Tangle Kensi Carlton thought she was happy She had a career a long term girlfriend and the hair she s been growing out since she was a young girl But a betrayal sends her reeling into an existential crisis

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  • Title: Tangle
  • Author: Em Stevens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kensi Carlton thought she was happy She had a career, a long term girlfriend, and the hair she s been growing out since she was a young girl But a betrayal sends her reeling into an existential crisis and, needing fast and ferocious change, she decides to cut it all out Tess Upton is good at her job It isn t just that she s an expert stylist She s also a dedicated lisKensi Carlton thought she was happy She had a career, a long term girlfriend, and the hair she s been growing out since she was a young girl But a betrayal sends her reeling into an existential crisis and, needing fast and ferocious change, she decides to cut it all out Tess Upton is good at her job It isn t just that she s an expert stylist She s also a dedicated listener, experienced at hearing her client s desires and gently guiding them toward the needed shifts in their lives She s not comfortable, however, with talking about her own needs and she s deathly afraid of change When Kensi asks Tess to cut off all her hair, it isn t just a hair cut It s a fresh start for both of them But when their pasts keep tangling with the present, can they still hope for a future together From the Best Selling author of Critical Hit

    One thought on “Tangle”

    1. An Enjoyable ReadEm Stevens has quickly become one kindleUnlimited author that I look forward to reading. Her writing is well done and well edited (not common for many of these type of publications). The characters are well thought out and defined and you feel a connection of some sort to them. This is the definitely the case with this story. Kensi and Tess are flawed, not super rich, and not with everything figured outbut together they get therenda. I will agree with another reviewer that not e [...]

    2. A lovely finishThis starts with a tough lesson and a hook-up, but evolves into a sweet story about relationships that is wound around some interesting areas that are too often overlooked in lesbian relationships. Overall a really enjoyable read that makes me want to read more by this author.

    3. Author's note and Kensi's dad's article were a nice wrap up to this story. Longer than other books by Em Stevens, it was perfect. It addresses how trauma leaves scars and also talked about how domestic abuse isn't just a straight thing. Watching these characters grow was beautiful. They're both flawed and wearing scars, but they're also strong enough to move forward and find changes. So good and the relationship development was so well done, not rushed or over the top. Definitely recommend all o [...]

    4. Okay, so I appreciate what the author was doing here - this novella (novel?) deals with a lot of heavy subjects, and I can respect that.But I didn't really like either of the characters, and as with the author's previous work, a lot of the conversations felt unrealistic. Guess this just wasn't for me.

    5. Read "Tangled" if you love lesbian romance.Kenzi and Tess have a standing weekly appointment. Kenzi has knee length hair and Tess works a stylist's magic on it for her. Kenzi and Leslie are life partners. Leslie has spent the last three years, of their five year long relationship, stealing Kenzi's identity. When Kenzi discovers what's been happening right in front of her, she breaks things off with her felonious girlfriend.Cutting ties with a past that plagues her, Kenzi turns to Tess to cut her [...]

    6. ExcellentThis is an excellent reading I truly enjoyed, it's sweet, down to earth and spicy. The characters are charming and captivating. Kensi is the sweetest scared little bird until her friendship with Tess, her hair stylist grew and helped her get stronger and believe in her herself, getting comfortable in her own skin after a breaking up with girlfriend of five years who was stealing her identity and her money. Tess has been in an abusive and reckless relationship too and Kensi helped her th [...]

    7. I Liked ItBut I think the story ended too soon and left a couple of things hanging.Was the salon that Kenzie bought for Tess a success? And what about the coffee shop that Kenzie's friends are opening? Has it opened? Did Kenzie's friends follow through with their plan to get married in their new business on its grand opening? If so, did Kenzie and Tess have a role in the wedding?Do Kenzie and Tess have or plan to have children? What about Tess's parents? Do they ever fully accept Kenzie and Tess [...]

    8. FantasticFantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic. The book is a really good book, especially the end its shows no matter what kind of relationship straight, gay, bisexual any kind that they all have the same problems that people sometimes face.

    9. Fun & SexyLet me just say that after reading her first book in only two days, it took me less than a week to read to read her other books! Yeah I'm definitely hooked. She has a terrific writing style that is so smooth and at times so intense. I recommend ALL her books and I easily rated each one 5 stars !!!

    10. Em Stevens is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed Rook Takes Queen a lot and Tangle was also a joy to read through. It's quite refreshing to see an ex-girlfriend that did something other than cheating, glad the author didn't go for that low hanging fruit everyone always use as a reason for breakup.

    11. This is a really sweet lesbian romance, and I really enjoyed it. It deals with important issues, like abuse, but in a way that's productive, respectful, and accessible for survivors. It also features A LOT of adorable DDR. Definitely recommended.

    12. An uplifting storyThis story deals with some pretty heavy issues, but does it in a way that leaves you feeling happy in the end. Kensie and Tess are a great pair of leads and the story is told with fantastic pacing, delivering new bits and pieces at just the right time.

    13. Really love her workA few books I actually remember reading and they happen to be written by Em Stevens, and i read a lot of books. Light, serious, and very good read.

    14. Loved itI really enjoyed this book and I haven't read a book by this author that I haven't loved. Pick any or all, they are awesome.

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