Not Through Loving You

Not Through Loving You In the Southern town of Lafayette Falls a new life brings together a woman with everything to lose and a doctor with everything to prove When a sickly infant is surrendered at the Lafayette Falls Med

  • Title: Not Through Loving You
  • Author: Patricia Preston
  • ISBN: 9781601839510
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the Southern town of Lafayette Falls, a new life brings together a woman with everything to lose and a doctor with everything to prove.When a sickly infant is surrendered at the Lafayette Falls Medical Center, and orphaned soon after, pediatrician Aaron Kendall arranges to adopt him After a painful divorce, the busy baby doc is about to realize his own dream of becominIn the Southern town of Lafayette Falls, a new life brings together a woman with everything to lose and a doctor with everything to prove.When a sickly infant is surrendered at the Lafayette Falls Medical Center, and orphaned soon after, pediatrician Aaron Kendall arranges to adopt him After a painful divorce, the busy baby doc is about to realize his own dream of becoming a father when the baby s beautiful estranged aunt turns up She doesn t exactly approve of the Kendall bachelor pad complete with Aaron s cranky dad and wacky brother, forcing Aaron to form a risky alliance with her.Country singer songwriter Lia Montgomery barely knew her half sister, but she s determined her tiny nephew goes to a good home If only she fit the bill herself, but her stressful life on the road is no place for a baby Yet despite her misgivings, as she gets to know Aaron, she realizes the smart and sexy doctor is everything a child could want in a dad and unsettling, everything she s ever hoped for in a man After all she s put him through, is it too late to form a family and maybe put a song in the good doctor s heart

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    1. This is an enthralling enemies to romance emotive story with great characters and a very moving story. Dr. Aaron Kendall works as a paediatrician at the Lafayette Falls Medical Center which is where a very sick infant is brought in for treatment. Not long after that the child is orphaned and Aaron starts making the arrangements to adopt him. Things were going well till the child’s aunt, country singer and songwriter Lia Montgomery, arrives on the scene. The two clash as she is determined that [...]

    2. Lia Montgomery knew she had a half-sister, but never got to know her like a sister should. But when she learns about Candace's death and that her sister had recently delivered a baby, Lia is determined to do what's right by her nephew. However, she never imagined she'd fall for the man that's looking to adopt her sister's baby, and if she's not careful, her falling for pediatrician Aaron Kendall could lose her everything she's worked so hard for. Yet, when love is on the line, how can she possib [...]

    3. This book is another clever and sweet installment in Patricia Preston’s series featuring doctors at the Lafayette Falls Hospital. Dr. Aaron Kendall, the medical director of newborn care, had never considered himself father material, until he assisted a woman to give birth to a premature baby named John. Shortly after the birth, John’s mother dies of a drug overdose. The baby has medical issues and needs Aaron’s help. He provides the baby with kangaroo care, trying to give him the nurturing [...]

    4. Review also found at kristineandterri/2I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Kensington via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!  It is expected to be released later this month.This was a real feel good read for me.  Just look at the synopsis.  A doctor deciding to adopt an abandoned baby, a long lost sister (aunt) trying to ensure that the right thing was being done for the baby?  Only heartstrings can be pulled with this one.The best part of the st [...]

    5. 3.5 starsA definite feel good story - albeit a bit too predictable for my taste. And, you will want to ignore the bachelor party immaturity at the beginning of the story. Not sure why the author wanted to lead with that onee rest of the story definitely improves beyond that!Both main characters have excess baggage to overcome, get advice from others, work on building a relationship with one another, learn the importance of patience and forgiveness, etc. all of which makes a good story - just one [...]

    6. 3.5 Stars Not Through Loving You is the third title in the Love Heals All series, but can easily be read as a standalone. Overall this is a fast paced, enemies to lovers contemporary romance with heart and humor. Aaron is a completely charismatic hero. The heroine Lia on the other hand at times I found a tad frustrating the way she had a tendency to fly off the hand before gaining all the facts. The chemistry is intense and palpable between this pair. Both the heroine and the hero have baggage f [...]

    7. book 3 in the love heals all series, not through loving you, picks up the story of pediatric surgeon dr. aaron kendall and singer-songwriter lia montgomery. divorced and burned by his ex, aaron thought his dream of having a family was over until one day a patient gave birth to her baby and gave him away. at that moment, aaron knew he was destined to be the child's father. and he would put all his expertise on the line in order to save his son.but before he could legally adopt the baby, who he ha [...]

    8. NOT THROUGH LOVING YOU- BY PATRICIA PRESCOTTNOT THROUGH LOVING YOU caught my attention from the very beginning. Starting out with a crazy bachelor party that included blow up dolls and a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, I was scratching my head as to whether or not I really wanted to read this after all. I am so glad that I continued on. If a man who is determined to adopt a very sick and what he thought was abandoned baby doesn’t touch your heart, it must be made of stone. Dr. Aaron Kendall, a pedia [...]

    9. This is the second book in the series that I have read. I am really enjoying this series. These are cozy sweet romantic stories. In this book Dr. Aaron Kendall has a patient who comes in and has a baby too early to be born. As the baby is fighting for his life the mother decides she doesn't want him and Dr. Kendall decides he does. Little does he know that the mother is the half-sister of a country western music tycoon. Leah is part of the Dallas and Lia show and she's tired of it. When her half [...]

    10. This book is part of a series, but rest assure, it's a stand alone.I have to confess that I almost stopped reading it after the first few pages. I was totally turned off by the bachelor party and my first impression was that Aaron was not acting like a man that would soon be adopting a young child. Once I got over those pages, I was totally engaged in the story. Aaron is a pediatrician about to adopt a little boy that was abandoned at the hospital. A little boy that not only is a premie, but als [...]

    11. I found Not Through Loving You difficult to get into but after about the first 25% the story picks up and develops into a sweet love story as the relationship between Lia and Aaron grows. Both characters have a history that makes them cautious and with the help of a little magic and an overt push from brother Stevie, the romance takes off. Needless to say outside influences almost hijack the romance, but with a red Jag dangled like a carrot, Stevie comes through for his brother and Lia. Having e [...]

    12. I loved this story so much! It has humor in it. There so many parts that I laughed so hard. The best parts were the bachelor party and the baby shower. It was a wonderful story of love and hope and forgiveness. I loved Stevie and his advice on women to Aaron.Lia was great. I loved her obsession with out laws. There nicknames for each other was funny. I liked how Lia and Aaron had to do soul searching on their past relationships to form a strong bond with each other. It was great how they formed [...]

    13. I really liked this book. If you can get past the Bachelor Party for old people in the beginning of the book, you are golden. This book is very touching.Aaron Kendall, who is a hospital pediatrician, is at work when a mother who just delivered a sick baby decides that she does not want the infant. She surrenders the infant and Aaron says that he wants to adopt Baby John Doe. As Aaron is going through the adoption process, he knows that he must turn his bachelor pad into something that social ser [...]

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