Facing Fears

Facing Fears As the men of Kiss of Leather celebrate the resolution of the case of Corey s kidnappers Master Hunter worries that he ll never see Tobey again Chuck isn t about to let one of the key figures behind

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  • Title: Facing Fears
  • Author: Morticia Knight
  • ISBN: 9781786515957
  • Page: 476
  • Format: ebook
  • As the men of Kiss of Leather celebrate the resolution of the case of Corey s kidnappers, Master Hunter worries that he ll never see Tobey again.Chuck isn t about to let one of the key figures behind Corey s kidnapping get away from him again Everything he and Stone have discovered through their months long investigation is about to come together However, when Chuck follAs the men of Kiss of Leather celebrate the resolution of the case of Corey s kidnappers, Master Hunter worries that he ll never see Tobey again.Chuck isn t about to let one of the key figures behind Corey s kidnapping get away from him again Everything he and Stone have discovered through their months long investigation is about to come together However, when Chuck follows the suspect to a shipyard, it s not only his life that s in danger.Master Hunter is officially part owner of Kiss of Leather, so he s thrilled to raise a toast in celebration, now that the mystery of Corey s kidnapping has been solved However, he can t help but feel left out Everyone is paired up except for him He s never believed in monogamy before, but after Tobey unexpectedly left Kiss of Leather and no one knows where he s gone, did Hunter make a horrible mistake by not sharing his true feelings Tobey is miserable ever since leaving West Hollywood and going back to Idaho Breaking his own promise to himself by falling in love with his trainer, Tobey left Kiss of Leather impulsively after Master Hunter said something horrible to him But things at home are worse than ever, and he s come to realize that those who are related to him by blood aren t necessarily his true family The only place he s ever felt he truly belonged was at Kiss of Leather.Tobey has to face Hunter if he goes back to Kiss of Leather and Hunter has to figure out what he really wants from life and love It takes a charity slave auction to show them what they ve both been too stubborn to see.Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of violence.Pre Order Date 23rd May 2017Early Download Date 6th June 2017General Release Date 4th July 2017 pride publishing book

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    1. 3.5 stars for this next Kiss of Leather installment. While I enjoy this series, this book kind of felt more like two novellas. It began with the kidnapping of Liam and the relationship between him and Neal - the tattoo shop, the previous sex trafficking and a beautiful proposal. Then we are back to Tobey who ran away suddenly because he was in love with Hunter and felt it wasn't reciprocal. Hunter becomes a grump and realizes Tobey is definitely the one for him. While they rekindle their friends [...]

    2. ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is the seventh book in the series, and I do recommend that you read them all, and in order to get the full impact of this story. The first third brings to a very satisfying conclusion the ongoing investigation of abductions and is quite dramatic, to say the least. Although the events that led up to this point involved Corey most of all, it is Liam and his new Master, Niall who suffer the brunt of this stage of the d [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.With Facing Fears I felt like we got two different stories for the price of one. The beginning has us spending a little bit of time with Liam and Neal and also following Chuck as he pursues the white van he was following at the end of the previous book. The story took a turn I wasn't expecting and we get some nerve wracking action. The story then moves on to Toby and Hunter. Toby is broke and wanting to return to LA and Kiss [...]

    4. I received a copy to read and review for Wicked Reads. I really enjoy this series. I hope this isn't the last book since the mystery of Corey's kidnapping is finally solved. Boy that was some ending to that whole portion of the story line. GO LIAM!!!! I did feel like the first part of the book was more about Liam and Neal and then the second part was about Hunter and Tobey. I really wanted more of Hunter and Tobey, I felt like we got a little jipped, time jumped and we didn't really get a lot of [...]

    5. Facing Fears (Kiss of Leather #7) by Morticia Knight4 starsM/M BDSM RomanceTriggers: Kidnapping, deathI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is a series that should be read in order - there are characters that appear in multiple books and a story line that you'll need to understand.This begins with the resolution of Corey's story. I like that it was resolved, but felt it was really out of place. It almost seemed as an afterthought rather than an integral part of the prev [...]

    6. Just as with the previous books in the series, Facing Fears must be read in order. The book opens just after the close of the previous book, Cutting Cords, and more than the first quarter of the book continues to center on Liam and Neal. Chuck is also involved, and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I loved Liam’s story so much, and being able to see more of him—especially this much more!—was a pleasant surprise.The blurb pretty much reveals everything that needs to be said about the stor [...]

    7. *3.5 stars* It takes a really good series to keep me interested and invested for seven books. Mortica Knight has managed to so with her Kiss of Leather series and the newest addition, Facing Fears is a nice contribution. A little lighter on the BDSM aspect than the previous books have been but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty to keep me engaged after all in this book we finally get the resolution to the kidnapping ring that terrorized Corey and plagued all of the major players in the books [...]

    8. This book starts with a bang, let me tell you. By now fans of this series know that each new book starts with a quick catch up with the couple from the previous book. Let's just say that Facing Fears brings everything with Corey's past and that circle of sadistic craziness to a close. Finally, retribution, and leave it to Knight to throw another curve ball in there for her readers. Moving right along. Tobey left KOL when a comment from the one man he could see being his Master, his forever love, [...]

    9. Facing Fears is the seventh book in the Kiss of Leather Series by author Morticia Knight. This is not a stand-alone series. They all build on each book. We met Tai and Hunter in the last book. Now we get to see how they are progressing. Snails are moving faster than these two. It is not for lack of Tai’s personality either.We catch up with people too. See where they are today.Liam works at a tattoo and piercing shop he and his master own. Liam also gets a little surprise of the unwelcome kind. [...]

    10. It takes something pretty special to keep my attention through seven books in a series, and Morticia Knight has more than accomplished that with her ‘Kiss of Leather’ novels. I have fallen for many men in these books and suffered with them through their pain. At the end of the previous installment, I was horrified to see Chuck take off, alone, and follow Warren in hopes of finally catching one of the men behind the slavery ring, and possibly busting everything wide open. Needless to say, as [...]

    11. DelightfulSo many wonderful things happened in this book! How much of a relief it must be to everyone in Kiss of Leather that the human trafficing ring that has been preying on subs in their city has finally been broken?!I absolutlely loved that the main characters never actually saw one another, or had any form of direct communication until 80% of the way through this story. Both Hunter and Tobey were so caught up in their own fears, insecurities, and hurt feelings that they actively sabotaged [...]

    12. The story of Tobey and Master Hunter. Tobey had taken off from Kiss of Leather with No notification to head back to his hometown, this didn't go so well and he returned to Kiss of Leather. Hunter having said what he had said to Tobey before Tobet disappeared is both excited and daunted by the prospect of being able to make up with Tobey and get the relationship to where they both it. Was a good story really enjoyed it, how the misunderstanding was worked out. Was a good ending to the side story [...]

    13. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review:Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5This was another great story in this series, it starts right off where the Cutting Cord stopped so there is no gap in between. I loved getting to see more of Liam and Neal’s relationship before we delved into the dynamics of Hunter and Tobey. I love how we get to continue to see all the other characters from the previous stories and see how they continue to grow and help each other. Hunter had emotionally hur [...]

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