Protecting Our Virgin

Protecting Our Virgin It was supposed to be a dream vacation until I found myself stranded on the beach in a foreign country helpless broke and in tears When a group of ripped and rugged athletes find me and bring me to t

  • Title: Protecting Our Virgin
  • Author: Charlie Hart Frankie Love
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was supposed to be a dream vacation until I found myself stranded on the beach in a foreign country helpless, broke and in tears When a group of ripped and rugged athletes find me and bring me to their waterfront mansion, I know I ll be safe for at least one night It quickly turns into so much Not only do these men get me hot and bothered they know what theIt was supposed to be a dream vacation until I found myself stranded on the beach in a foreign country helpless, broke and in tears When a group of ripped and rugged athletes find me and bring me to their waterfront mansion, I know I ll be safe for at least one night It quickly turns into so much Not only do these men get me hot and bothered they know what they want Me I ve already been through so much and I m scared of getting hurt They promise to protect me but it s my heart I m frightened for Dear Reader, This story has a different sort of HEA one lucky lady and the four men who adore her Set in Jamaica, this is than a beach read this is a sex on the beach read just like you deserve Is it just me or is it gettin hot in here xo, charlie frankie

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    1. Ugh I hate leaving a bad book review. I know the kind of time and effort that an author has to put into a story and criticizing that effort just makes me feel crappy. But on the other hand as a reader I appreciate when other readers give honest feedback, so here we go:Protecting Our Virgin is, as expected from the title, a reverse harem smutty read - which normally is totally up my alley, but this was a tough read for me. The beginning of the story felt very disjointed and abrupt to me. The stor [...]

    2. 3.75 to 4 Stars to Protecting Our Virgin by Charlie Hart (a.k.a. Frankie Love).This book was short but sweet. I really adored the premise and heroes, all four of them. Each had a different personality which brought a bit more depth to the story. Even with the different personas, everyone meshed well together. Unfortunately, though, it was the heroes that engaged me. I didn't particularly like Chloe and I felt no connection to her. Chloe's words and actions were not those of an innocent and as a [...]

    3. Adrenaline junkies.I'm a little on the fence about this one. I really liked the story as a whole and the male characters. I wasn't so much a fan of her. She seemed weak to me. I also don't see how she went from virgin who refused her boyfriend to getting extremely handsy (if you know what's mean) with 4 random strangers like an hour after refusing the boyfriend. A little unbelievable and some parts seemed a little juvenile or immature. There was also a little too much hmmm bodily fluid mentionin [...]

    4. From the moment I started this book it felt like I had missed a huge chunk of story. This book didn’t grip me what so ever but I had already started it so I refused to give up. This story was pure sex. I didn’t feel any chemistry between the characters at all. After growing up in foster care, Chloe is reluctant to give up her virginity. She refused to sleep with her boyfriend – fair enough. Yet five minutes after meeting Mason, Enzo, Noah and Ethan, she is lusting after them. She barely kn [...]

    5. Stranded with no passport or money, Chloe meets four thrill seeking men who become her knights in shining armor who take care her to their beach house and take care of her. Because she is a virgin, they try not to overwhelm her and individually introduce her to sex. What seems like a book that is just about sex surprised me with great characters with strong back stories. The chemistry was explosive and sex with four guys and one woman were very hot. A great quick read that definitely ignites pas [...]

    6. WowI give this book 5 stars. The storyline between Chloe, Ethan, Enzo, Mason and Noah was a great read and was well written. Chloe is in for a surprise when she is stranded in Jamaica.

    7. Good Read!I enjoyed this book. It was quick, sexy and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and loved getting all of their POVs. Can't wait for her next book!

    8. I just didn't "feel" their connection. She meets them(4 men) late at night on the beach goes to their place and is asking to see them naked and mess around after knowing them for only hours. Shes also a 22 year old virgin who held on to it for the "man she loved" but in 4 days she taking 4 men( who she barely knows) all at once. I have read book with more then 2 partners and loved them, and felt the connection. Unfortunately this wasn't one of them.

    9. ConfoundingThe story of this book was completely at odds with itself. A girl who wouldn't "put out" for her boyfriend all the sudden (literally the next day) is willing to with a bunch of strangers?!?! The premise of the RH was good, but too rushed no stupidly unrealistic. But a nice "HEA" if you can consider it that after a couple weeks. 🙄

    10. I am all for a good old fashioned corny read but this one was even pushing the boundaries on that. There is really no reason to read this one and even the hotness level isn't enough to get the book read.

    11. Protecting Our Virgin is a Reverse Harem that pretty much sums itself up with it's title. You know immediately that this is more a beach read than an in-depth, heavily plotted novel. Chloe has gone on a romantic vacation to Jamaica with her boyfriend Jordan. It's pretty much a given that she loses her virgin status to Jordan on this trip. Instead hours later after a horrible fight, she's lost her passport, her credit cards and money, and the rest of her personal belongings. Jordan has tossed her [...]

    12. An Awesome Read!I loved reading Protecting Our Virgin: A Reverse Harem-Romance, all about Chloe a young college graduate who is stranded on the beach in Jamaica crying her eyes out when Mason & Enzo find her. The four guys rented a mansion on the beach for two months to do their Extreme Sports, when one night they find a beautiful young girl freezing on the beach and crying her eyes out. So naturally they bring her to their mansion! The author wrote a story about a young girl who has had a v [...]

    13. Protecting Our Virgin by Frankie Love writing as Charlie Hart is a menage M/M/M/M/F story, so it may not be for everyone. Chloe is stranded in Jamaica when her boyfriend locks her out of their condo. Enzo, Mason, Noah and Ethan come to the rescue. Their story is fast-paced and full of smoking hot sex. And there is a fun story woven in with the sizzle, so it's not only sex. I enjoyed reading Protecting Our Virgin and would happily read more from Frankie Love/Charlie Hart in the future. Protecting [...]

    14. OhMyGosh!!!Talk about intense, amazing, panty melting greatness!!! This book starts out vanilla (lol - read the book you will get why) as Chloe agrees to a jetsetting vacation in Jamaica with her boyfriend of a month. Who by the way I want to stab!!! After she realizes his true nature she discovers the 4 men who show her love, trust, honesty, loyalty, what it means to have someone, rely on someone, and be able to find your true self and be comfortable in your own skin. Amazing sexy men, beautifu [...]

    15. I was a little hesitant about reading a RH book because normally MFM books aren't my thing. I read anything Frankie Love/Charlie Hart writes so I dived in. As a whole I enjoyed the story. Some lines were a little cheesy and I cringed a few times. The guys, Noah and Mason and Enzo and Ethan are all good guys, adrenaline hunks, and very caring and protective. The sex is hot and the one on one time is sweet and sexy. Chloe was a little weak for my tastes, but she's been through the ringer called li [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this story, Chloe is a sweet heart virgin who gets stranded in Jamaica by her douche ex-boyfriend. With not a clue what to do she finds help in the form of 4 buff gorgeous adrenaline junkiesThis is a great story with lots of scorching steamy scenes along with fantastic storylines with 5 fabulous characters.I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to craving our virgin

    17. This is the perfect read if you're looking for something steamy and fast.Chloe has had a hard life and just wants someone who will love her and take care of her. She found that…x4! She may be a virgin, but she isn't afraid to express herself to her Prince Charmings.I loved how the guys had different personalities and backgrounds. I do wish we had seen the "filthy" things Ethan mentioned in his late night talk with Chloe.I really enjoyed this book!

    18. This is one of those far fetched fantasy put into words. I enjoyed this short, sweet Hot as Hades read. It had a little suspense and a whole lotta guys sharing one virgin. I loved there one on one dates. Each guy on their own is too die for add them all together and I get sweaty even thinking about it.

    19. Oh my heart, my face ( phew ) and everything in between! I loved this Insta- give to me all with a shot of emotional charge blended in that fantasy sexiness overload! Not only did this book give me the that take me away feel but a storyline to match! Another great read I while be putting in my read me again ah yes please folder!

    20. Sweet G-susFrankie Love knows how to write about strong, alpha men. Now, as her alter ego, Charlie Hart, she turns up the heat with a reverse harem story. What can I say? Hot, Hot, HOT! Jamaica + 4 incredibly sexy best friends + 1 virgin damsel in distress = a very fast, sensual love affair, with everything focusing on a very lucky lady!

    21. Chloe is stranded in Jamaica with no passport, and no money. She meets four sexy men. Noah, Enzo, Ethan, and Mason are completely different from each other. I will stop there I really don't want to give to much of the story away.This story was beyond HOT. I hope to read more books like this!!! I voluntarily received an arc in exchange for a honest review

    22. Super Over the Top Sexy + Some FeelsOf course this book is over the top, and very sexy. Very. Sexy. But the emotional component surprised me. It's entirely the skill of the author that can infuse a crazy premise like this one with humor and pathos, affection and sweetness, selflessness and forgiveness. Very well done.

    23. This novella was quick and dirty, and I definitely found the story to be very interesting and something I could not put down. I'm definitely intrigued to see what will continue with this author, and I look forward to reading more of her novellas! This is a quick and satisfying read through and through.

    24. Chloe found herself in a bind in a foreign country all because of her boyfriend Jordan. Which by the way I hated him immediately. The guys who rescued her from the beach were perfect gentlemen. What girl wouldn't want four guys to take care of her. She was one lucky woman is all I can say. These guys were perfect for her in all ways. I can't wait to read the next book.

    25. Wow talk about sexy with heart! Who would have thought a book about a virgin and four guys would have real emotion and depth and a special connection with them all? And lots of heat of course. This was a great summer read.

    26. I rolled my eyes a lot! The book is good, but the “virgin” isn’t believable to me because she doesn’t act like what I think a virgin would act. There was entirely too much bodily fluid being spritzed around for me to be comfortable. Lol Not a horrible book, just not a book for me.

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