Winter's Promise

Winter s Promise War is coming The prophecy is coming true When the world is close to falling and all those she loves are in danger what can Winter do to save everyone Winter finally has the answers to who she is but

  • Title: Winter's Promise
  • Author: G. Bailey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • War is coming The prophecy is coming true When the world is close to falling and all those she loves are in danger, what can Winter do to save everyone Winter finally has the answers to who she is but everything else in her life is in question as she is thrown into the world of witches How much of her past can control her future Can Winter make the decisions she needsWar is coming The prophecy is coming true When the world is close to falling and all those she loves are in danger, what can Winter do to save everyone Winter finally has the answers to who she is but everything else in her life is in question as she is thrown into the world of witches How much of her past can control her future Can Winter make the decisions she needs to save the future Follow Winter in the third installment in Her Guardian series Reverse harem series 18

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    1. I received Winters promise as a beta copy.It's no secret that I am in love with this series. Thankfully Giley has totally delivered with Winters Promise, and I am wrecked, because I need book 4 now!! Everything Winter has ever known about her life is being challenged, the demons are making life more and more complicated at every turn and Winter is being faced with a whole new set of trials, of both the physical and psychological nature. There are some twists you don't expect and some truly spect [...]

    2. Part three of this awesome series and I am falling even more in love with it as the story unfolds Winter learns more about her family history and where she comes from which creates more questions and gives hints to her future.We also see more of her guardians, especially Dabriel and Atti, we learn more about these two in this book, and we see her relationship with them develop and deepen. I am not going to say anymore as it do not want to leave inadvertent spoilers!This book is packed with actio [...]

    3. This book was amazing. Winter grows before our eyes as the queen she's meant to be. Her relationships with all her mates blossom and grown strong together. Winter's past comes to light with all the unexpected twist and turns. This book was mostly about Atti. I love all her men and they get their friendship back. The demon king shows up and changes the game. The cliffhanger at the end killed me. I can tell this is a book I will definitely be rereading.

    4. ***This is totally unladylike review filled with swearing and shit. If you don't want to read a review with a bunch of swearing move on to the next one. Sorry not sorry.****internally crying* FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! That fucking ending. I am totally wrecked! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT! I would probably DIE if I had to wait for the release of the 4th book. Someone would find me dead on my bed or on the floor or somewhere else really un-fucking-cool to die because of having to wait for the next book. But [...]

    5. Another win for Winter!This book and series has an amazing plot along with an even more amazing cast of characters! I love Jaxson the most! But again-#why choose? I would love to get to know Dabriel, Wyatt, and Atti too! I adore Milo who has quite the quirky personality. Winter has awesome friends as well. I also can't wait to see what Harrison gets up to if you are a fan of the reverse harem genre, then this is a must read series! I can't wait for Winter's War! Five glittery stars! A gem of a r [...]

    6. Book 3 of the Her Guardians series did not disappoint! Ms. Bailey does a fantastic job of picking up right where she left off in Book 2.Winter learns more about herself and her family history in this book. She finally sits down with her mom and finds out more about herself.She spends a lot of time with Atticus and Dabriel in this book and I am happy that we got to know them as much as Jaxon and Wyatt. She still sees them, but the focus is more on the other two.By the end of this book, 3 of the p [...]

    7. Winter and her guardians journey continues in this third installment, Winter's Promise, and it does not disappoint! Secrets are revealed, alliances formed and thrones won, but most importantly war is beginning to be waged. Winter and the guys relationships are getting stronger but will it all be for nothing if the Demon King is victorious? You won't want to put this book down and you may need to prepare for a slight nervous breakdown when it comes to the end! Lucky for us the next book isn't too [...]

    8. Absolutely amazing!!'In this book we learn more about Winter's family history, something I've been dying to know about since we found out her mom isn't her birth mother. We also get to know more about Atticus and Dabriel as Winter spends more time with them. We get to watch their relationship start to blossom. This book as action, romance, suspense. Is it time for more?

    9. This is even better than the first two. Winter has finally found the answers to her past. With the help of her guardians she can truly become a true Queen. This book is jam packed with romance, action and adventure.

    10. My favorite so farI think this was my favorite book so far. It was just as good as the previous ones and I am dying for the last book!

    11. Winter's Promise starts out with high tension and rarely lets up! This series just gets better and better. The Demon King has been raised with Winter's blood. He has taken over the body of the vampire king and now has the vampires under his control. He wants his demons to control the world. If there was every any doubt, it's clear that Winter is the blue-sided human of the prophecy. She's coming into more power, her Princes have all fallen for her (and her for them). She's bonded with 2 of them [...]

    12. Winter's Promise (Her Guardians Series Book 3) Kindle EditionI really love this series. G.Bailey has written so greatly that you can't help but fall in love with the Winter and her beautiful Guardians. I 💕💙 love Freddy, who stole my heart ❤️ from the beginning, he was great I this book, especially when he found out that Wyatt was his dad I couldn’t stop crying, and feeling for him. I loove💗💜 Milo too, he is so so cute, with his adorable chocolate addiction, and the way he is lo [...]

    13. **4 stars**For some reason, Winter’s Promise took me longer than the other books to finish, even though it wasn’t much bigger page wise to my knowledge. But even though it took me a bit longer, Winter’s Promise is a stunning continuation to G. Bailey’s Her Guardians series.In this third novel, more is revealed to Winter about her family, and her relationship with her mates grows and deepens. Kudos to the author for writing such an amazing book, because I would recommend this to anyone wh [...]

    14. I love this whole series so far. I started this series, fell in love, and then forgot until two days ago and came back for more. Bailey is brilliant. It sounds like a bad joke but come on! An angel, werewolf, witch, and vampire all in love with one "human." Brilliant just brilliant. Each book in this series just gets better and better. I spent all weekend reading and loving all the adventures of these five Royals. I highly recommend this series if you like hot guys and bada** chicks. Betrayal is [...]

    15. This series just gets better and better!OMG, I love this series! This book was by far the most intense of all of them so far. Winter has formed a true bond with her four mates and has made some powerful enemies. But at the same time she's proving herself to most of the groups, shifters, vamps and witches.But the demons are becoming more powerful and more bold. War is coming and Winter doesn't know how to stop it.I can't wait until the last book comes out! I'm so excited to see how it all works o [...]

    16. I love this series!It gets better as you go. I don't love the cliffhangers at the end of all the books but it makes you want to read the next one. I can't wait for December to find out what happens. Is the demon prince going to help? Who will be the half fay? Who will have be the one that dies with goddess blood? Better not be winter! So many questions. All the guys are great in this RH I don't even have a favorite. Good read!

    17. And again! She outdone herself Well now she's finally mated to all 4 of her men! And the dark witch dead that's to winter all well for now, but the Demon king is getting ready to wipe them out they have to get ready to face him! I love all the characters in here, Jackson,Wyatt,Dabriel,and Atti. They are great, winter in awesome

    18. Just can’t wait!The next installment of this series needs to be here like yesterday! My heart is beating out of my chest! I spent all day reading 2&3 and now I’m immediately feeling withdraw! This series is really freaking good! I even read it with a British accent! Please put me out of my misery! I beg of you!

    19. This was a good series. It had more language than I care for. The romance content is short, and mostly not containing explicit detail, but easily skipped over. I enjoyed it, especially after getting through the first book. It had some editing that needed to be done, and took me a bit to adjust to the non-American way of writing, but I didn’t notice that so much with the rest of the series.

    20. Couldn’t put it down!I loved every second of this book! I loved how things are going with the guys! She took so well to being with four guys! I definitely have a crush on Dabriel and Jaxson. and Atticus and Wyatt haha you get the point! It’s such a good read, now I need to binge read the last book just like I did this one! I love me some Winter and her fellas!

    21. Loving it. Loving this seriesI am in love with all the boys ESPECIALLY ATTI bless himlovely Winter and mini demon and oooooh so many other characters involved with Winterad this series and you will love itI have pre ordered the next book and am waiting patiently to read itwill read all the others again in readiness for it.

    22. Wow!Heck of a cliffhanger, but I should have realized it was coming. The plot was moved along quite handily as Winter realizes more of her strengths and powers.Well done, and I highly recommend it, even though you absolutely have to read the first two books in the series.

    23. Amazing!!!One of the best trilogies I have ever read! I loved the first book. The second book was equally amazing! I cannot wait for the third book. Definitely a "must read" series!!

    24. Its about timeI like the but it takes Winter too long to realize her destiny. And her fear of wearing her crown doesn't make sense when she can sense the power coming from it. And it has all four stones the same color as the four princes, do its a link. Smarten up girl!

    25. I can't get enough I honestly can't get enough of this series and I'm so sad I have to wait for the next one to see the final of Winter and the Princes story! I can't believe it ended like that!

    26. Keeps getting better!This is such a great read!! I love the imagery and storytelling that G. Bailey puts into all their work!! That cliff hanger shouldn't be a surprise but it gets me every time!! I just love this series!!!

    27. RivetingI am truly blessed to have been able to read this series. The twists and turns keep you engrossed and add supernatural beings who are hot just is a added bonus. I can't wait for the next book.

    28. Intriguing and suspensefulOh, things are really heating up in Winter's world! Again, I have devoured this story because it's so intriguing and suspenseful. The build up had been intense. I need to see what happens next like nobody's business lol

    29. Finally!She has mated with all her guys!!! And she is in soooo much trouble right now!!! The sex scenes need a little bit more work and I thought she didn’t dance?!? Why was she dancing in this book!

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