The Wounded Warrior

The Wounded Warrior When Luke s lost everything the only thing to do is head back home to the ranch and pray that he finds his way again When Navy SEAL Luke Blanchard comes back to Northeast Texas after a devastating in

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  • Title: The Wounded Warrior
  • Author: B.A. Tortuga
  • ISBN: 9781786515551
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
  • When Luke s lost everything, the only thing to do is head back home to the ranch and pray that he finds his way again.When Navy SEAL Luke Blanchard comes back to Northeast Texas after a devastating injury, he feels like the whole world has gone dark In a wheelchair and feeling worthless, Luke has no idea what to do, even as his twin brother Matt is determined to lift himWhen Luke s lost everything, the only thing to do is head back home to the ranch and pray that he finds his way again.When Navy SEAL Luke Blanchard comes back to Northeast Texas after a devastating injury, he feels like the whole world has gone dark In a wheelchair and feeling worthless, Luke has no idea what to do, even as his twin brother Matt is determined to lift him up and help him heal Rory McConnell is a local prodigy, a real estate lawyer with a plan to buy up land before his bitter rival can collect it When the Blanchard ranch goes into the red, he offers to buy out the debt Luke backs his brother instead, but he doesn t believe for a minute that Rory is a bad guy No one that sexy and fun can be, right As Luke claws his way out of depression with a crazy idea to run a therapy ranch, he and Rory start to explore the need growing between them Will Rory s need for revenge against a man who damaged him forever come between them, or will it be the force which brings these two wounded men together for good Pre order Date 25th April 2017Available exclusively to Pride Publishing 9th May 2017General Release Date 6th June 2017

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    1. ‘The Wounded Warrior’ is a fantastic story, and if it’s any indication of what the rest of the series will be like, it’s going to be a winner as far as I am concerned. There are cowboys and horses, a former Navy SEAL now in a wheelchair and fighting depression, a real estate lawyer with an ax to grind and a stubborn determination to stop the evil land developer’s plans, a cast of hilariously wonderful secondary characters, and a roller coaster of a romance. With a setting in a small to [...]

    2. I have to say that my favorite part of this story was the relationship between Luke and his twin brother, Matt. That doesn’t mean that the budding romance between Luke and Rory was lacking, only that the twin connection was written really well and resonated with me. So much so, I need to keep reading to find out the story on Matt.I am a sucker for the strong, alpha males, and when you make one a serviceman, like a Navy Seal, then I am yours forever. In this case, our wounded warrior is actuall [...]

    3. The Wounded Warrior (Rocking W #1) by B.A. Tortuga4 starsM/M RomanceTriggers: Abuse, war woundI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This was an amazing story about finding a new purpose, revenge, living your life and redemption. Luke is back from war and has lost the ability to walk, for now. Luke is having to go to PT and work very hard to get the use of his legs back due to being hit by an IED. However, he feels like a fraud. His twin, Matt, is a horse trainer, and just wa [...]

    4. Rating: 4.5 starsI'm in love with Rory and Luke. And the rest of the family too. It's been awhile since I read a book with such a lovely cast. The story moves at a steady pace and we get enough details to make it interesting without getting all angst. The only drawback for me was Rory's past since it played a central part in the story. But it's because I try to stay away from books with that specific content. It's a case of it's me, not the book. Overall, it's a great story. Definitely looking f [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsI really liked this story. Luke is a wounded vet returned home to try and fix his broken life. Rory is an out and proud Texas lawyer with a dark secret. The interaction is great and the story flows so well and then toward the end when the big secret is being told I felt that the author kinda dropped the ball on the telling. It was really kinda oh yeah uh huh and it was fine. I would have really likeda little more meat at the end but that's just my opinion.

    6. I received a copy to read and review for Wicked ReadsI really enjoyed this book. I instantly loved both Rory and Luke. Their banter just made me laugh and I couldn't help but smile every time they were together. Rory is out for revenge and I don't blame him and how he is going about it is just perfect. We don't know until late in the book why but once we find out we want blood! The love and tenderness between Rory and Luke is amazing. You can't help but root for them. I love all the secondary ch [...]

    7. Wounded and in a wheelchair, Navy SEAL, Luke Blanchard is back home on his brother Matt’s ranch.He wouldn’t admit it at first, but being with those horses was the only bit of peace he’d found since returning home. Unfortunately, a local developer was trying to get the Blanchard’s to sell their land… and so was local real estate attorney, Rory McConnell…only Rory was doing it for the greater good, to keep condo’s and developments off of good ranching land. It also turned out, he was [...]

    8. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words reviewRating: 4.5 stars out of 5For the full review, visit wp/p220KL-aKKFrom that review: " Ya'll know I love me some B.A. Tortuga (hoping to sound all B.A. Tortuga like and probably not succeeding very well) and The Wounded Warrior (Rocking W #1) is just another prime example why.  The first in a new series from Pride Publishing, the author delivers up another great story with two wounded men, each damaged in different but very deep ways, living in a hot, s [...]

    9. I quite liked this. The literal wounded warrior who returns to the family home and finds solace in the horses on his twin's ranch and then meets the hot shot lawyer who seems intent on buying up any land he can get to the utter dismay of some "good old boy". It takes a while before you find out why he's doing it but his way of treating Luke like a "normal" guy and not someone in a wheelchair. That he was so open and flirty and made Luke realize his life wasn't over. Of course now I'm dying to kn [...]

    10. Luke has recently come home from the Navy Seals injured and wheelchair bound and in low spirits. His twin Brother matt uses tough love to get him to work with the horses and out of his depression.Rory is a young lawyer and from money buying up all the land he can. He has a secret as to why. Luke and Rory hit it off quickly but will Rory's past come back to haunt Matt and Luke?I loved this story right away but I am a HUGE BA Tortuga fan. She has a way with characters and this book is full of grea [...]

    11. The Wounded Warrior - BA TortugaRating: 4 starsI really liked this book. I loved both of the MCs, Luke and Rory. I thought they had good chemistry between them. I also loved most of the secondary characters in this book. I especially liked Lori, Rory's assistant. I would say the events in Rory's past should probably come with a trigger warning. However, most of it happens off page and is not described in depth.I highly recommend this book to BA Tortuga fans. Hopefully, she will continue with thi [...]

    12. I can say that books by B.A. Tortuga are right up my alley. So far everything of hers I've read was pretty much great. And this story was no exception. This being a first of a new series, it painted a setup full of potential. The motifs the author lined up aren't new or revolutionary, but she definitely is about to craft a universe focused on healing, positive outlook and standing up for yourself. I would love to see a book about Matt next and I'm pretty sure it will be great just like this one. [...]

    13. Love the book and now awaiting the rest of the series!!What a wonderful relationship the twin brothers have - including a "special" linkI'm just hoping that Matt's forever guy shows up :)

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