Hot Date

Hot Date Once again Julian Cornell is at the zenith of his career not only have his designs helped the young men and women in the burn unit he s about to ink an exclusive deal with the hottest model for his

  • Title: Hot Date
  • Author: Felice Stevens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once again, Julian Cornell is at the zenith of his career not only have his designs helped the young men and women in the burn unit, he s about to ink an exclusive deal with the hottest model for his new high fashion menswear collection Everything is perfect except his husband doesn t understand how important it all is to him, and the model might want than just to wOnce again, Julian Cornell is at the zenith of his career not only have his designs helped the young men and women in the burn unit, he s about to ink an exclusive deal with the hottest model for his new high fashion menswear collection Everything is perfect except his husband doesn t understand how important it all is to him, and the model might want than just to walk the runway in Julian s clothing Nick Fletcher has never been the jealous type he s always been confident his place is right by his husband s side But now that Julian is about to re launch his fashion line, Nick fears Julian might be sucked back into a world of beautiful people and wonder what he s missed being married to a less than perfect man like Nick Leave it up to two meddling friends who think they know best to arrange a hot date guaranteed to put the spice back in Julian and Nick s marriage, enabling them to remember that what lies beyond the surface is a lifetime of love.

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    1. Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsHot Date is a short story that catches us up with Nick and Julian from Beyond the Surface. It’s part of Felice Stevens’ Memories with The Breakfast Club Kindle World – stories by different authors that are spun off from her books in the Memories and Breakfast Club series. While this one will work best for fans of Julian and Nick, you could also pick it up and jump into it as a story of an established couple hitting some bumps. Necessary backgro [...]

    2. hoOne of the few things I dislike about m/m romance is most authors obsession with each book in a series focusing on a new couple with us usually getting dribbles of new stuff about the previous couples. Felice Stevens is one of my favorite authors not just because her writing and characters are incredible, because she seems to do her because to keep the stories of previous couple going. This short is a prime example of that. Sadly it is just that "a short" I sooooooo want more full length books [...]

    3. 3.5 stars- Sweet with heat Hot Date was a cute short story set in the world of this author’s Breakfast Club series. This Kindle Worlds book is about Nick and Julian, the couple featured in the first novel. As I’m fairly new to this author, I haven’t made it to this series yet. While I undoubtedly missed some of the nuances between main and secondary characters, Miss Stevens did a great job crafting this short with enough details that I was able to follow along and enjoy it.Regardless of no [...]

    4. I’ve never read a Felice Stevens book, and Hot Date was a sweet entrance into her wonderful world. I enjoyed it!Nick Fletcher is a sexy fireman and he’s dying to reconnect with his high-profile fashion designer hubby, Julian. This story is basically what happens after the HEA, and the nitty gritty of making time and rediscovering the romance. Even though I haven’t read Nick and Julian’s full story (which I plan to rectify asap, by the way) I understood what was happening and had no troub [...]

    5. Felice Stevens’ Hot Date is a nice reminder to readers of m/m and to hopeless romantics that love is most certainly love and that in order for a marriage to continue to thrive and grow, even after the honeymoon phase is over, open communication and putting one another first, regardless of other aspects of their lives, must be a couple’s priority because if it’s not and neglect is felt, uncertainty can take over and the tight bond that seemed so effortless at the beginning of a relationship [...]

    6. It's a very short story with a lot of feeling. Tugging my heart just like what Felice always do.For a very loving couple, Julian and Nick is still definitely need a communication skill. Thank God they have Marcus and Zach❤❤❤It's an angst with no angst story about a couple we loved in a breakfast club (you'll find it why I said this).I was kinda pissed at Julian the way Nick did, but certainly it was NOT necessary.Sometimes, assumption is a mother of all fuck ups. Julian and Nick are just a [...]

    7. Title: Hot DateAuthor: Felice Stevens Series: Memories with The Breakfast ClubPublisher: Kindle WorldsReviewer: MollienRelease Date: June 20, 2017Genre(s): Male/Male RomancePage Count: 57 pagesHeat Level:3 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:Once again, Julian Cornell is at the zenith of his career; not only have his designs helped the young men and women in the burn unit, he’s about to ink an exclusive deal with the hottest model for his new high-fashion menswear collection. Everythin [...]

    8. I really enjoying reading series. I love being to get to see couples I love again even if it's just a sneaky glimpse if they are now side characters in a book. For couples I really love I'd be happy to read about them doing laundry or out buying groceries together. When I heard about Felice's Kindle Worlds I thought it was such a great idea. The Breakfast Club series is one of my favourites so being able to see Julian, Nick and the gang was totally appealing.In Hot Date Julian's career is once a [...]

    9. This is the first story I am reading in the new Kindle Worlds series. It was written by Felice and as always I love her writing. The story is short and revolves around Julian and  Nick.They have been married, living their lives and Nick starts to feel he is losing Julian to his work. Nick is feeling left out while Julian's business is on the rise. He doesn't want to hold him back but knows that they still love each other. You can tell they need to communicate with each other but neither wants t [...]

    10. 4.5 stars. I loved Julian and Nick in Beyond the Surface. It was wonderful to read about them again and catch up with their friends. Julian and Nick have been married for a year, but things are changing. Julian's design business is taking off again, and he's super busy. Nick is trying to show him that he needs more time with Julian, but he's not communicating it well enough. Add in a meddling model, some interfering friends, and you have a wonderful short story of two lovers finding their way ag [...]

    11. This is my third? story in the kindle world series now, and as usual with Stevens' books, I really liked it.I haven't read Nick and Julian's story yet, so when I started this book I was a little worried that I might get lost and have to place it on pause, rewind, and catch up before finishing it, but of course I didn't. Stevens' has everything taken care of! You don't really need to know their story to read Hot Date, this works perfectly fine as a standalone.It starts as well, a Hot Date between [...]

    12. *~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*~ Kindle Worlds is US exclusive and not available (yet) for international readers~Julian and Nick are back - and the story is sweet, sexy and so amazing. It's no secret I am a HUGE Felice Stevens fan and I was so thrilled to read this book. Unfortunately for the international reader there is very limited access to the Memories with The Breakfast Club (Kindle Worlds)-series, because it is US exclusive so far. But I h [...]

    13. Everybody has a favorite book series - mine is The Breakfast Club. Each one of these characters is special to me but Nick and Julian started my love affair. I'm not afraid to admit how ridiculously excited I was for this story. I couldn't wait to read about the Julian's Hot Date with his fireman. But I wanted to get lost in it. I wanted to be in my own little Breakfast Club bubble so I waited until everybody was gone before I opened to the first page and it was just me and my boys.I loved steppi [...]

    14. Felice Stevens’ THE BREAKFAST CLUB series holds a special place in my heart. It makes me so, so happy that it is this series of all things which got picked up for the first Gay Romance Kindle World. I cannot wait to reconnect with all its amazing characters! It just seemed fitting to start with HOT DATE and revisit Julian and Nick from BEYOND THE SURFACE first. The couple has been married for a year, but things seem to not go as smoothly as before. Julian’s design business has taken off and [...]

    15. „Hot Date” is a short story by Felice Stevens. It’s a catch up with Nick and Julian. Julian’s career is back on its track, he’s creating new menswear collection and is about to sing a deal with the hottest model in the industry. Too bad it’s taking a toll on his marriage. Nick is afraid that Julian will be sucked back into the fashion world and he’ll feel like he’s missing on something because of their relationship. I loved this story! It was great to catch up with Nick, Julian a [...]

    16. Julian and Nick are happy together, but Julian is going back to old workaholic habits, and Nick's insecurities make him doubt of his ability to make his husband happy. Fortunately, and before things escalate, their good friends step in and save the day….Miscommunication is a bitch. That could be the summary of this delightful little story. Even though Julian and Nick love each other deeply, their failure at exposing their feelings clearly originates a rift between them. They both go to their f [...]

    17. So very excited to see that the LGBT genre is getting some well deserved recognition. In their first gay Kindle World, we get to visit two of Felice Stevens fav favorite series, The Breakfast Club & Memories of the Heart.Let me just say HOT HOT HOT.Nick & Julian have been married for a couple of years, life is going great but is it really, has the magic that these two had in the beginning start to fade. Julian's business is exploding and Nick is feeling insecure, that he is not enough fo [...]

    18. Hot Date is a beautifully written novella and follow up to Beyond The Surface (Breakfast Club #1). Beyond The Surface was a 5 star read for me, and if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you read it before you read Hot Date, and you MUST read Hot Date!! I love Nick and Julian's second chance storyI'm in love with their love story. Although Hot Date is a novella, it's complete and centers around a short period of time in their lives. It has everything I adore in a book. It's sweet, a litt [...]

    19. Married With IssuesNice follow-up on the first of Felice Stevens' "The Breakfast Club" series wherein men's fashion designed Julian Cornell and his firefighter husband Nick Fletcher are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.Ah, but times are changing for them as Julian's business is taking off and a pernicious world-class men's fashion model has set his sights for him, once again. These two can't quite communicate with each other until they show up at their breakfast and cafe haunts [...]

    20. What can I say? Felice is a master in storytelling. Short story or full-length novel. It doesn’t matter. They are equally captivating.I loved reading about Nick and Julian again. They are such a cute and sweet couple but even they have their rocky patches to go through. Julian’s career is skyrocketing again and is busy with less and less time for his husband. Nick is torn between pride in his husband’s success and fear of losing Julian to that same success. As always if they have difficult [...]

    21. It's been a few years since Nick and Julian have been married.Julian is working nonstop designing and career is in full swing. Nick finds himself being neglected because of the time Nick putting in with work.We get to meet up with previous characters which help nick and Julian get a date that is long overdueMy heart did go out to Nick with the amount of time Julian is NOT giving to him. He just loves Julian so much and wants things back to their normal. There were a few times I just wanted to sm [...]

    22. Hot date was such a beautiful heartwarming short story I loved being back in the breakfast club series After two years of being together nick and Julian feel like there marriage is falling apart and nicks insecurities are coming back I felt like I was there by their side I just wanted to hug nick and Julian so tight My heart broke for them in parts of the story Well reading you can still feel how strong nick and Julian's love is for each other I fell in love with nick and Julian all over again t [...]

    23. Many times, I'll read a short story/novella and it will leave me feeling like I'm missing something, like it needs something more. NOT THE CASE with Hot Date. This little slice of life was just what the doctor ordered. A wonderful way to catch up with favorite MCs Nick and Julian, I loved this look into an established couple's day-to-day life. Far from perfect, like the rest of us, they have issues, struggle, and then yes, kiss and make up. And oh boy, do these two kiss and make up. One hell of [...]

    24. FAIRY GOD-FRIENDS TO THE RESCUE!Nick and Julian are husbands growing apart unintentionally as the demands of Julian's high profile career and his clingy model are pulling him more and more from his closeness with Nick. Julian is a bit of a twit as he is oblivious to how much the cell phone is taking over all of his time with his spouse. Nick is doing all he can to avoid letting his insecurities overwhelm him as he loves his husband and believes in Julian's love for him. Something needs to change [...]

    25. I loved this story. That kind of says it all. Nick and Julian are married. But their marriage seems to have comes to a halt. Julian's Bussiness has taken off and he spends more and more time on the phone dealing with bussiness. Nick feels like their drifting apart. He is insecure and thinking about Julian with all those hot models. But with the help of their friends, hmmmm need I say happy ending. Loved this book. Note: this book was given to me for free in exchange of a fair and honest review.

    26. I absolutely loved catching up with Nick and Julian. Married life has been fantastic for them but they have hit a road bump. Julian is busy with work and Nick is feeling left behind. They both aren't communicating their needs to each other well and their friends step in to help them remember why they fell in love with each other in the first place. I loved this storyI smiled all the way through the book. Hot Date was absolutely perfect.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    27. What a charming book the writing was good. The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book. I found the story and characters wonderful. Nick and Julian are the MC’s of this book and married. There was humor, jealousy, models, friends, anniversary and so much more in this book. You will need to read the book which I can highly recommend it is short but good. I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review.

    28. MM. Julian's menswear is taking off again and he feels the pressure to not fail. He does not realize he is neglecting their relationship. Nick is at a loss of what to do. He is not a beautiful as the half naked models around Julian all the time. Nick and Julian have come through fire together and are stronger for it, but a relationship requires tending or the flames will wain. Explicit. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

    29. Great novella!!I love Nick and Julian so much, so having a little extra glimpse into their lives together makes me a happy girl. Like any other married couple, the two are experiencing a little rough patch. Leave it to their friends to come to the rescue and help make things right between them. Love, love, love The Breakfast Club series!

    30. This was a short and sweet catch up to Nick and Julian. I really like that the subject was so relatable. Life, work, your focus on your career can sometimes get in the way of what's truly important in life. Nick and Julian need to reconnect and with the help of some sneaky friends they sure as hell have one hot date! Felice Stevens brings the sizzle to heat up this couple.

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