Why We Don't Suck

Why We Don t Suck From the author of the bestselling Why We Suck comes a searing comic look at these divisive times skewering liberals and conservatives alike with a signature dose of sarcasm and common sense Denis Le

  • Title: Why We Don't Suck
  • Author: Denis Leary
  • ISBN: 9781524762735
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the bestselling Why We Suck comes a searing comic look at these divisive times, skewering liberals and conservatives alike with a signature dose of sarcasm and common sense.Denis Leary refutes the current highly partisan Right Wing Nutjob versus Left Wing Snowflake approach to American politics where you re either one or the other, with no gray areas inFrom the author of the bestselling Why We Suck comes a searing comic look at these divisive times, skewering liberals and conservatives alike with a signature dose of sarcasm and common sense.Denis Leary refutes the current highly partisan Right Wing Nutjob versus Left Wing Snowflake approach to American politics where you re either one or the other, with no gray areas in between Leading a new protest movement called Gray Lives Matter, he takes equal opportunity aim at the screaming heads we see arguing every night on CNN the Clinton News Network and Fox s Fair and Balanced Republican Report With a devoted mission to Make America Laugh Again, Denis tackles the topics we all hold close to our American hearts Twitter, Instagram, and the seemingly endless search for fame and diet vodka In a country so gluten free that a box of jelly donuts is now a bigger threat than Vladimir Fucking Putin where college kids are afraid of Ann Coulter than HIV it s time for someone to stand up and stop the insanity Or at least defend the double cheeseburger With a side order of free porn Denis is that guy He ll answer such burning questions as when will Hillary run out of pantsuits And why wasn t her campaign motto Hey America It s My Fucking Turn As Denis says in the book Trump s election gave me faith that even I could be president Look at his track record canceled TV show, thin skin, angry tweets and an attractive wife According to that formula, I m one bad combover away from living in The White House We re all in this together and Denis Leary is here to remind us what makes America 7 on the list of Best Countries To Live In which may sound bad, but means at least we still make the playoffs.

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    1. I never read (or listened to) Leary's previous book, "Why We Suck", but it's been on my "to get to one day" list for a long time. I probably should have read that one first who knows? But I saw this one on Audible and thought it might be slightly more relevant, so I grabbed it. And now I've finished it. I don't know what "Why We Suck" was like, but I think I need to move it up the list, because I kinda loved this. It's part the dad lecture you and your sibling would get when you JUST WILL NOT FU [...]

    2. Put on your cynical hat and you’re likely to laugh until you cry. If you’ve been following the American political and cultural wars, however, you’re likely to go straight to tears. For everyone else, which isn’t likely to be enough people to make a crowd, there will at least be some laughs.I had never heard of Dr. Leary before reading this book although that’s certainly more a reflection on me than him. I was merely looking for a light and jaunty read after plowing through a good deal [...]

    3. I listened to the audio book of this, which was read by the author. It’s always wonderful to have the author as the narrator; it’s them telling their own story and it’s like sitting in a room with them while they tell it. While I didn’t agree with all of his statements, “Dr.” Leary cuts through most of the partisan crap we live with now and tells it like it is for anyone with common sense and a lack of tolerance for all the nonsense going on in our country. Why We Don’t Suck is a r [...]

    4. I became a fan of Denis Leary through various programs on television, finding him to be a wonderful and funny actor. So I picked up this book by him and it’s more of the same. It’s very much the same, funny and sharp, warm and sarcastic all at once. I’m not a very political person but he nails much of the craziness going on in the social and political arenas out there that makes us shake our heads. He also can maybe help us laugh at it for a change, where we might not have been so able to [...]

    5. How, I asked myself when I started this hilarious book, is he going to keep up this bi-partisan banter for nearly 300 pages? Turns out he couldn't (or, at least, didn't). The first two sections were great (and the Tweets by historical figures was a lot of fun), but after that, it was Denis Leary patting himself on the back or simply throwing shade at only Trump. I enjoy Denis Leary's humor, but frankly, I couldn't give a damn less about his life or the famous people whose names he likes to drop. [...]

    6. I've always liked Denis Leary. I liked him as a stand up and as an actor. I loved his TV series 'The Job' and 'Rescue Me', many of his movie roles and as a guest on talk shows. I've liked his previous books, so you could call me a fan and I would not deny it. However, the last two projects Denis has done have been less than stellar and that has me a bit worried that he is losing his edge/perspective and humorous snarky self. His last TV show, 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll' was almost unwatcha [...]

    7. Dr. Leary doesn't disappoint! I purchased the audio version of this book in preparation for a trip to Vegas. I'm a big fan of audiobooks while crammed into a bus with wings eating pretzels and drinking shot size Coke. It takes my mind off the always "larger than me guy" who inevitably sits next to me that has personal hygiene issues. I looked around and of course, I was surrounded by college-aged small framed women. You could have fit two or three of those girls on one of these tiny seats. And, [...]

    8. I have been a fan of Dennis Leery since his MTV days, loved Rescue Me and have listened to other books by him. What makes the audio books so much better is that he narrates them, so you get the full experience.I often found myself laughing while listening, my co-workers giving me strange looks. I liked Dennis’s views on politics, bagging on both parties and the system itself, loved the tweets from historical figures. Even Hollywood and Dennis’s own fame didn’t escape. I find it funny that [...]

    9. This book was an immense disappointment to me in several ways. One, his first book was beyond hysterical. Denis managed to take everything society gets upset about and make it ridiculously funny. That bestselling book, "Why We Suck" had me laughing so hard at the ridiculous things society tends to focus on and get mad about. In his new book, he fails to add comedy to a mostly political commentary on Trump, Bernie, Hillary and everything all of us are already so sick of looking at online. If some [...]

    10. I listened to the audiobook format, which in my opinion is the only way to listen to a memoir, especially one from a comedian. Denis Leary in particular has a delivery that I just can't mimic even inside my own head.This book is hilarious and smart, too. Leary rips on everyone so don't take it personally if you have a favorite politician or even reality tv star cuz he rips on them. However, if you can put your bias aside you'll realize Leary is right. We all need to put our bipartisan bs aside a [...]

    11. I really like Denis Learybut it was a bit too much doom over and over in this one. Not that things aren't the way he says but over and over, almost the same s****.

    12. Was a lot like his other book "Why We Suck". Guess I shouldn't be surprised. I found myself getting bored. He's very opinionated. Sometimes he expresses these opinions in a funny manner, other times they seem forced, added more for affect than effect. I guess I liked it. Don't think I will read "Why We Did Suck But Don't Anymore", or what ever derivative version he writes in the future.

    13. Just on the first chapter, but Denis has me cracking up. It's great to hear someone blast both sides of ridiculous politics! *update* 4 stars, I recommend this book, especially if you're feeling cynical.

    14. It started promisingly, but I feel like Leary lost the thread somewhere in the middle and it became more of a typical name-droppy celebrity tome.

    15. I read this book because I wanted to laugh about the political environment that we unfortunately live in. Not because I blame Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but because it has all become so cultist. You love one, you must hate the other. You are either an alt right nutter or a far left nutter. I cannot live my life that way. I don’t think everything Trump does is right or wrong and I cannot abide the criminality of the Clintons. I think Bernie Sanders is an old hippy who the DNC used to make [...]

    16. Admittedly this is not a book I would typically be drawn to. I try at all costs to avoid negative, politically charged books as I see a plethora of this every day on the news, at work, etc. but when the opportunity presented itself to read a book by Hollywood Actor Denis Leary, regardless of its subject, I thought “why not?” You may know Denis Leary as the actor in TV Series Rescue Me or as the voice of Diego in Ice Age. You may even know his wife Ann Leary as New York Times bestselling auth [...]

    17. "Doesn't Suck"What did you love best about Why We Don't Suck?I especially enjoy it when the author will orate their own work. I find comedians are especially good at this vs your everyday actor as the timing and cadence are important when delivering comic relief. Leary has been at this for decades and his perspective on life, politics, and fame are refreshingly direct, unapologetic, and at times brash - just like him.What was one of the most memorable moments of Why We Don't Suck?Leary is an equ [...]

    18. I really liked this book, Dr. Leary doesn't leave anyone out in his rants on society, this is very matter of fact, he makes fun of EVERYONE (of course he starts with bang with the obvious "libtards, conservadiks and independent assholes," etc, etc. And not just political people either, all people). I mean, that takes a certain level of skill as a comedian to make fun of everyone and not leave anyone out. Perhaps that was purposeful on his subtle message of being better people and caring about al [...]

    19. This hilarious book is equal-opportunity scathing critiques on what all sides are doing for political expediency rather than for the betterment of all. What follows is a sort of Profiles in Courage, highlighting the best in American caring and achievement in recent years, regardless of ideology or political leaning. The author then gleans lessons from his own life to give perspective on today's narcissism and self-focus, eschewing them for gratitude and humility.It takes a 180-degree turn from h [...]

    20. I'm of an age who likes Leary's type of comedy -- which is why I think his book, "Why We Don't Suck:  And How All Of Us Need To Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches" is a refreshingly funny read. Since I've been watching Leary as both a comedian and actor for decades, I know his cadence, his gravelly voice, and his ability to use profanity is novel ways. Leary is 60-years-old now, but he looks at the world not as an aging Boomer who's bitter about "the kids," but as someone who really wants [...]

    21. Having been a fan of Denis Leary for many years - I absolutely love FX'sRescue Me - I also love his stand-up show No Cure For Cancer which I've watched a few times and absolutely love it. Knowing that this was coming out, we got this as a Christmas present for my Dad. He read it and all I heard was him laughing and laughing, so I thought: "Hey I must read this when he's finished with it."It's taken me a couple of days but I've finished it. It's quite an insightful book in many ways - the first h [...]

    22. I’m so sick of politics. Every time you turn around, turn on a radio or television. It’s gotten so bad I can barely use social media these days. Then one day, thanks to the fine folks over at Blogging for Books, I find a political book promising to be anything but a political book. A book intended to rattle the cages on both sides of the spectrum, and in doing so unite us, the regular people of this great country we call America. With a title of Why We Don’t Suck: And How All of Us Need to [...]

    23. Caution! Explosive Giggles and Rants ahead!I started this immediately after reading Denis' book "Why We Suck" and for a moment I nearly reconsidered . I laughed non-stop thru the first book. But as I started reading this, I felt upset. Wasn't like Denis didn't warn the reader from the beginning. But I carried on and realized he really can be an equal opportunity a-hole. The more I read of each chapter, the more open minded I became about how he describes everything. From daily life , to politics [...]

    24. There's all kinds of craziness in this world, horrible things happening, people just doing really bad things. All I can say is thank god Denis Leary published this book when he did - I needed my faith in humanity restored, and "Dr. Denis" has done just that. So nice to read something that lampoons BOTH sides of the political aisle, recognizing that most politicians are just out for themselves and don't give a rat's ass about any of us little people. I'd be interested to know if Leary is register [...]

    25. Laugh I DidKicked off 2018 reading "Why We Don't Suck," after seeing Denis on The View, saying his mission was to "Make America Laugh Again."If you expect the book to be about liberal politics you would be wrong. Flat wrong. You will miss out on some terrific stories, about friendship, family, music, sports, smoking, misidentification and poop (read it to find out).I am a GenXer and grew up on large doses of comedy and music. I am old enough to sing along to the Asshole song. You may find yourse [...]

    26. This was a waste of time, money and not worth reading. Not political satire as touted! The one thing positive I can say is Dennis Leary has a lot in common with Trump as they are both narcissistic! Leary speaks like a boastful teenage boy and The book reads more like his personal diary. It becomes boring very quickly as it appears Leary can only articulate with repetitious and nonsensical cursing. Thank goodness I read it on kindle ,yawn, as I could fast forward to the end! The book is Not obser [...]

    27. First and foremost, you either have the stomach for Denis Leary or you don’t. If you’re even remotely on the fence about this, skip this one as you’ll only be offended. I found this to be a hilarious and sometimes even refreshing perspective. Were it not for a slightly drawn out departure from the main theme(s) of the book at one point in the middle, I’d have given this a higher rating. I also listened to this via audiobook and recommend that format as it’s like listening to six hours [...]

    28. Like others, I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book. Even enjoyed the fake tweets from former Presidents and their wives. But that comedy bit dragged on way too long. The first half of the book, Dr. Leary makes fun of both liberals and right-wingers and he has some very valid points regarding the current divide in our country. He should have ended the book at when he ran out of these thoughts. The second half he just goes on and on about all the celebrities he has known and how they are [...]

    29. Excellent audio version; just be aware, especially if you are new to Denis Leary, this version is not suitable for work or driving with your mom. I learned a slew of new swear combos and found myself using the F-word more than usual on the days I listened while driving into work. This book changes course about 1/3 through from politics to life stories, which I wasn't really expecting but didn't mind. It kind of just veers all over, but hey, the author is Dr. Denis Leary not John Steinbeck. It is [...]

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