Modern Love

Modern Love One of Entertainment Weekly s Top Romance Novels of Love at first sight wasn t meant for millennials thinks Alice Aberdeen art student recovering addict David Bowie enthusiast Alice is amon

  • Title: Modern Love
  • Author: Beau North
  • ISBN: 9780692894798
  • Page: 497
  • Format: ebook
  • One of Entertainment Weekly s Top 10 Romance Novels of 2017 Love at first sight wasn t meant for millennials, thinks Alice Aberdeen art student, recovering addict, David Bowie enthusiast Alice is among the recently dumped and only wants to keep her nose to the grindstone until she finishes her degree Her sister has other ideas and sets her up with new in town Will MurpOne of Entertainment Weekly s Top 10 Romance Novels of 2017 Love at first sight wasn t meant for millennials, thinks Alice Aberdeen art student, recovering addict, David Bowie enthusiast Alice is among the recently dumped and only wants to keep her nose to the grindstone until she finishes her degree Her sister has other ideas and sets her up with new in town Will Murphy tall, dark, and aloof To say it wasn t an instant attraction is an understatement He finds her abrasive, with her sharp tongue and don t screw with me attitude She thinks he s excessively reserved, too damn serious But the time Alice spends with Will, the their slow burn begins to thaw her heart A man of two worlds, half Irish, half Indian, Will feels at home with Alice He soon realizes her tough shell is hiding extensive scar tissue from her addiction and recovery to her spectacularly bad ex girlfriend to the loss of her mother Modern Love isn t a story about love at first sight but learning to love yourself before being able to see the one you love.

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    1. 4.5 stars!Review at Of Pens and Pages.I loved Beau North’s writing style in her previous works (All Pride and Prejudice-inspired) so I wasn’t surprised when I enjoyed Modern Love so much. Charming, hopeful, painfully real and beautiful, Modern Love is the kind of contemporary read anyone will enjoy. This book had dynamic and colorful characters that were imperfect yet authentic and it featured different kinds of love—romantic, familial, even toxic.Alice Aberdeen is still hung up on her ex- [...]

    2. A strong dose of modern thought layered with old-fashioned values make Modern Love a contemporary story not to be missed.In another strong outing, Beau North impressed me once again with iconic setting, compelling characters, and a richly developed plot. Modern Love is extended novella-length, but I never once felt it was rushed or under-developed. Not only is it not rushed, it is also much more than a romance- or maybe I should say, it's about much more than one kind of love. Its a story of lif [...]

    3. Dear Reader,If you are in the mood for a slow burn romance,centred around two seemingly disparate,yet,oddly connected characters, then you need to treat yourself to this wonderfully compelling and addictive read. Ali and Will,two strong,independent,human and damaged characters,each with baggage aplenty,meet,fail to make a lasting positive impression,yet also fail to discredit the growing attraction,the essential quota of chemistry that exists between them. Believing that no joint future lies ahe [...]

    4. 4.5 rounded up to 5 starsThis book addresses some serious issues which can affect all generations but which have come into the public eye in more recent years. That does not say that the issues were not there for many generations; it is just that the closet has opened and we now read and hear of these.There are echoes of that favorite novel, P&P, and Beau has written two previous books which also have those characters, places and behaviors. But this book is far from a variation of Jane Auste [...]

    5. I love imperfect heroines and perhaps I love imperfect heroes even more. This is an interesting book, great prose, beautiful sentences. How are we to find true love in this crazy, mixed-up world? Beau North gives us some idea of how it might be possible. You have to take a risk and accept the flaws.I need to read it again. I raced through it, wanting the ending, desperate for Will and Alice to come to an accord. If I had one comment to make it would be that I really liked the relationship betwee [...]

    6. I loved this! It was an absolute pleasure and delight to read! Being a David Bowie fan added to my love for this, but he is such an icon that just being aware of him is sufficient to enjoy this story. The characters are millennials, but so very relatable even though I am not in that age bracket. This is so immensely genuine and deals with some serious issues, while maintaining an overall optimistic and feel-good tone. There is a whisper of Pride and Prejudice to this story. This was so satisfyin [...]

    7. Beau North's Modern Love features a pair of protagonists that would have benefitted from some straight talk to get beyond their misconceptions about and misunderstandings of one another. Yet both are so interesting in themselves that I found myself forgiving the author for making their disagreements more contrived than character-based. University of Minnesota MFA student bisexual Alice Aberdeen does not really hit it off with the guy her sister and sister's boyfriend have invited to meet them at [...]

    8. Contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice where opposites attract with hate at first sight. I love following characters as they reluctantly come to realize their feelings for one another <3This book takes on racial identity and belonging, addiction, drug abuse, death, and recovery.“The thing about it that sucks, Yasmin, is that even assholes like that need help sometimes too.”While the book is mostly told from Alice's perspective, North sprinkles in chapters from our hero's perspectiv [...]

    9. I first worked with Beau North on her debut book "Longbourn's Songbird"--a book San Francisco Book Review said: "North gives a voice to a whole new demographic of characters and expertly navigates the social confines of conservative Southern expectations of the time." Her soon to-be-released "Modern Love" also has lyrical yet tight, smart writing--her trademark style--believable dialog and authentic scenarios. Took me on a journey of emotions. I confess I edited this one too thus have read it co [...]

    10. "Love at first sight isn't for the Tinder generation" -- this is Allie's aphorism, one that any millennial reader will feel the pangs of all too well. Beau North has crafted a love story that cuts through to the heart of what we're all looking for as we futilely swipe right -- someone who knows us, all the parts of us, and loves us all the more for it. In a remarkably short amount of time, she makes you fall hard for a litany of characters, from the aloof Will Murphy (he make think he's Claude R [...]

    11. This story focuses on Alice and her family. Alice has issues but the story isn't about these so much as the person she is becoming. Getting over an addiction, attachment issues and heart break it's fair to say she's not in the best of places when she meets the gorgeous Will Murphy. Her sense of inadequacy and tendency towards judging him when she doesn't know him causes no end of problems. Despite this being a relatively short novel, a lot of ground is covered and isn't only focused on Allie and [...]

    12. Modern Love is a fast-paced, intriguing story that I found myself highly enjoying right off the bat. Though she has a host of issues, Alice was an easily relatable and likeable character, and her journey had me quickly flipping the pages. I really enjoyed the supporting cast as well, especially her sister Emma and her own journey. The romance is the main focus of the book, and truly is a Modern Love story. A lot of interesting twists and turns happen between Alice and Will, and while sometimes I [...]

    13. This is a refreshing story that reads like a quirky romantic comedy except the main character isn't a sweet girl looking for love. She is a damaged young woman who has a questionable past but is finally getting her life together and is trying to get through life the best way she can, which isn't always (or even usually) with a smile and happy face and something pleasant to say to everyone. She is a regular person! I randomly picked this book up based on the title and description and I am so glad [...]

    14. Super enjoyable, witty, and a quick read. Exactly what I needed right now to get my mind off the insanity of my life.

    15. Alice is so real and imperfect giving Modern Love a refreshing uniqueness that keeps the pages turning. The other characters are also so rounded and realistic it is hard not to care about all of them. There is just the right amount of wit and dry humor mixed with relatable insecurties and perfectly detailed heated passion.

    16. This is the first book I've ever read from by Beau North, but I can assure you it'll definitely not be the last. Modern Love was a great surprise that I just stumbled upon and it instantly caught my attention.I was instantly hooked when I started reading this book for two main reasons; 01) I loved Allie's witty voice. I related a lot to her way of thinking and I believe most millennials will as well. And 02) the realistic feel of it. How can you not see a sister and a best friend setting up peop [...]

    17. This is a NA/YA opposites attract romance set to the background of David Bowie's greatest hits.Alice Aberdeen has just come off a messy break-up with her girlfriend of two years. Her long-suffering sister Emma invites her to a David Bowie tribute show sponsored by the Humane Society. They dress up and Emma (a make-up artist) does their make-up. Unbeknownst to Alice, Emma and her boyfriend Gabe have invited Gabe's best friend Will Murphy along, trying to match-make. Will looks rather older than h [...]

    18. Sometimes you haven’t got time to read. Work is busy, life is getting in the way of essential reading time and you just haven’t managed to hit your yearly book quota. Sound familiar?Well fear not because in Beau North’s novella Modern Love we have just the thing for you. At 132 pages you can read away whilst not feeling too guilty because you haven’t ironed your clothes for work or got your lunch for tomorrow ready. It is definitely the book for the gal (or guy) on the go.Modern Love foc [...]

    19. I often find myself hungry for a love story - and then I can't find anything I want to read. I don't like many of the typical romance tropes, I don't like characters who are assholes, I don't like flimsy reasons for delaying the inevitable. And I so rarely find romance novels that feature characters I'd actually want to hang out with (or that make me want to put myself in the MC's shoes and get giddy with her).This book has all of that! Well, the opposite of all of that. I loved the diversity, a [...]

    20. Beau North enters the arena of contemporary romance with her “amuse-bouche” of a novella, Modern Love. Alice Aberdeen is a heroine with a definite modern twist. Will Murphy must accept her past if he wants to be part of her future. Sparks fly as you root for these two to open their hearts to one another. The supporting characters, especially Will’s cousin, Alex, perfectly support the story. This is a satisfying, quick read. Beau North's strong voice is a welcome addition to the genre of co [...]

    21. If all romance books were this well-written, this witty, and this amazingly well-crafted balancing act of laughs and tears, I'd read nothing other than that genre.

    22. What a wonderful read - so much heart and soul without being heavy and all-consuming. Beau North champions characters who are intelligent and insightful and letting those characteristics shine through naturally. Where some authors might try to convince you through the narrative, in North's books, they just ARE. In Modern Love, the intelligence of the characters is matched with true and honest emotion that feels quite, well, modern. North's wit is so delightful. From quirky quips with unique pers [...]

    23. Modern Love is an intriguing contemporary romance story that follows the unexpected relationship of Alice Aberdeen and Will Murphy.From the day that Alice and Will meet, there is a strong connection and mutual attraction between them. Alice's personal baggage and tough exterior makes their relationship develop slowly, but Will is determined to beak down Alice's wall and teach her how to find her true self in order to allow love and happiness in her life. Author Beau North weaves a wonderful tale [...]

    24. Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review.Oh, my.What a perfect book! There was something about the plot that was incredibly dark and enticing, just like the slow burning romance between Will and Alice, which I loved. I absolutely adored these two characters, as well as their fellow cast mates, which were all brilliant and very different and important. Alice is a gorgeous main character. I absolutely loved that she had a past with trauma and addiction, without making a fuss out of it. I ab [...]

    25. I have gushy love feelings for this book so hopefully my review is coherent. Based on the framework of P&P but with less “evil” secondary characters, Allie and Will meet, clash, make up, and implode multiple times through the course of this short novel, and it is all so believable when taking into account their histories and insecurities. I loved watching them figure each other out. One of the best parts of this book, though, is the diversity. Allie is bisexual and recently got out of a [...]

    26. I absolutely adored this book. I loved how the story was kinda a breath of fresh air, plot did not feel like I've read it a thousand times over with tonnes of overused cliches. I'm a sucker for the depressing vibe Alice had and she was probably my favourite character outta the bunch. Her character had depth and character development/discovery of life and herself made her quite endearing. The love story isn't over-cheesy or over the top, it's realistic and relatable in certain aspects. I enjoyed [...]

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary, excuse me, modern book by Beau North. I kept turning the pages, wondering how Alice would interact with Will and vice versa. Alice's character is quite the change from some of the other characters of Beau's. Alice's past has shaped her into someone who is careful, cautious even, until she meets Will. Everything she thought she knew about herself and those around her has changed. Will is the perfect male character to take you to another place. A perfect sum [...]

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