love since they were kids, Chase was actually fostered by Mason's parents since he was a teen (not sure about the age) Chase and Mason have been separated for 11 years and Chase is back for Mason's sister weeding. -I understand why their relationship didn't worked and hell I'm even ok with the separation but 11 years?? That's a lot -Chase had reasons for leaving but every time he talks with Mason it feels like he's giving excuses, no, tell the guy you chose what you [...]

    2. Warning: This is a rant containing spoilers I can't be bothered to censor. It's a rant with substance, but still a rant. A tantrum, really, if I'm being honest. And I am. Brutally so.I'm done. DNF @ 37%. I got indescribably tired of the push-pull bullshit. Chase was a useless fucking whiner and treated Mason like a bathroom stall hookup with feelings if that's even possible. He's a selfish fucking user with a martyr complex and yet, neither one of the MCs gains anything from the 'noble sacrific [...]

    3. Must Read!!!!!!!!!Ok, excuse me while I fanboy for just a moment. I truly believe that Devon McCormack can write virtually anything he sets his mind to. While too many authors in the field stick to one style, one voice, to tell a story, he’s a veritable writing chameleon, able to apply unique writing styles to his work. He has the ability to take tried and true tropes, and give them a fresh spin, making each book he writes a true work of art. You never know what you’re going to get with one [...]

    4. UGH.I hate this book. And I really like this book.I had to stop and switch to other things several times during this book, because shit got too real, but that's when you know you're invested. When you want to punch someone in the face.There does seem to be some confusion for some people about how they're still married 11 years later. It was a legal snafu. Click the spoiler for details. (view spoiler)[ They got married before marriage equality, so their marriage was not legal in Georgia or Califo [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jenn on Diverse Reader************************************************ Sometimes love just isn't enough For Chase, Rogan, and Mason Finley, loving each other isn't the problem. Finding a way to fit that love into two very different lives is the part they're having trouble with.Chase and Mason met as children and quickly became best friends. That friendship grows into a very real love, the type of love that can last a lifetime. Chase Rogan is living the dream, he has a great job, a be [...]

    6. 2.5☆I just didn't like this story. I like most childhood sweethearts storiesbut I had a hard time with this one .Mason and Chase broke up during college because of the long distance and the constant fighting. Which I can understand relationships are hard work .They broke up 11 years ago butthey are still legally married like WTF? Chase was in a serious relationship with Tristan for 3 years and he dated 2 guys before him *ughBut he is still in Love with Mason (really??)Mason never stopped lovin [...]

    7. A Very enjoyable Read. One of my favourites by this author. True love standing the test of time even if I did want to throttle Chase an occasion or two. Mason is adorable and the story well written. Great Book.

    8. Gorgeous second chance romancSometimes you meet 'the one' when you're young and you don't know any different and you think the world will always be laid out in front of you. Then life conspires and sometimes it twists along the way and you lose 'the one' and you're not sure your heart will ever recover. And then, if you're one of those gifted by fate, sometimes 'the one' comes back and you get another chance.This book has an occasional splutter, when perhaps the language doesn't match up to the [...]

    9. I had been in a slump, unable to get fully immersed in any book I picked up for a couple of weeks until I started this one! I read it within a few hours and didn't even want to stop for toilet breaks! That's how amazing this is and why 5 stars are certainly not enough!! Although I've loved every book I've read by this author, this has to be my favourite by FAR!One of the things I loved about Chase and Mason's story is that it's so different.I loved how throughout it all we got flashbacks from wh [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars! I was so torn up reading this second chance romance. Mason and his small town values, hard working farm body and devoted soul and I was Team Mason all the way. Chase felt that going to college and the long distance relationship would never work but he just didn't fight hard enough for what he wanted. Life wasn't fair when it kept these two apart after the high school sweethearts started heading in different directions. I just couldn't understand why Chase couldn't see these obstacles [...]

    11. I love a second chance romance. I LOVED everything about Mason and HATED everything about Chase. Normally if I dislike a character I don't enjoy the story. Devon had me wanting to throat punch Chase MANY timesThat being said I have not read a book in along time that provoked so much emotion from me. I laughed and cried got mad and still really enjoyed the story. Total book hangover. Well done Devon!!

    12. Someone wrote in his/her review:(view spoiler)[They both were with other people which is understandable because so many years but here's the thing THEY ARE MARRIED!!!No, just no, why would they keep being married for more than a decade if they didn't had any hopes? And Chase had year long relationships! Are you telling me that his partners were ok with that?>WTF???? pass (hide spoiler)]

    13. For some reason I didn't connect with this book like I thought I would. It wasn't bad, it just didn't wow me and I had a few niggles. Mason and Chase fell in love when they were young, married early, and then separated. They lived on opposite sides of the country, however they never officially divorced. Chase worked his dream job in California and had numerous other relationships, one even lasting 3 years. Mason had random hookups, but never stopped pining for his Chase while working on his fami [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book. Who doesn't believe in second chances and that, yes, sometimes you can go home again?I totally understood why Chase did what he did. I hated that he felt the need to constantly apologize for it. He and Mason were in different places back then. Chase needed a chance to go out on his own in order to grow and follow his dreams. Mason could have moved with Chase but he wouldn't have been happy.I think that, in the end, it's their time apart that made their relationship stronger. [...]

    15. This one wasn't for me, I guess. I didn't love the fact that they were separated for 11 years, but remained married while Chase left and dated other people for years. At first I felt really bad for Mason because it was obvious how much he was hurt but he still loved Chase, but then he let Chase get away with everything and was such a doormat. I felt a little ragey every time Chase would get upset about the fact that Mason had hooked up with people in those 11 years that they were separated. Chas [...]

    16. This book was OK for me. I guess I expected more. The storyline seemed very repetitious. The MCs clearly had a strong connection since childhood and were each other's first and only loves. Hell, they got married at approx 20 yrs of age. Their lives taking different directions while Chase attended college and law school out of state, lead to a separation of 12 yrs!!! However, the two MCs never divorced, yet dated and had longterm relationships with other men. Ugg! Sometimes I didn't think I'd fin [...]

    17. Sweet romantic listen, great for a relaxed Sunday. I probably will listen again and I enjoyed that these two cared for each other from the start and had just been torn apart by youth and circumstances. I was a bit disappointed that the plot in the epilogue wasn't providing more of the tension in the story, unlike in the Metropolis series or Between These Sheets and that would have made it 4* rather than 3. I loved the time taken on the story, this is actually one where despite it's greater lengt [...]

    18. Wow!! Just Amaizing!!This WONDERFUL book is amaizing!!, I had a feeling in this book, like home for meChase and Mason was one of the best couples I had the plasure to read, but I fall in love soo hard with Mason, What a Man!!, he's loyal, love so hard and give everthing he have, no matter what .Chase, Oh my Chase, the kind of hard life he had, made the increible man he was, but a little insecure, with this obsession to not fail Ma, this increible woman , and on the process he lost the most impor [...]

    19. I can not say enough good things about this book. Have a box of Kleenex nearby when you begin reading because it will definitely pull at your heartstrings. Mason and Chase go through a tremendous amount of pain and suffering to get their HEA, but it just goes to prove that true love will stand the test of time. The love these two men share just leaps off the pages and into your heart. A true romance with some sexy times thrown in for good measure and you have a superbly written book. For me this [...]

    20. DNF at 18%. I'm all for a slow burn romance, but that's not really what's happening here? Chase and Mason are already married, but have been separated for years (though not legally). At 18%, 90% of this story has been about dairy farming, and Ijust don't care? I'm also having the most difficult time telling the two characters apart. The story is told in third-person, but the voices are really similar and I still can't tell Chase and Mason apart in the text. Who is the dairy farmer and who is the [...]

    21. I truly loved this story. Mason and Chase met at 10 and married at 18. Then life got in the way along with stubborn male pride and confused feelings. it takes ten years before they really start to talk and once they do things move along. It took two days but just because I had to sleep some. if your a Devon McCormack fan this is his newest stand alone and a must read if your not it's time to find a new author and this a perfect place to start. I guarantee you will want to go back and read everyt [...]

    22. Two stars was generous. Why was Chase such a whiny baby? Eleven years later and your job is what's holding you back? Seriously, you can't find a new job? Really? That's the main obstacle here? And why did we have all these flash backs about things I'd already been told? I like the author but this one just fell flat for me. I couldn't get past how contrived all the circumstances were. I pushed through to finish because I thought the author was about to pull a bait and switch with the MCs and fran [...]

    23. I really liked this story. The only thing I didn't like was how Chase was so one minute this and the next all is lost. He was so ready to walk away and just learn to live a meager existence in his love life it just made me want to throttle him, then for Mason to just let him go and be pissed of grumpy Gus for years. These two needed more fight for what you want period. I suppose it's more true to life though, I'm all about fairytales and moonbeams when it comes to my HEA's. Really good though! W [...]

    24. Love is Everything!True love never dies.He broke my heart, but he is the only one who can put it back together.Chase had a hard life until Mason’s family give him a chance to within their farm.Love bloom and when they knew they wanted to be together forever they got married.Life doesn’t always work in our favor. Chase decided to take the hard decision. He left his husband, but life always plays tricks around.Mason’s sister's wedding brought them back together and they were planning to figh [...]

    25. Still your guy had me on a emotional rollercoaster it was such a beautiful story Mason and chase completely stole my heart there journey was so intense heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time I felt like I was there with mason and chase through past and present and ups and downs I loved still your guy so much I didn't want to put the book down I felt like I had a personal connection with mason and chase they had my heart on every page Devon McCormack gave us such a beautiful story with a [...]

    26. Really!!! I thought Chase was supposed to be smart? What an idiot!!! So we're they all not one of them knew that he could have been an accountant anywhere??!! Fine, your young, they both finish college, Mason stays and works at the dairy and Chase becomes an Accountant in Georgia. They live in commuting distance. Problem solved!! Eleven years of love not thrown out the window!. No one alive would give up that depth of love just become an accountant anyway. He would have still made it on his own [...]

    27. Really really enjoyed this book Devon wrote this story so beautifully that I am in love with the characters Chase and Mason. When you read stories about love like this it makes you feel so good inside that whatever is going on around does not matter. These 2 men love was tested on so many levels and yet they still was able to find each other through it all with support of family and friends. Love is never easy and this story proves it.

    28. The first chapter was very intriguing. Caught my attention. As I continued to read this story I became to hate it more and more. I can't express how irritating Emery was. I only related to Mason but even then I skimmed a lot of parts. I didn't appreciate how selfish Chase seemed most of the time. Wish this was better, I thought it had a great foundation to be an amazing story. Just didn't pan out that way.

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