Finding Faerie

Finding Faerie This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B USQOJ KFINDING FAERIE is the third installment in the Karli Lane series For Karli Lane life used to be so simple All she had to worry about was mixing d

  • Title: Finding Faerie
  • Author: LauraLee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00USQOJ3KFINDING FAERIE is the third installment in the Karli Lane series.For Karli Lane, life used to be so simple All she had to worry about was mixing drinks or maintaining an even tan Nowadays her mind is plagued with things like finding a mystical portal, smelling like vampire bait, or accidentally causing destruction evThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00USQOJ3KFINDING FAERIE is the third installment in the Karli Lane series.For Karli Lane, life used to be so simple All she had to worry about was mixing drinks or maintaining an even tan Nowadays her mind is plagued with things like finding a mystical portal, smelling like vampire bait, or accidentally causing destruction everywhere she goes.Oh yeah, and choosing between two irresistible men.With her immortality fast approaching, she has no choice but to follow the path that leads her to new lands, new friends, and unfortunately, new foes.Staying alive shouldn t be too hard Right Other books in the Karli Lane series Pixie DustVampires, Warlocks, and Exes Oh My My Fairy Lady A companion novella

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    1. I have been Team Leo since the start. There. I said it. I was glad to see him again, although the story was shorter than I had imagined it would be for a 3rd installment. Great character chemistry & as always, the vampire leaves me weak-kneed. I'm a sucker for the blood-thirsty, pun intended. All that being said, it's a helluva cliffhanger! Prepare yourself now! Can we all start chanting "WE WANT MORE!" right now please?! Thank you Laura Lee! When's the next release date?!?!

    2. Omigod I absolutely love Finding Faerie! I love the progress of Leo & Karli's relationship. I hope for the best for them & cannot wait until the next book! That would be my only objection, I want more now please!!!

    3. Wow, loved it BUT the ending came out of nowhere???? Hope the next one comes out sooner than this one did!Also, LOVE Leo!!!

    4. This book was disappointingly short and ended with a To Be Continued cliffhanger which I feel should only be done in mini-series, not books with months between publishing. It's one of my literary pet peeves. Otherwise, the story was good. I like the continued character development. The progression of Karli's love triangle in this book felt pretty believable which I think is a hard thing to pull off without being trite. The new characters are interesting as well and it'd be interesting to see whe [...]

    5. Favorite Lines “Karli, I don’t want anyone but you. Please…please don’t say no.”“You just look so happy. I’ve never seen you look like this. It’s incredible.”“We have all the time in the world, my love.”Whoa! Karli can't catch a break since learning she's Fae. I have always loved book involving Fae and this series is up there with my favorites.Karli and Leo go to Ireland in search of a Fae portal. While out sightseeing Karli sees the crazy Maria and Connor who she thought w [...]

    6. I have mixed feelings about this installment. While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I am left feeling completely unsatisfied. I wasn't expecting this to be the last installment but I was definitely expecting more progress and understanding as to what Karlie is and what she can do. I got a taste, but just when it gets good it fades to black. Although I am disappointed with how short it was, I still enjoyed it and am anxiously waiting for the next one. Hopefully the wait will not be as long.

    7. Finding Faerie is the third book in the Karli Lane series. In this book Karli sets out to find Faerie, the home of the Fairies like her. She needs to control her powers, and hopefully going to Faerie she can find a way to control them. She is still torn between the two men she loves, and it gets no easier in this book. This book has adult content and adult language. The author does a great job at being descriptive of the events and characters. Loving this series and I hope there is a fourth book [...]

    8. U believably addicting!!I hardly slept for two nights, this story is so entrancing! Looking for the next book in the series! Love it!

    9. The third installment of The Karli Lane Series. Another short story and a cliffhanger that made me crave more and more about the story.I gave it a 5 FAIRY DUST!The story, this time, is when Leo and Karli went to find the portal to Faerie in Ireland. While searching for the place, she met a very mysterious guy who she bumped into a club. As days go by, her power is getting stronger, and a new danger is upon her. Maria is back with the mysterious guy, who is the very first God-vampire.The relation [...]

    10. "Finding Faerie" by Laura Lee is the third book in the "The Karli Lane Series". Up until recently, Karli Lane has lead a fairly shallow life filled with mix drinks and work. But now that she has two amazing guys fixated on her, she doesn't know which way to go. At the end of the last novel, Karli up and leaves Vance after spending the night with him to catch a plane to head for Ireland with Leo. Much of this novel is dedicated to the week Karli spends waiting to enter Faerie. Leo has done all of [...]

    11. Unofficial Captain of "Team Leo". I had a feeling I loved him and now there can be no other man. I'm completely ruined for all others. His sacrfices are never ending. Laura - if you read this review, which I hope you do. PLEASE FOR THE SAKE KARLI (and my sanity), PLEASE LET LEO BE HER SOUL MATE!!!! It truly is possible for him to be her soulmate. (fingers crossed, holding breath)This third book was great and followed along really nicely in the series. Read in one day. More answers about Karli. L [...]

    12. Cliffhangers for daysContinuing on the story of Karli , Vance, and Leo this will definitely be dramatic and keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to flip onto the next page . This story , will definitely keep your interest However, you will have to read the first two books in the series to understand what is going on. I would definitely recommend this series for anyone that loves paranormal romance , and a little bit of some comedy . Now the ending… Who does that? It's one of the best clif [...]

    13. Karli and Leo's turn!So this book picks up where the last left off and we get Karli and Leo exploring their feelings for one another. I really love their relationship and how they interact with each other. Vance is present for the second part and I'm just not a fan. He's immature, selfish and hurts Karli a lot in this book. There doesn't seem to be any remorse in this guy and it's hard for me to even like him. The ending was a cliffhanger and so I don't know where the author is going with this s [...]

    14. Great read! I have mixed emotions about this bookwhere the writing is great and the storyline kept me glued to the pages, I've never felt such animosity towards a main character before! While I'm definitely team Vance, I would say I like Leo as a character more than Karli! I do not like how she jumps back and forth, always acts like a child, only thinks of herself and strings both men along!!! Needless to say, I thought this series was over with Finding Faerie and can't wait for the next book re [...]

    15. Love it! I've never been one that interested in the supernatural. However, the writing in this series has been great! I've flown through the first three books and can't wait to start the next one. The characters are all well developed and I feel like I know each of them personally. The characters and the story are fantastic!

    16. Love itI read the first two some time ago and waited for the third book impatiently. The third book did not disappoint. It was still sexy but also let us see more of the big picture. I find myself asking so many questions and making my own theories about where things are going. Can't wait for the next book.

    17. Omg great seriesI seriously cannot wait for the next book if u live steamy romanticism do not miss out on these books u will regret it!!! These series u will not put down and not be disappointed either

    18. I really enjoyed the first book in this series. It just got too muddy for me with the love quadrangle. I am not a huge fan of faeries, but I loved the first one so much. I was a Leo fan, but he has changed so much. I don't remember Vance being such an a-hole.

    19. This is one of the best series . I totally enjoyed reading this latest addition. I wish it was longer but can't wait for the next one.

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